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    Discover an array of liners for gardening in raised beds and hanging baskets. 
  • Raised Bed Liner, 4’ x 8’
    More Details Raised bed liners keep soil contained so you can install the beds on a patio, paved area or concrete slab — any hard surface — without soil washing out and making a mess. They help prevent weeds from infiltrating beds set in the lawn, too. Polypropylene fabric allows water to drain. Four sizes: 3' x 3', 3' x 6', 4' x 4' and 4' x 8'. The 3' liners are 10" high, perfect for Grow ...
  • 14” AquaSav™ Replacement Liners, Set of 3
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    How do garden centers keep their hanging baskets so lush? We’ve discovered the secret: AquaSav™ Basket Liners. Developed for the commercial nursery trade, these smarter hanging basket liners require 50% less watering than standard baskets. Sandwiched between layers of natural coir fiber is a water-retaining liner made of 100% recycled post-consumer plastic. It’s a lifesaver for flowers, especially if they're exposed to both sun and wind.

  • Replacement Liners for the Root Storage Bin
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    Freshen up your Root Storage Bin with these replacement liners. They are made of breathable, natural jute to enhance storage.

  • 14” Moss Basket Liners, Set of 3
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    Place this attractive liner in your wire or hayrack hanging basket, then fill with potting mix and you're ready to plant. Made from preserved moss secured to a sturdy mesh backing, it's reusable again and again. May also be used as a decorative topper for container plants.

  • Achla Designs Replacement Jute Liner for Square-on-Squares Pylon Trellis
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    This Replacement Jute Liner is for the Achla Designs Square-on-Squares Pylon basket. Designed to hold a large container or be planted directly.

  • VegTrug™ Planter Replacement Liner
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  • BioBag® 3G Food Scrap Bags, 25 Pack
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    BioBags® are back! These popular compost pail liners do away with a messy job: cleaning out the compost pail. No more scrubbing, no more odor, no need to carry the pail out to the compost pile. And best of all, these bags are fully compostable, so you can toss the whole thing into the pile — bag and all. Fits most compost containers up to 12 quarts. Compost crock shown sold separately.

  • 23-Gallon Compostable Food Scrap Bags, Set of 20
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    Mega-capacity curbside compost bin liners hold a bounty of kitchen scraps so you don't have to haul your organics out as often. Designed for municipal composting facilities, but safe to use in home composters, too.

  • Capillary Matting, 3 Yards
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    Our superior-quality English capillary matting draws up water like a sponge, then slowly transfers it to your plants from the bottom up. Healthy root growth is encouraged without danger of over-watering. Simply put one end in water and place the rest under your pots. Fits beautifully in our Jumbo Boot Tray