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    Plant Gifts

    Plants make a wonderful gift at the holidays -- choose from blooming bulbs, mini succulent gardens or monthly flower delivery.  
  • Houseplant Garden
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    We planted this sweet dish garden with four pretty, easy-care houseplants: pink anthurium, peace lily, golden pothos, and pink-flowered kalanchoe. It's lovely as a centerpiece or as entryway decor. And it also makes a welcome gift! As the plants grow, they'll be ready for larger digs — bigger pots — and so four plants means it's really four gifts in one!

  • Philo Monstera 10” Potted Plant
    More Details This is a houseplant with personality! With its intriguing split leaves and bold silhouette, monstera is a darling of interior designers. This one arrives ready to display in a subtle and sophisticated ceramic cachepot. Monstera starts out with a shrubby form, but it will start to grow into a vining plant. You can keep its shrubby shape by pruning the vines, or let it climb onto a vertical support. The plant is native to the ...
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig 10” Potted Plant
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    No shrinking violet, this handsome houseplant is popular for so many reasons: It's easy to care for. It thrives in most interiors. And its huge leaves seemingly cry out, "Look at me!" If you can only have one houseplant, fiddle leaf fig is your go-to plant. We've paired it with a subtle and sophisticated ceramic cachepot so the fig can take center stage. Note: Keep away from children and pets.

  • Succulent Garden
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    We chose a chic galvanized planter and filled it with a variety of succulents to create this charming dish garden. It's so easy to care for — just a very occasional light watering and bright, indirect light. A nice accent for a side table or tablescape, it also makes the perfect gift for both new and experienced houseplant growers.

  • Blooming Gift Subscription
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    Plan now for four very special holiday gift deliveries for that super-special someone closest to your heart — Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Mother’s Day. Each easy-care flowering garden arrives in a lovely basket or cachepot for a visual, fragrant gift they’re sure to cherish! Ready to grow, each arrangement will provide weeks of lasting color and joy.

  • Amaryllis in Gift Bag
    More Details Give the season's most glorious gift! Amaryllis bulbs are easy to grow and produce magnificent blooms for weeks of enjoyment. We hand-picked these stunning Dutch varieties to brighten your winter days and give them as gifts to family and friends. Quantities of these premium bulbs are limited; order early for the best selection. Bulbs begin blooming in 6-10 weeks; each will produce 1-2 flower stalks. Stake sold separately. Cherry Nymph: Fully double, vivid red blooms ...
  • Evergreen Potted Amaryllis
    More Details Among the reds, pinks, and oranges commonly seen in amaryllis, Evergreen stands out like a beacon. Its narrow, lily-like petals are a most unusual pale chartreuse leading to a vibrant apple-green starburst center. Like all our amaryllis, Evergreen is easy to grow and provides weeks of brilliant color. The premium Holland-grown bulb is planted in a textured, antiqued burgundy glass cachepot and needs only a sunny location and watering to bloom in 6 to 10 ...
  • Zz 6” Potted Plant
    More Details Perhaps the easiest of easy-care houseplants! This plant is as tough as its name is to pronounce, Zamioculcas zamiifolia , which has thankfully been shortened to simply ZZ. It's native to the harsh climate of eastern Africa, where rainfall is scarce and unpredictable, so it's a perfect choice for beginner houseplant growers. But even the most experienced growers will appreciate the plant's striking upright stems with ladders of leathery, emerald green leaves. The 6" ceramic ...
  • Peace Lily 10” Potted Plant
    More Details Elegant cascading foliage is punctuated with white blooms on tall stems. This houseplant is notable for its ability to help remove toxins from the air. It's a stately addition to any room, requiring minimal care — simply keep the soil evenly moist. Although it tolerates low light, spathiphyllum will flower more abundantly in bright, indirect light. The plant arrives ready to display in a simply stylish 10" ceramic cachepot. Note: Keep away from children and ...
  • Money Tree 6” Potted Plant
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    Who wouldn't want a plant called the money tree? Alas, it isn't made of gold or diamonds, but some say that it brings good luck. The growers braid the young saplings' trunks so when you receive it, they've grown together in a lovely form. The braided trunk, combined with the shiny, kelly-green foliage, make this handsome plant a welcome complement to any decor. And if it brings good luck, so much the better!

  • Alocasia 6” Potted Plant
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    Arrowhead leaves with vivid chartreuse veins and scalloped edges make this one stunning houseplant! Related to the huge-leaved "elephant ears" plants, Alocasia 'Polly' is much more manageable in size and is perfect for bringing some drama to a tablescape or plant stand. 6" ceramic cachepot has a subtle geometric pattern. Note: Keep away from children and pets.

  • Anthurium 6”Plant
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    Heart-shaped leaves are interspersed with glossy red flowers (spathes) that last for months, making this houseplant a cheerful addition to any room. We paired this exotic-looking plant with a ceramic cachepot that has a subtle geometric texture and built-in saucer so it's ready to display. Note: Keep away from children and pets.

  • Peace Lily 6
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    Arching foliage and white blooms make this houseplant a sweet addition to any room. Peace lilies (spathiphyllum) are known for their ability to help remove toxins from the air. They require minimal care — simply keep the soil evenly moist. The plant arrives ready to display in a pretty ceramic cachepot. Note: Keep away from children and pets.

