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    Led Lights

    Add magic to your evening garden and light up your landscape with a wide variety of LED garden lights. Most of our offerings are solar-powered LED lights that you can place anywhere without worrying about access to an outlet or tripping over extension cords. Create unforgettable nighttime drama, add curb appeal, or create a safer way to navigate along your garden paths or stairs.


  • Solar Northern Lights Sphere
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    From red and gold to blue and green, this solar sphere glows in a shifting cycle of seven colors. Place it where it will receive eight hours of sun during the day and the color-changing LED inside will automatically begin glowing at dusk, continuing for 10 hours or more.

  • Lotus Solar Path Light, 20 Lumens
    More Details Inspired by the shape of a lotus seed pod, this elegant solar light looks terrific by day or night. Use alone to create a stunning focal point, or in multiples to create a graceful pathway. Looks great in planters too! The light will provide 6 hours of illumination - just make sure it gets 8 hours of direct sunlight to get a full charge. Let it turn on automatically as shadows fall, or use the ...
  • Solar Motion Sensor PIR Security Light, 250 Lumens
    More Details With an integrated solar panel that can tilt to any angle, this powerful spotlight activates when its passive infrared (PIR) sensor detects motion — up to 26 feet away! The 250-lumens light stays on for 25-30 seconds, giving you plenty of time to assess the situation or light your way up a path. Powder-coated steel housing is sturdy, installs in minutes. Perfect for an entryway, or purchase several to line a walkway or driveway.
  • Mission Path Lights, Set of 2
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    The mission-style design and elegant finish make these path lights attractive garden accents. When shadows fall the LEDs turn on automatically, casting light downward to show you the way. The separate solar panel is connected with a 15-1/2' cable so you can place it in full sun and install the path lights anywhere, even in the shade.

  • Solar Spotlight, 50 Lumens
    More Details Create an evening focal point by shining light on a door, a plant or a piece of garden art. The lens is 4" in diameter with a high-performance reflector that focuses the light from the LED inside, providing 50 lumens of light. The solar panel on top can be tilted to catch maximum sunlight. Note: unit should be installed in a dark area, as ambient lighting may interfere with the sensor and prevent it from ...
  • Solar Glass Spirit Orb
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    Each of these one-of-a-kind hand-blown works of art has a hidden secret. The sun-gathering solar array and soft LED lighting are encapsulated within the orb to create marvelous artistic effects without wires or panels. Beautiful by day these orbs automatically illuminate at dusk to add an ethereal look to your lawn, garden, and outdoor living spaces.

  • Solar Pendant Lantern with Shepherd’s Hook
    More Details With a style reminiscent of a bygone era but unmistakably modern features, this solar lantern provides hours of soft light after dark. A blend of two historic elements, the classic nautical lantern and Edison's incandescent bulb of the 1880s, this solar lamp features a reproduction tungsten bulb within a protective wire cage housed under a wide, conical roof. Slender wire hanger on top. Use along a walkway, to light an entryway or create a focal ...
  • Tabletop Microgreens Hydroponic Garden Kit
    More Details Savor the fresh flavor and wholesomeness of microgreens in any season with this compact, convenient hydroponic kit. The simple system includes the base reservoir, 2-mode LED lamp with two light settings and timer, and growing medium. To get you started, it also includes 2 packets of High Mowing Organic microgreen seeds: Purple Sango and Arugula (additional microgreen seeds are also available). With a footprint of just 10-1/4" long by 4-1/2" wide, it fits handily on ...
  • Coltura LED Grow Frame
    More Details A bright idea for indoor growing! We married cutting-edge lighting technology with refined design to create the Coltura Grow Frame, a sleek, space-saving and energy-efficient way to grow healthy, thriving plants anywhere in your home. No more bulky fluorescent fixtures — the innovative, slim-profile Coltura Light Panel is concealed, yet contains an amazing 56 LEDs that are calibrated to deliver bright, full-spectrum light boosted with extra blue light to stimulate stronger root growth ...
  • LED SunLite® Compact Tabletop Garden
    More Details This Vermont-made SunLite Garden features our revolutionary LED lighting technology, creating the new gold standard for starting seeds and growing houseplants, orchids and other indoor plants. You'll be amazed at the health and vigor of your plants as they bask in the glow of these specialized LEDs. The compact frame holds one light fixture that you can easily raise and lower to the perfect height for plants. Sleek and rugged frame and fixture are made ...
  • Coltura LED Sunshelf
    More Details We're shining new light on growing flourishing houseplants and herbs indoors! Our Coltura LED Light Panel bathes plants in the exact light needed to ensure the healthiest growth, creating a stunning setting for showcasing plants. The Sunshelf base includes top and bottom wooden shelves. Stack one or two Add-On Units, sold separately, on top to create a multi-tiered display. About the Coltura LED Light Panel: We designed this versatile light panel to guarantee exceptional plant ...
  • Coltura LED Sunshelf Add-On Unit
    More Details Hidden underneath the top shelf of this Add-On Unit, our slim-profile Coltura LED Light Panel shines with bright, full-spectrum light, creating a stunning setting for showcasing houseplants and herbs. The light panel's 56 LEDs shine in a spectrum optimized for the healthiest plant growth. The Add-On Unit includes the top shelf only and is designed for use with our Coltura LED Sunshelf base, sold separately. About the Coltura LED Light Panel: We designed this versatile ...
  • Miracle LED® Absolute Daylight™ Max Flowering Grow Light Bulb
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    ​This highly energy efficient LED bulb provides a full spectrum of light for healthy plant growth, plus extra red light to promote flowering and fruiting. It uses just 12 watts of power, yet provides an amount of light similar to a 150 watt incandescent light bulb. And unlike incandescent bulbs, this LED light remains cool to the touch. Fits standard screw-in lamp sockets.

