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    Pea Fences

    Peas are one of the first crops you can direct-sow each spring. Here are some great fences, tunnels and other types of supports to ensure a fantastic harvest. 
  • Titan Pea Tunnel
    More Details Maybe you've laboriously staked up your pea plants or built what you thought was a sturdy support — only to have your plants sag, lean or even topple. Never again! The Titan Pea Tunnel has the strength and stability to support the most robust vines, and it puts pods within reach for the easiest harvest ever. Better yet, the polyethylene-coated steel frame and strong nylon netting are unfazed by the elements, and will last for ...
  • Tall Expandable Pea Trellis
    More Details Everybody loves fresh peas, but supporting them with poles, twine and netting can be a hassle. Our sturdy pea trellis is an easy solution. Each trellis has eight hinged panels with big 8" grids. Simply zig-zag the panels through your row of peas and push them into the ground (add a stake on each end in windy locations). Total length 9'-8" fully expanded by 64" high installed. These trellises are reusable year after year, and ...
  • Expandable Pea Trellis
    More Details Everybody loves fresh peas, but supporting them with poles, twine and netting can be a hassle. Our sturdy pea trellis is an easy solution. Each trellis has eight hinged panels with big 8" grids. Simply zig-zag the panels through your row of peas and push them into the ground (add a stake on each end in windy locations). Total length 9'-8" by 37" high installed. These trellises are reusable year after year, and fold for ...
  • Titan Teepee Trellis
    More Details The sturdiest, simplest, longest-lasting plant teepee you'll ever own. The Titan Teepee Trellis provides a full 82" inches of above-ground support for your favorite vines. Made of polyethylene-coated steel, it will handle years, even decades, of heavy crops as well as the weather's worst behavior. And assembly couldn't be easier — just slip the top and bottom sections together and "plant" into the ground. Makes a handsome addition to your garden while freeing up planting ...
  • Nearly Invisible Netting
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    We love this trellis netting because it's unusually strong, it's UV-stabilized for years of use, and it has 6-inch square openings to make harvesting easy. Best of all, it's made of translucent polypropylene that is practically invisible when installed. Perfect for a pea fence or bean trellis. 6-1/2' x 30' roll.

  • Vine and Veggie Trellis Netting, 5’ x 30’
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    Sturdy nylon trellis netting offers strong support all season long. The soft nylon cord won't damage stems, and the unobtrusive green color lets plants take center stage. Ideal for peas, cucumbers, pole beans and tomatoes, as well as vining flowers like morning glories. Keeps plants off the ground for a cleaner harvest. Cut to fit with scissors. The 5-1/4" square mesh lets you reach through to easily tend and harvest plants.

  • Two Panel Folding Trellis
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    Use this trellis as a flat backdrop against a wall, or angle it around a corner to maximize space in your raised bed. Sturdy powder-coated steel panels offer great support for cukes, squash, beans and peas, as well as compact flowering vines. Folds flat for storage. Generous grid openings make harvesting easy.

  • Wire A-Frame Trellis
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    This matte black wire trellis nearly disappears when it’s covered with vining plants. Whether you use it in a raised bed or in-ground garden, it will provide no-nonsense, heavy-duty support. Each side is 17-3/4" W x 58" H; grid openings are approx. 6" x 8" to make harvesting easy. Set up several side by side to create a long, A-Frame tunnel to support two rows of peas, cukes or squash.

