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    Long Handled Garden Tools

  • Gardener’s Lifetime Long-Handled Double Tool
    More Details Gardener’s Lifetime Tools are handmade for us in Holland by DeWit Garden Tools, a fourth-generation, family-owned business that has been crafting fine gardening tools for more than a century. The Long-Handled Double Tool is a garden cultivator and hoe in one, so you can loosen soil and weed beds with just one tool. We gave this version a long handle, which allows you to work from a standing position so there’s less strain on your ...
  • Intervale Long-Handled Ground Breaking Tool
    More Details An easy way to break up soil, whether to remove or divide plants in the fall, or to prepare planting areas in the spring. Simply drive the tines into the earth, give the tool a twist, and you're done. Precisely target space around existing plants or quickly loosen larger areas. Use it to remove stubborn plants too — they'll come right up with a quick turn of this ground-breaker. Part of our exclusive Intervale Collection ...
  • Gardener’s Lifetime Dig and Pry Tool
    More Details Gardener’s Lifetime Tools are handmade for us in Holland by DeWit Garden Tools, a fourth-generation, family-owned business that has been crafting fine gardening tools for more than a century. The sharp, wide teeth of our Dig and Pry Tool easily cut through the toughest perennial clumps in the garden, making separating or moving established plants a breeze. Perfect for digging through stony soil, it has a compact blade that’s ideal for working in tight spaces. ...
  • Gardener’s Pro Telescoping Long-Handled Pruner
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    If you've been putting off pruning those higher branches because it invariably strains your back or grounds you with a pulled muscle, try this extendable bypass pruner. Telescoping aluminum handles are lightweight and manageable, lock securely into place in 2-1/2" increments, and have a non-slip comfort grip. High carbon steel blades cut cleanly and precisely. 2" long pruner blades open to 3" for thick branches.

  • Intervale Long-Handled Spring Weeder
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    If you dread the annual battle against dandelions and other stubborn weeds, this is the tool for you. It works like a corkscrew, twisting down around roots and then pulling them out whole. Made of top-notch materials it's earned a spot in our exclusive Intervale Collection heirloom-quality tools that feel good in the hand and can be trusted to get the work done.

  • Intervale Long-Handled Potato Harvesting Scoop
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    Sick of inadvertently spearing or slicing your potatoes at harvest time? With a protective steel bar across the tines, this tool is designed to gently scoop spuds out of the ground with less damage. Ideal for container-grown potatoes, but can be used for in-ground beds too — just loosen the soil around plants first.

    Part of our exclusive Intervale Collection of classic tools with the look of cherished heirlooms.

  • Mobile Tool Storage Caddy
    More Details Tired of struggling and juggling your shovel, rake, hand tools and supplies out to the garden? Or making multiple trips back and forth? This easy-roll caddy keeps tools organized in the shed. Then, when it's time to head out to the garden, just roll the caddy where you need it and you're ready to go. Includes 5-gallon bucket with fabric pocket organizer for small tools, a small bucket for carrying other supplies, vegetables, mulch and ...
  • Gardener’s Lifetime Spork
    More Details This multitasking tool combines a spade and fork, making it your go-to tool for loosening soil, digging, cultivating, dividing, weeding and edging. The sharp, serrated edge cuts through tough soils, sod and roots. Perfect for slicing through surface weeds before digging and planting. The unique handle makes it efficient to push and pull through soil with minimal strain. To give it extra strength and durability, the wooden handle is bolted into the deep socket. Like ...
  • Gardener’s Lifetime Dutch Hoe
    More Details Gardener’s Lifetime Tools are handmade for us in Holland by DeWit Garden Tools, a fourth-generation, family-owned business that has been crafting fine gardening tools for more than a century. With our Dutch Hoe, you use a pushing motion to skim the blade just below the soil surface, cutting weeds off at the roots. The handle is a generous 54" long, letting you stand up straight while you work so there’s less strain on your back, ...
  • Spear Head Spade®
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    This shovel is ready to handle your toughest tasks with less effort from you. The heavy-duty, high-carbon manganese steel blade is tapered to cut through the most challenging soil, sod and roots, and the durable fiberglass handle has a comfortable grip. Narrow, pointed head lets you dig in beds without disturbing nearby plants, and a durable epoxy coating minimizes friction and corrosion and helps prevent soil from sticking to blade.

