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    Lawn Edgers

    Get that neat and tidy edge you're looking for between your lawn and your landscaped beds with a sharp edger. And keep it looking great with one of our edging products. 
  • Root Slayer® Edger
    More Details If that perfect line in the sod or crisp driveway edge have evaded you, because roots have foiled you each time you've given it a go, then this is the tool for you. Conventional edgers tend to bounce or slide off roots, but this slices cleanly through them. Tested to the same exacting standards as the rest of the Root Slayer® family, it's the most serious edger we've ever come across. Plus its patented O-handle ...
  • 12” Pound-In Edging
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    This is the quickest, easiest system you'll find for defining an edge between your lawn and flower beds or garden. Simply pound each interlocking piece into the ground with a rubber mallet; in most soils there's no need for cutting, trenching or tearing up sod. To turn a corner, just bend the sections to form the angle you need.

  • Sun Joe® SJEDGE7 12-Amp Electric Landscape 2-In-1 Edger and Trencher
    More Details The Sun Joe Electric Landscape 2-in-1 Edger and Trencher will create a clean edge or cut a crisp trench with professional precision along your walkways, borders, gardens, or flower beds with ease. The powerful 12-amp, high-torque electric motor makes quick work of your outdoor chores, while the durable, 7-1/4 in. double-edged steel blade easily removes grass overgrowth. Or tailor your cutting depth with the 3-position height adjustment — 0.43", 0.75" and 1.2" deep. Dig down ...
  • Galvanized Edging 4’, Set of 4
    More Details Our galvanized edging makes it easy to create a functional and attractive delineation between your lawn and walkways, flower beds or mulch beds. Can be bent into 90° angles and formed into arcs, ovals and circles. Pieces overlap to create seamless connection. Installation is easy — just moisten the soil, use an edger or spade to cut a line where you want to place edging, and tap it into place with a rubber mallet.
  • Stomp™ Edge, Set of 6
    More Details Drop. Stomp. Done! Innovative Stomp™ Edge is a fast and easy way to create tidy low borders around garden beds, paths, driveways and more. The blocks resemble natural stone, but they’re lightweight and much easier to carry and install than heavy stone or concrete pavers. Simply set them in place, step on them and the sharp beveled edge underneath cuts into grass, gravel, sand or soil. The unique shape allows you to create straight lines ...
  • Coco Fiber Edging, 6” x 12’
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    Some gardeners dislike plastic mulches, but want something more permanent and more effective than bark mulch. This edging is made of coco fibers bonded with natural latex rubber. Anchored at the edges with Earth Staples, sold separately, they can be mowed over — no trimmer needed.

  • Rock Lock Interlocking Border System Curved Sections, Set of 2
    More Details This interlocking border and raised bed system both looks and feels like real stone, without the weight! You will find endless design possibilities with the easy to assemble Rock Lock system! Suitable all year round, these hollow walls will not crack or chip and will actually extend your growing season by insulating the soil and plants. The curving feature of this product allows for gentle corners, flower bed edging or even dressing up a walkway! ...
  • Rubber Mallet
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    The head of our Rubber Mallet has a wide surface area, providing plenty of power without denting, chipping or otherwise damaging surfaces. Perfect for installing many types of landscape edging and handy for tapping wood into raised bed corners. You'll find yourself using it for many other assembly and installation tasks around your home and garden.

  • Rock Lock Interlocking Border System Straight Sections, Set of 2
    More Details This interlocking border system looks and feels like real stone, without the weight. You will find endless design possibilities with this easy to assemble Rock Lock system! Suitable all year round, these hollow walls will not crack or chip and will actually extend your growing season by insulating the soil and plants. Not only can this system be used for landscaping or garden edging, two sets can be assembled together for a natural-looking raised bed. ...
  • EasyFlex™ No Dig Edging, 50’
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    Use this easy-to-install edging to create a tidy border on garden beds, tree rings and walkways. Keeps mulch and gravel contained. No-dig edging installs on the soil surface using the included spikes. Easy to bend into curves. 50' of edging, 16 spikes and two connectors.

  • EasyFlex™ Aluminum Edging, 24’
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    Favored by landscape professionals for its sleek appearance, durability, easy installation and lifetime warranty, this edging is ideal for both curves and straight runs. Use it to create a tidy edge on garden beds, tree rings, and walkways, as well as brick or stone patios. Prevents weeds from infiltrating beds, and keeps mulch and gravel contained. This set includes four 6' sections plus twelve 10" steel stakes.

  • Oxford Border Edging, Set of 3
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    Formal and stately without being stuffy, this darling border edging marks a perfect line between plantings, or delineates no-trespass areas. Part of our Oxford Collection of garden structures.

  • Tree Surround
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    The clean edges of this tree surround not only protect your tree from damage and weeds, but also help direct water to roots and make your landscape look tidy. Can also be used as a compact circular raised garden bed.