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    Pepper Cages

    Protect your pepper plants from strong winds and keep their fruits from drooping to the soil with a pepper cage. 
  • Pepper and Eggplant Cages, Set of 3
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    Bushy vegetable plants like peppers and eggplants produce a larger, cleaner harvest when their fruit doesn't touch the ground. Our Pepper and Eggplant Cages support plants on all sides without tying and keep plants upright for better air circulation and fewer diseases. To install, simply push legs into the ground. Cages fold flat for easy off-season storage.

  • Pepper and Eggplant Stakes, Set of 3
    More Details These super-strong vegetable supports have strong 7mm steel uprights and our exclusive "plant cradle" crosspieces that give multiple places for stems to rest. Use them to support eggplants, peppers and bush varieties of beans and cucumbers to prevent plants from toppling and keep ripening fruit off the ground. These are the sturdiest ladders you can buy — 20% thicker than others on the market — with a long-lasting, weatherproof powder coating. These supports will make ...
  • Titan Pepper Eggplant Cages, Set of 3
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    Support your vigorously growing eggplant with these robust cages. Keep fruits off the ground, where they're susceptible to rot and pest damage, while they grow and ripen. Steel core supports provide strength and stability, while the exterior poly casing is gentle to plant stems. Rings simply snap on wherever support is needed. GSC Exclusive.

  • Gardener’s Vertex Lifetime Pepper and Eggplant Cage
    More Details One of the secrets of champion pepper and eggplant crops is in the staking system. Lightweight and strong, these self-staking, award-winning cages flex with the wind to strengthen plant stems. Didn't stake when planting? No worries — the innovative clip system lets you add support to already established, bushy plants. Large openings afford easy access to ripened fruit without worry of catching on sharp edges. Plus the rust-proof aluminum will never need replacing. Easy installation ...
  • Heavy-Duty Galvanized Plant Supports 42”, Set of 5
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    Support tomatoes, peppers and other plants with these 14" x 42" heavy duty plant supports featuring 3/16" galvanized wire for years of use. Set of five supports.

  • The Amazing Pepper Barrel
    More Details Professional hot sauce-makers age some of their sauces in barrels — and now you can, too! For thousands of years, people have been aging fine wines and whiskey in oak barrels. Aging in oak adds subtle and unique flavors that can't be achieved in any other way. The same is true for hot sauces! This barrel is crafted from white oak that’s lightly toasted to bring out its essence, elevating hot sauces to gourmet status. ...
  • Gardener’s Best® Universal Grow Bag
    More Details Our new Gardener’s Best® Universal Grow Bag has sturdy nylon handles so it's easy to move to the sunniest spot, or to a protected location on chilly nights. Perfect for beans, broccoli, kale, cabbage, carrots, eggplant, greens, herbs, radishes, onions, Swiss chard — you name it, you can grow it! It's made from patented fabric that air-prunes roots for stronger, healthier plants. The fabric also aerates soil, prevents heat build-up and allows excess water to ...
  • Blossom Set Spray, 8 Oz.
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    Get a bigger tomato harvest and enjoy your first fruits up to three weeks earlier! Blossom Set Spray helps blossoms set fruit, even in poor weather. The resulting tomatoes will be meatier and have fewer seeds, too. This ready-to-use spray also works for beans, cucumbers, eggplants, melons, okra, peppers, strawberries and grapes. Contains kinetin, a natural plant growth hormone.

  • Glamos Blazin Gemz™ Emerald Green Plant Supports 33”, Set of 10
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    Support tomatoes, peppers and other plants with these 12" x 33" plant supports. Supports are powder-coated galvanized wire for an attractive addition to your garden or container and years of use. Set of 10 supports.

  • 35-1/4” Universal Plant Supports, Set of 3
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    This versatile system provides trellising, surround support, edging, and even light fencing. Set it up around transplants in the spring, or support a floppy, fallen plant mid-season.

  • Heavy-Duty Plant Supports 54”, Set of 5
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    Support tomatoes, peppers and other plants with these 16"x 54" heavy duty plant support featuring 3/16" galvanized wire for years of use. Set of five supports.