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    Orchid Supplies

    Orchids bring so much pleasure to indoor gardeners year-round. They have very particular needs, so if you have questions, feel free to reach out to our team of gardeners who staff the phones here in Vermont. We're happy to help you select the products that will work best for orchids.

  • Espoma Orchid Potting Mix, 4 quart
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    An orchid growing medium must allow air to circulate and permit water to drain very quickly. Soggy planting mix can kill a plant quickly, so it's vital to use a special mix for these remarkable plants. This mix is also ideal for bromeliads and other epiphytes, many of which (like some orchids) grow in the branches of tropical rainforest trees.

  • Espoma Orchid! Plant Food
    More Details Orchids have a reputation for being a bit fussy, but given the proper conditions — including fertilizer — they'll reward you with stunning, long-lasting blooms. This liquid fertilizer concentrate makes feeding them so easy. Simply close the lid, turn the bottle upside down, and then right-side up. Flip the lid open, pour the contents of the Easy Dose cap into your watering can, and add 1 quart of lukewarm water. Enhanced with kelp extracts, humic ...
  • General Purpose Orchid Mix
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    Orchids require a potting mix that provides them with plenty of drainage and aeration yet also holds adequate moisture. This all-purpose orchid potting mix is recommended for cattleya, dendrobium and oncidium orchids. Contains fir bark, charcoal, and sponge rock (perlite).

  • Orchid Tap Water Fertilizer
    More Details Very popular among serious orchid growers for all types of orchids, this fertilizer is specially formulated using nitrogen primarily in its nitrate form, which is the form most available to orchids for efficient plant utilization. Developed at Michigan State University, it contains all the nutrients that orchids need to thrive, including micronutrients and trace elements.​ It can also be used on container plants and houseplants. This version is especially good if you are using well ...
  • Sphagnum Moss
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    ​New Zealand long-fiber sphagnum moss provides excellent moisture retention while helping maintain proper air flow around roots. Use it exclusively as a potting medium for your orchids, or incorporate it with other ingredients to create a custom mix. Although this type of moss lasts a relatively long time without breaking down, it’s recommended that you refresh your plant with new moss every few years.

  • Rubber Grids, Set of 2
    More Details Humidity tray grids are just the thing for growing finicky plants — or drying your boots quickly! The secret to growing many plants, like orchids and African violets, is a humid environment. Here's an easy, economical way to humidify the surrounding air: Place these grids in the waterproof trays of our SunLite Gardens and arrange plants on top. Keep water in the trays and as it evaporates it will increase humidity around plants — the ...
  • Carnegie Pendant LED Grow Light
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    Have a houseplant that doesn't seem happy no matter where you put it? Or a spot that would look perfect with a plant but that just doesn't get enough light? This pendant light could be the perfect solution: it looks like a regular lamp, but actually holds a powerful, full-spectrum grow bulb. So you can make that light-craving plant happy in any spot!

  • Barnyard Pendant LED Grow Light
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    Don't need a full-size light stand but have a plant that could use more sunshine? Try this pendant lamp for a single or hard-to-keep-happy plant. It looks like a standard light fixture, but it actually holds a powerful, full-spectrum grow bulb. Perfect for a niche or corner, over a side table, or that one space you're not really sure what to do with!

  • Houseplant Sprayer
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    Frequent misting benefits orchids, ferns and many other indoor plants that thrive with humidity. This glass sprayer produces a fine mist that's gentle on plants, and unlike plastic sprayers, it’s so pretty you won't mind leaving it out on display.

  • High Intensity 2-Tier SunLite® Garden
    More Details Grow orchids and other light-hungry plants! With these high-intensity lights you can grow plants from seed all the way to flowering and fruiting. Each fixture has three full-spectrum,T5 fluorescent bulbs, so they provide 50% more light than dual-bulb versions. The rugged, powder-coated, rustproof aluminum frame has two growing shelves that provide plenty of room for seedlings and houseplants. The light fixtures easily adjust up and down as plants grow, and there’s plenty of headroom for ...
  • Large Boot Tray Set
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    Dirty puddles on the hall floor? Not when you park your dripping footwear in one of our imported English boot trays. Made of rugged, recycled plastic, they have an extra-deep rim to corral melting snow and mud. This large tray holds a whole family's worth of shoes and boots in your entryway or mudroom. The Rubber Grids (included) elevate boots and shoes to help them dry more quickly.

  • Lechuza® Delta Premium 30 Self-Watering Planter
    More Details The Delta series combines a contemporary triangular shape with the advanced technology of a Lechuza planter. Made from commercial-quality polystyrene, this tall column planter is UV- and shatter-resistant. With the use of the sub-irrigation system, plant maintenance becomes child's play. Simply fill the water reservoir and enjoy your creation as the self-watering Delta supplies your plants and flowers with just the right amount of water to flourish for weeks. The Delta's unique design and ...