  • Tall Titan Garden Stakes 6’, Set of 6
    More Details You've carefully supported your prize hollyhock with a bamboo stake, but wouldn't you know — the stake buckled and now your beautiful flowers are lying on the ground. Forever free yourself from the heartbreak of feeble stakes with these Titan Garden Stakes. Thanks to a strong steel core, these tall stakes stand unbendingly upright and they stay that way through wind, weather and weighty plants. Plus, they're sealed in a durable polyurethane coating for lasting ...
  • Titan Garden Stakes 2’, Set of 12
    More Details Retire those faded bamboo stakes and replace them with something far stronger, longer lasting and better looking: Titan Garden Stakes. Their rigid steel core is wrapped in durable polyurethane, so they'll uphold heavy plants and resist rust, chipping or fading. What's more, the exterior surface is textured to prevent twine from slipping, so set-up is frustration-free. Use a single Titan Garden Stake to support that towering, tipsy gladiolus; corral a drooping peony with several stakes; ...
  • Bean Tower
    More Details Grow an incredible amount of beans with our tallest, strongest and sturdiest bean trellis tower. The secret is thicker supports coupled with 10" legs that hold the structure securely in the ground. The Bean Tower in our test garden yielded a fantastic harvest between mid-July and late September — in just 1-1/2 square feet! Supports are 5 mm thick with 3.5 mm crosspieces. Openings are 7-1/2" square to allow easy harvesting. In windy locations, we ...
  • Garden Cane Connects, Set of 8
    More Details Each of these ingenious, daisy-shaped connectors let you easily gather up to six bamboo canes into a trellis tepee or other structure. Made from silicone and rubber with six holes, they stretch and flex to hold bamboo canes from 1/4" to 1" in diameter. They can be used to form right angles and a-frame trellises to support climbers like pole beans, cucumbers, and morning glories. And they're much easier to use than trying to tie ...
  • Oxford Freestanding Trellis
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    An excellent way to highlight in-ground or potted plants, create a unique combination of vining plants, or add vertical drama to your landscape. Elegant and regal without being overly formal, this trellis coordinates with our Oxford Collection of garden structures.

  • Two-Panel Chicken Wire Trellis
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    Vegetable and flowering vines climb high on this rustic and sturdy trellis. Install it as a flat backdrop against a wall, or set it at any angle in the garden or on your patio. It's an ideal choice for raised beds, too. Growing plants vertically saves space and helps keep pests at bay. Long-lasting, powder-coated steel. Folds for storage.

  • Titan Customizable Wall Trellis
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    Transform a blank wall with flowering vines or espalier fruit trees. Easy to install and unassuming, this trellis will let your plantings take center stage. Mounting brackets and hardware included. Expandable with additional poles and brackets, sold separately.

  • Garden Maypole Plant Support
    More Details More than a beanpole, our maypole is a crowning centerpiece for your garden. Use it as a space-saving support for pole beans or for climbing flowers like morning glories. The handsome crown has 15 hooks and sits atop an 83" high pole. Simply string jute garden twine (included) between the hooks and ground pegs to create a cone-shaped support. Once the harvest is over, you can toss the plants, biodegradable twine and all, into the ...
  • Titan Squash Tunnel
    More Details Squash and melon vines love to ramble about, gobbling up your precious garden space. Here's one of the best and most creative ways we've seen to grow these sprawling plants — with a strong arched structure that gets plants up off the ground where they can produce clean, perfectly formed fruits. As the plants flourish, they form a delightful leafy tunnel that's a perfect play space for kids or a shady area for growing salad ...
  • Essex Tuteur, 78”
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    Clematis, morning glories and other vines grow up and over the umbrella-shaped top of this sturdy trellis, and then drape gracefully for a stunning display. The trellis's clean lines and unique shape let plants take center stage. We recommend securing with Extra-Tall Earth Staples, sold separately.

  • Gardener’s Vertex Lifetime Tall Tomato Cage
    More Details Designed by us, and tested in our own gardens, these supports are lightweight, strong, and flex with the wind to strengthen plant stems. The innovative clip system lets you add support to already established, bushy plants. Large openings afford easy access to ripened fruit without any sharp edges getting in your way. Rust-proof aluminum will never need replacing, they're quick to set up, and at the end of the growing season the whole system folds ...
  • Titan A-Frame Trellis
    More Details Raising squash, cucumbers and other fruiting vines up off the ground produces a healthier, cleaner and more bountiful crop — not to mention the suspended fruit don't develop a flattened side due to ground contact. But don't try this tactic unless you have a super-strong support to hold your crop, like this Titan A-Frame Trellis. Its polyethylene-coated steel framework and durable nylon netting can support up to 26 lbs. of jumbo-sized squash, cukes and more. ...
  • #6 Bamboo Poles, Set of 50
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  • Annabel Tipi Trellis
    More Details A fun, modern take on the classic garden tipi by Terra Trellis. Designed and hand-crafted in the U.S. from steel and finished in brilliant water-resistant powder-coated colors or a natural oxide patina. Allows edible or ornamental plants to weave throughout, creating a spectacular natural tapestry while providing sturdy support in garden or on the patio. Doubles as a work of modern art when plants are dormant. Knocks down into three parts for easy transport/storage. Base ...