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    Oval Planters

  • Uma Colorful Oval Planter 10”
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    Add some personality to your pots! Indoor/outdoor planter is lightweight and durable, and gives your green space a burst of welcome color.

  • Exaco Trading Corsica Oval Bridge Planter with Cover
    More Details This balcony planter with cover is a mini-greenhouse specially designed to fit balcony railings, chain link fences, wrought iron railings, or any vertical divider up to 2-1/2" wide. The clear, heavy-duty cover is 7" H and has two adjustable air vents. The cover locks onto the planter so it won't blow away. With a generous soil capacity, this planter is a great way to start seeds early in a small outdoor space such as a ...
  • Ellipse Self-Watering Indoor Planter
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    Let's face it, most of us have unwittingly killed beloved houseplants because we just couldn't get the watering cycle right. Now you can say goodbye to plant-stressing over- and under-watering with this elegant oval planter. Attractive in its own right, its best feature is an easy-fill reservoir that delivers water to roots when they need it. A handy gauge gives you at-a-glance affirmation of when it's time for a refill.