  • Miracle LED® Ultra Grow Light Bulb
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    ​This highly energy efficient LED grow light bulb provides a full daylight spectrum for healthy plant growth. It uses just 12 watts of power, yet provides an amount of light similar to a 150 watt incandescent light bulb. And unlike incandescent bulbs, this LED light remains cool to the touch. Fits standard screw-in sockets.

  • Clamping Light Fixture
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    Specially designed for use with the Miracle LED® grow light bulbs of any wattage, this clamp-on light fixture has a parabolic aluminum reflector that reflects light onto plants for optimal growth. Fits all standard E26/E27 screw-in bulbs. Miracle LED® light bulb sold separately.

  • Gardener’s LED Retrofit Bulb, 4’
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    Already have one of our SunLite® or Stack-n-Grow Gardens? You can replace the T5 fluorescent bulbs with these super-efficient, plant-boosting LED bulbs. These long-lasting, full-spectrum LED lights save energy and grow exceptional plants.

  • Lush Lighting Lumenator 2x LED Grow Light
    More Details This lamp solves two of indoor growing’s biggest challenges at once. It supplies ideal light for all growth phases, which means you won’t need a different lamp during flowering. And its clever lens system doubles light intensity while preserving its manageable size so you can give tender plants the energy they demand without the hassles – or the heat – of traditionally-sized grow lights. Ideal for small tents and closets, a custom light spectrum “recipe” ...
  • Lush Lighting Dominator 2x LED Grow Light
    More Details Hang this single high-power grow lamp once and cross lighting off your list. It doesn’t matter what photosynthetic phase your plants are in — it delivers the exact light they need to fully fuel every growth stage from sprouting to harvest. Two hundred specially calibrated LEDs emit the near-UV wavelengths sensitive herbs require for peak resin production and disease fighting while infrared rays deliver energy deep into your canopy for fuller, healthier growth. Special lenses ...
  • Lush Lighting Dominator 2x XL LED Grow Light
    More Details With 50% more diodes than the Lush Lighting Dominator 2X lamp, this extra high-intensity lamp helps dramatically boost your harvests while simplifying your life. It combines sheer lighting power from 300 LEDs with the optimum light wavelengths required to feed every growth stage from seeding to flowering. You won’t have to swap out this fixture out in the middle of your grow nor will you want to because it emits more of the types of ...
  • Spectrum King 402 LED Grow Light
    More Details This lamp is one of our top choices for serious growers of sensitive, home-grown medicinals. It supplies the output of a 1000W high pressure sodium bulb while using over 60% less electricity and producing a fraction of the heat. Full-spectrum 50,000-hour LEDs saturate sun-hungry plants in brilliant light that penetrates deep into your canopy. They combine with a special reflective coating that maintains edge-to-edge intensity throughout this fixture’s entire best-in-class coverage area. ...
  • Spectrum King Closet Case 140W LED Grow Light
    More Details Cross one of indoor growing’s biggest dilemmas off your list with our favorite all-in-one, small high-intensity lamp. Unlike traditional lights, you won’t need to swap this one out in mid-grow. Hang it once and you’re done: full-spectrum LEDs supply all the light wavelengths your indoor garden of delights needs for maximum growth from sprouting through to flowering. And it does it using just 140-watts — far less energy than standard grow fixtures. Engineered specifically for ...
  • Black Dog Phytomax-2 200 LED Grow Light
    More Details With lower energy use and more light intensity than a standard 400W HPS, you'll see a higher yield, fatter flowers, and more trichomes with this unit. 84 high-output, 5-watt LEDs have glass lenses that are durable, easy to clean, and allow canopy penetration critical to the nourishment of lower leaves and flowers. Though it's designed for smaller grows, it can deliver up to 14 square feet of coverage for vegetative growth -- 9 square feet ...
  • Spectrum King Mother’s Lil’ Helper 140W LED Grow Light
    More Details Hang this lamp over your medicinal herbs during leafing and they’ll get all the energy they need to properly prepare for maximum flower production. Ideal for the shorter plants typically grown in closet plots and tent gardens, it soaks any 4' x 4' space in the specific full-spectrum wavelengths that stimulate the lush vegetative growth your harvest ultimately depends on. Ninety-degree reflectors assure uniform light delivery and rugged water-resistant housing stands up to moisture. You ...