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    Love That Lavender

    Lavender is not only beautiful, its aroma can calm the senses. We offer dozens of products which celebrate the natural botanical benefits of this floral herb.
  • Garden Soul Botanicals® Aurora Aroma Diffuser and Lavender Essential Oil
    More Details Give a gift of relaxation with our diffuser and lavender oil set. With its richly hued glaze and compact size, our Aurora Scent Diffuser disperses a light scent of lavender essential oil through the unglazed bottom. Simply add a few drops of oil, insert the cork, and place it anywhere — bureau, desk, windowsill, shelf, office — to enjoy the pure aroma. Saucer protects surfaces. This convenient set includes one Aurora Aroma Diffuser and one ...
  • Floral Cocktail Drink Set
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    Add these floral flavor enhancers to spirits, champagne, seltzer or water to transform standard drinks into memorable libations. Handmade in small batches using real flowers, the beautifully boxed set of five non-alcoholic elixirs includes lavender, elderflower, rose hip, orange blossom and juniper berry – enough for 20 drinks. A great conversation starter at holiday parties!

  • Medium Bamboo LED Grow Light Garden
    More Details Our most innovative grow lights yet! Grow more indoors than ever before with this stackable, high-performing system. We successfully grew rosemary, lavender, greens, kale — even dwarf cherry tomatoes. And our geraniums bloomed as profusely as they do outside. Two 3690-lumen grow lamps satisfy all your plants' light needs from a fixed height. And, because the bulbs are recessed, there's no glare. Our designers chose to craft the furniture-quality frames from bamboo. It's attractive, its ...
  • Garden Soul Botanicals® Casablanca Glass Aroma Diffuser and Lavender Oil Set
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    Relax with calming, soothing aromatherapy. Just add a few drops of organic lavender essential oil (included) to this marbled glass diffuser and enjoy its slow-release fragrance all day. A natural alternative to synthetic room fresheners and candles, whose chemical content can aggravate allergies, lavender oil may also help induce restful sleep. Work it into your bedtime routine to wake up refreshed and ready to tackle your morning!

  • Garden Soul Botanicals® Organic Essential Oil
    More Details Breathe in the true essence of plants grown organically as nature intended — nothing added, nothing artificial. As gardeners, we know that only the healthiest plants produce exceptional essential oils. So you can rest assured that our Garden Soul Botanicals® pure essential oils are the highest quality. They’re a must-have for true aromatherapy — unlike synthetic fragrances that lack therapeutic effect. Ideal for use in diffusers and misters. 1/2 fluid ounce each. Lavender ...
  • Animal Herbal Eye Pillow
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    Fashioned from organic cotton and stuffed with organic herbs and flax, these cute creatures bring comfort to kids and adults alike. Eartha Cat purrs with peace-inducing chamomile and uplifting orange, while Leonardo Deer Vinci tames tension with lavender, echinacea, and rose.

  • Garden Soul Botanicals® Essential Oils Gift Set with Bag
    More Details Essential oils are only as good as the environment their host plants are grown in. We're proud to bring you the highest quality oils available — grown organically, and extracted without chemicals or harmful additives. They're a must-have for true aromatherapy, unlike synthetic fragrances that lack therapeutic effect. This kit includes eight 15ml favorites in a carrier case, so you'll always have them by your side: Rosemary: uplifts and rejuvenates Tea Tree: renews and restores ...
  • Planete Rouge du Jura Poppy Organic Seeds
    More Details This rare Swiss variety was developed for poppy seed and oil production — but the remarkable coloration has earned it front-row status in ornamental gardens. Waxy gray-green plants produce mostly lavender-pink flowers with deep eggplant markings, along with a sprinkling of bright mauve and magenta blooms. Gardener's Supply is offering these seeds through our partnership with High Mowing Organic Seeds, a Vermont company known for developing and producing the best quality, 100% organic ...
  • Lavender Plant
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    With its fragrant flowers and leaves, lavender is widely loved for its soothing effects. Blooms can be snipped and dried to make bouquets or scented sachets. Blooms most profusely in late spring.