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    Microwavable Heating Pads

    Our lavender-scented heating pads include a microwavable insert that contains rice, flax and herbs to create the ideal amount of warmth and comfort after a long day in the garden or at the computer. 

  • Warming Ballerina Slippers
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    They're cute, cuddly and infused with relaxing herbal aroma, but these slippers' real appeal is hidden inside: Their removable, handcrafted seed- and lavender-filled insoles can be warmed in the microwave to create a cozy escape for cold toes! Simply heat them up any time you want to enjoy the relaxing sensation and refreshing lavender scent.

  • Storage Bag for Essential Oils
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    Essential oils can degrade when exposed to light, so keep them safely in the dark with this cotton pouch. Interior elastics keep up to eight 15 ml. bottles from rolling around, so you can have a bevy of scents to choose from at any time.

  • Garden Soul Botanicals® Organic Essential Oil
    More Details Breathe in the true essence of plants grown organically as nature intended — nothing added, nothing artificial. As gardeners, we know that only the healthiest plants produce exceptional essential oils. So you can rest assured that our Garden Soul Botanicals® pure essential oils are the highest quality. They’re a must-have for true aromatherapy — unlike synthetic fragrances that lack therapeutic effect. Ideal for use in diffusers and misters. 1/2 fluid ounce each. Lavender ...
  • Garden Soul Botanicals® Essential Oils Gift Set with Bag
    More Details Essential oils are only as good as the environment their host plants are grown in. We're proud to bring you the highest quality oils available — grown organically, and extracted without chemicals or harmful additives. They're a must-have for true aromatherapy, unlike synthetic fragrances that lack therapeutic effect. This kit includes eight 15ml favorites in a carrier case, so you'll always have them by your side: Rosemary: uplifts and rejuvenates Tea Tree: renews and restores ...
  • Cherapy Therapeutic Neck Wrap
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    Michigan cherry stones fill this cotton therapy pillow. Right out of the box it feels amazing — but freeze or microwave before use and your aches and pains will fade away even faster. Provides soothing relief for muscle pain, headaches, arthritis, congestion, and muscle cramps. Can also help ease stomach aches, backaches, and more.

  • Comforting Aroma Neck Wrap
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    Pop this wrap in the microwave, then drape it over your shoulders and bask in its healing warmth. As your neck muscles begin to relax, the delicate aroma of twelve carefully blended herbs will help soothe the senses, release tension, calm nerves, promote sleep, and deepen relaxation. Alternatively, chill the wrap in the freezer to help with strains and inflammation. Luxuriously soft to the touch, this is sure to be a favorite.

  • Honey Skincare Gift Set
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    We took this bee-autiful zippered wool pouch, handfelted and crafted by Nepali artisans, and paired it with a rich, solid lotion bar and lip butter. Brimming with natural oils, beeswax, and emollients the lotion bar works wonders on cracked skin. The lip butter rejuvenates, soothes and smooths, bringing instant relief to dry, cracked lips. It's the perfect set for travel, in the work bag, or gym duffel.