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    Led Grow Lights

  • $249.00
    More Details A bright idea for indoor growing! We married cutting-edge lighting technology with refined design to create the Coltura Grow Frame, a sleek, space-saving and energy-efficient way to grow healthy, thriving plants anywhere in your home. No more bulky fluorescent fixtures — the innovative, slim-profile Coltura Light Panel is concealed, yet contains an amazing 56 LEDs that are calibrated to deliver bright, full-spectrum light boosted with extra blue light to stimulate stronger root growth ...
  • $259.00
    More Details We're shining new light on growing flourishing houseplants and herbs indoors! Our Coltura LED Light Panel bathes plants in the exact light needed to ensure the healthiest growth, creating a stunning setting for showcasing plants. The Sunshelf base includes top and bottom wooden shelves. Stack one or two Add-On Units, sold separately, on top to create a multi-tiered display. About the Coltura LED Light Panel: We designed this versatile light panel to guarantee exceptional plant ...
  • $219.00
    More Details Hidden underneath the top shelf of this Add-On Unit, our slim-profile Coltura LED Light Panel shines with bright, full-spectrum light, creating a stunning setting for showcasing houseplants and herbs. The light panel's 56 LEDs shine in a spectrum optimized for the healthiest plant growth. The Add-On Unit includes the top shelf only and is designed for use with our Coltura LED Sunshelf base, sold separately. About the Coltura LED Light Panel: We designed this versatile ...
  • $19.95
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    Specially designed for use with the Miracle LED® grow light bulbs of any wattage, this clamp-on light fixture has a parabolic aluminum reflector that reflects light onto plants for optimal growth. Fits all standard E26/E27 screw-in bulbs. Miracle LED® light bulb sold separately.