  • Root Slayer® Edger
    More Details If that perfect line in the sod or crisp driveway edge have evaded you, because roots have foiled you each time you've given it a go, then this is the tool for you. Conventional edgers tend to bounce or slide off roots, but this slices cleanly through them. Tested to the same exacting standards as the rest of the Root Slayer® family, it's the most serious edger we've ever come across. Plus its patented O-handle ...
  • Telescoping Ratchet Loppers
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    Easy-to-adjust telescoping handles and large ratcheting head combine to make quick work of your most challenging pruning jobs. Anvil-style pruners like these are especially good for cutting through tough, dry wood. A non-stick coating on the blade aids in smooth cutting and easy release. Non-slip handles provide a firm grip. Blade lock keeps them safely closed when not in use. Lightweight aluminum handles and sturdy steel head.

  • Gardener’s Lifetime Half-Moon Hoe
    More Details Also called a swan-neck hoe, this popular tool cuts weeds just below the soil surface. The ergonomic design lets you stand up straight while working, minimizing back strain, and the curved blade lets you work in tight spaces between plants and rows. To give it extra strength and durability, the wooden handle is bolted into the deep socket. Our Gardener’s Lifetime Half Moon Hoe is hand-forged in Holland from the finest high-carbon Swedish boron steel. ...
  • Sun Joe® SJEDGE7 12-Amp Electric Landscape 2-In-1 Edger and Trencher
    More Details The Sun Joe Electric Landscape 2-in-1 Edger and Trencher will create a clean edge or cut a crisp trench with professional precision along your walkways, borders, gardens, or flower beds with ease. The powerful 12-amp, high-torque electric motor makes quick work of your outdoor chores, while the durable, 7-1/4 in. double-edged steel blade easily removes grass overgrowth. Or tailor your cutting depth with the 3-position height adjustment — 0.43", 0.75" and 1.2" deep. Dig down ...
  • Sun Joe® Electric Telescoping Pole Hedge Trimmer, 4 Amp
    More Details Cut your trimming chores down to size with this Telescoping Pole Hedge Trimmer while you stand safely on solid ground. A durable, 21" hardened steel blade lets you reach higher and sweep further with each pass for perfectly sheared shrubs. The powerful 4-amp motor and multi-angle pivoting head allow for precise trimming of dead branches and grooming growing hedges. Two-year warranty. Watch: Sun Joe® Electric Telescoping Pole Hedge Trimmer, 4 Amp
  • Earthwise 4-in-1 Chainsaw Trimmer, 120V
    More Details This powerful, multipurpose tool cuts trees and hedges down to size. Use the hand-held chainsaw for low-hanging branches and yard cleanup. Use the hand-held hedge trimmer to keep shrubs in bounds and hedges tidy and manicured. To tackle out-of-reach places, add the telescoping pole, so you can work standing safely on the ground, instead of on a wobbly ladder. Pole adjusts up to 8'. Made by Earthwise®, known for high-quality, earth-friendly lawn and garden tools. ...
  • Sun Joe® Cordless Telescoping Pole Chain Saw, 20V
    More Details This 20V Cordless Telescoping Pole Chain Saw makes it quick and easy to trim your overgrown trees. Operation is simple! SLIDE the telescoping pole (adjustable from 5.2 ft to 9.2 ft) to your desired length, Push the button to power on and watch the 8-inch self-lubricating Oregon cutting bar and chain make quick work out of overhanging tree limbs up to 7.5-inches thick while you stand safely on solid ground. Convenient and lightweight, this saw ...
  • 8-Pattern Telescoping Watering Wand, 6’
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    No need to pull out the ladder every time you water. There are other watering wands that extend, but they're often difficult to adjust and can leave you soaked instead. With a simple twist and extension of this wand, you'll be ready to tackle those hard to reach planters. Great for flushing out gutters too.