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    Orchid Supplies

    Orchids bring so much pleasure to indoor gardeners year-round. They have very particular needs, so if you have questions, feel free to reach out to our team of gardeners who staff the phones here in Vermont. We're happy to help you select the products that will work best for orchids.

  • Short Kennebunk Ceramic Orchid Cachepot
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    Your breathtakingly beautiful orchids deserve a home worthy of their elegance — and here it is. This cachepot features a glaze that accentuates orchids' graceful shape and jewel-like colors, while providing an ideal environment for healthy growth. What's more, the unique low profile provides visual contrast and a wobble-free foundation for tall flower stalks. No drainage hole; planting directly into this pot is not recommended.

  • Short Kennebunk Ceramic Orchid Cachepot Kit
    More Details With this kit, you'll receive our lovely Kennebunk glazed ceramic orchid cachepot to set the stage for your orchid's beauty. We've included a special orchid potting mix that contains fir bark, charcoal and perlite to provide ideal moisture, drainage and aeration. The Tap Water Orchid Fertilizer contains all the nutrients needed for robust growth and prolific blooms. And the brass stem support keeps the beautiful blooms standing tall. Perfect for cattleya, dendrobium and oncidium orchids. ...
  • Azure Ceramic Cachepot with Hurricane Shade
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    This shallow dish garden is topped with a distinctive glass hurricane shade that shows off blooms and foliage to their best advantage — yet, unlike a cloche, allows excess moisture to escape and fresh air to enter. It's a perfect environment for orchids, ferns and many other houseplants. The ceramic base features deep blue ombre finish with stylish unglazed base. No drainage hole; planting directly into this cachepot is not recommended.

  • General Purpose Orchid Mix
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    Orchids require a potting mix that provides them with plenty of drainage and aeration yet also holds adequate moisture. This all-purpose orchid potting mix is recommended for cattleya, dendrobium and oncidium orchids. Contains fir bark, charcoal, and sponge rock (perlite).

  • Orchid Tap Water Fertilizer
    More Details Very popular among serious orchid growers for all types of orchids, this fertilizer is specially formulated using nitrogen primarily in its nitrate form, which is the form most available to orchids for efficient plant utilization. Developed at Michigan State University, it contains all the nutrients that orchids need to thrive, including micronutrients and trace elements.​ It can also be used on container plants and houseplants. This version is especially good if you are using well ...
  • Rubber Grids, Set of 2
    More Details Humidity tray grids are just the thing for growing finicky plants — or drying your boots quickly! The secret to growing many plants, like orchids and African violets, is a humid environment. Here's an easy, economical way to humidify the surrounding air: Place these grids in the waterproof trays of our SunLite Gardens and arrange plants on top. Keep water in the trays and as it evaporates it will increase humidity around plants — the ...
  • Orchid Stem Support
    More Details Orchids are elegant and graceful, but the top-heavy blossoms are often prone to toppling over. This sectional brass stake solves the problem. Use only as many of its four sections as you need, then top with the graceful loop. Gently insert the stake in the soil, being careful to avoid any roots, then slip the orchid stem into the loop. Using all four sections gives you a 22-3/4" H stake — amply tall enough for ...
  • Sphagnum Moss
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    ​New Zealand long-fiber sphagnum moss provides excellent moisture retention while helping maintain proper air flow around roots. Use it exclusively as a potting medium for your orchids, or incorporate it with other ingredients to create a custom mix. Although this type of moss lasts a relatively long time without breaking down, it’s recommended that you refresh your plant with new moss every few years.

  • Double White Orchid Potted
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    Phalaenopsis (moth orchids) are among the easiest orchids to grow, requiring no more care than other common houseplants. Anyone who loves houseplants — from beginner to expert — will appreciate the stately blooms that last for months. Best of all, you can get moth orchids to rebloom without a lot of effort.

  • Single Pink Orchid Potted
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    It's a myth that orchids are difficult to grow. Yes, some types are fussy, but phalaenopsis (moth orchids) are among the easiest to grow. And the blooms on their tall stems last for several months. Best of all, you can get them to rebloom without a lot of effort.

  • Houseplant Garden
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    We planted this sweet dish garden with four pretty, easy-care houseplants: pink anthurium, peace lily, golden pothos, and pink-flowered kalanchoe. It's lovely as a centerpiece or as entryway decor. And it also makes a welcome gift! As the plants grow, they'll be ready for larger digs — bigger pots — and so four plants means it's really four gifts in one!