  • Bromeliad 6” Potted Plant
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    ​Guzmania bromeliads are native to South America, where they grow high up in the branches in tropical forests. The brilliantly colored flowers, or bracts, bring a touch of sculptural artistry to any room. Prefers indirect sunlight. Note: Flower may be orange, red, or pink depending upon grower availability.

  • Amaryllis Planting Kit
    More Details Spread holiday cheer to friends and family with this DIY growing kit — and be sure to have a few extra on hand as last-minute gifts for hosts/hostesses, teachers, and coworkers. The kit features a Monaco amaryllis bulb, which will produce huge, lipstick-red blooms with white starbursts and lime-green throats. It also includes a copper-colored, hammered metal planter; a coir disk that hydrates into fluffy potting mix; adjustable amaryllis stake; linen gift bag; and complete ...
  • Christmas Star Potted Amaryllis
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    This delightful amaryllis produces abundant 5" diameter, brilliant red blooms with white stars on 15" stems. The bulb arrives planted in a chic, textured nickel cachepot. Add it to your holiday amaryllis collection, or give as a special gift to family and friends. Amaryllis are easy-to-grow, no-fuss plants that produce magnificent blooms for months of enjoyment.

  • 3 Months of Blooms
    More Details Delight loved ones near and far with three monthly deliveries of flowering bulb gardens. Each beautiful arrangement arrives planted and ready to grow, will begin blooming in just a few short weeks, and provides lasting color. The first delivery arrives in December, with a gift message and a red-and-white palette to set a holiday mood (specific bulb varieties listed below). A beautiful, embossed metal cachepot arrives with the December shipment to use with subsequent bulb ...
  • Double White Orchid Potted
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    Phalaenopsis (moth orchids) are among the easiest orchids to grow, requiring no more care than other common houseplants. Anyone who loves houseplants — from beginner to expert — will appreciate the stately blooms that last for months. Best of all, you can get moth orchids to rebloom without a lot of effort.

  • Single Pink Orchid Potted
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    It's a myth that orchids are difficult to grow. Yes, some types are fussy, but phalaenopsis (moth orchids) are among the easiest to grow. And the blooms on their tall stems last for several months. Best of all, you can get them to rebloom without a lot of effort.

  • Intervale Mini Garden Tools, Set of 5
    More Details Standard-sized garden tools can be overly big and clumsy for fine, intricate work. These diminutive tools fit the bill and slide easily into tiny spaces. You're sure to find this set indispensable — use to start seed trays, gently separate and transplant delicate seedlings, break up compacted houseplant soil, or tend to tiny containers. Great for kids' projects and taking care of fairy gardens too! Part of our exclusive Intervale line of garden tools with ...
  • Lavender Plant
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    With its fragrant flowers and leaves, lavender is widely loved for its soothing effects. Blooms can be snipped and dried to make bouquets or scented sachets. Blooms most profusely in late spring.

  • Bamboo Mini LED Grow Light Garden
    More Details Part of our popular Bamboo LED Grow Light family, this compact grow light fits on a countertop or work desk, under kitchen cabinets, or can be hung on a wall. High-output lights are twice as bright as standard LEDs, and twice as efficient as fluorescents. Supplies light-craving plants like herbs and succulents with all the light they need to flourish. Fits easily into a college dorm room, studio apartment, or any other setting where space ...
  • Low Bamboo LED Grow Light Garden
    More Details Our best grow light system yet: innovative, high-performing, and stackable! An ideal size for your favorite low-growing herbs, houseplants, and succulents, it's also an excellent choice for seed-starting and propagation. Under the two 3960-lumen grow lamps, your seedlings will grow fuller, thicker, and stronger. There's no need to adjust lamp height as plants grow — or group like-sized plants together: these lights satisfy a plant’s light needs from a single distance. Our designers chose ...
  • Indoor Gardening Tool Set with Tray and Storage Box
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    This handsome wooden box not only contains several sweet indoor gardening tools, but also provides the perfect work surface for bonsai, succulent, or seedling care. Tools fit into custom-shaped hollows on the interior tray, preventing them from sliding or banging around during transportation and storage. Includes:

    • Mini trowel
    • Mini cultivator
    • Mini transplanter
    • Two metal plant markers
  • Seed Starter Gift Set
    More Details Know someone who's itching to get started with growing from seed? We've put together this handy kit to help them get right into it. A self-watering seed-tray makes it easy to keep seeds and tender seedlings hydrated, organic seed-starting mix has all the nutrients seedlings need to grow strong, markers help the gardener remember what they planted, and the festive red tub will be a favorite staple for years to come — great for mixing ...
  • Garden Soul Botanicals® Essential Oils Gift Set with Bag
    More Details Essential oils are only as good as the environment their host plants are grown in. We're proud to bring you the highest quality oils available — grown organically, and extracted without chemicals or harmful additives. They're a must-have for true aromatherapy, unlike synthetic fragrances that lack therapeutic effect. This kit includes eight 15ml favorites in a carrier case, so you'll always have them by your side: Rosemary: uplifts and rejuvenates Tea Tree: renews and restores ...