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    Large Plastic Flower Pots

    Once filled with soil, plants, and water, large flower pots can get unwieldy. Choosing planters made from plastic -- especially ones with casters -- make life a bit easier. With amazing manufacturing techniques, our selection includes options that will fool you into thinking they're traditional pottery. Others are unabashedly glossy, not hiding their material, but celebrating its features and durability. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to our team of gardeners who staff the phones here in Vermont. We're happy to help you select the product line that will work best for your site, climate, and planting plans.

  • Brunello Planter, 27”
    More Details Premium-quality construction and simple yet elegant design make these planters a natural for flowers, herbs and vegetables; the larger planters also accommodate shrubs and small trees. Frame your entryway with a pair of flower-filled planters to welcome guests. Grow your favorite culinary herbs near your kitchen door. Or create a corner garden on your deck. Brunello planters are available in multiple sizes and colors, allowing you to create dramatic groupings. By repeating a single style ...
  • Madison Planter, 16”
    More Details Our handsome Madison planters resemble handmade pottery, but they're made from high-density polyethylene so they're much lighter and more rugged. The clean lines and tapered shape bring a modern aesthetic, but they're also at home in more traditional settings. When viewed up close, the surface texture adds interest without detracting from plants. Madison planters are a natural for flowers, herbs and vegetables; the larger planters also accommodate shrubs and small trees. Use them to frame ...
  • Lima Self Watering Planter, 20”
    More Details

    Made from polyethylene resin, our Lima planters resemble aged pottery but are infinitely lighter and much more durable. Their classic silhouette is highlighted by subtle surface texture and an antiqued finish. Generous interior water reservoir supplies plants with consistent moisture.

  • Viva Self-Watering Rolling Planter, Round Large
    More Details

    Bold colors and a high-gloss finish make these 17" pots really stand out. The built-in casters let you roll them easily — to a sunny spot on the deck, out of the way for a party. They’re self-watering, too, to reduce watering chores and provide plants with a consistent supply of moisture.

  • Gardener’s Victory Self-Watering Patio Planter
    More Details "Large-capacity" doesn't do this planter justice. This thing is HUGE. And although we designed our newest planter for tomato-growing success, we discovered it's awesome for flowers and trailing vines too. Vented sides and an inner liner promote air pruning for robust, healthy roots. An innovative self-watering system — a base reservoir with evaporation grid and wicking capillary strip — ensures consistent hydration even on the hottest, sunniest summer days. Optional casters, sold ...
  • Viva Self-Watering Rolling Planter, Square Large
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    Stylish square planters add bold color and instant drama to your deck, patio or balcony. Planters have built-in casters, so you can roll them to a sunny spot on the deck, and then out of the way for a party. Self-watering pots minimize maintenance chores and provide plants with the consistent supply of moisture they need to thrive. Made from UV-stabilized polypropylene, they'll hold their bright, high-gloss finish for years.

  • Terrazza Trough Planter, White
    More Details

    Our exclusive Italian Terrazza planters offer classic styling with self-watering convenience. In Italy, where style is everything, these innovative planters beautify residential terraces, side-street cafes, hotel lobbies and public courtyards. This large-capacity Terrazza Trough Planter is often the centerpiece. Make the planter mobile with optional casters, sold separately (Item #33-282; each planter requires two sets).

  • Dot TruDrop Self-Watering Planter, 20”
    More Details Dot Trudrop planters are made from premium, high-density polyethylene so they're lightweight and ultra-durable. The self-watering system utilizes the space between the double walls as a water reservoir. Depending on the weather and type of plant, the reservoir generally requires refilling every two to six weeks, freeing you from daily watering. Inspired by Braille, the designer added a raised-dot surface pattern that brings intriguing texture when viewed up close. Dot Trudrop planters are a ...
  • Weave Self-Watering Round Tall Planter, 12-1/2”
    More Details

    The classic, textured look of wicker but with less maintenance and a self-watering feature to keep plants healthy and hydrated. Keep tabs on the water level with the handy gauge. Refills are quick too, through a dedicated water port.

  • Weave Self-Watering Round Planter, 14”
    More Details

    Textured to look like woven wicker, this indoor/outdoor container gives your plants a charming base. A generous water reservoir provides a constant supply of moisture to roots, helping eliminate cycles of over- and under-watering that can stress plants. Includes an easy-fill water port with gauge that allows you to monitor the water level.

  • Veradek Midori Trough Planter, 39”
    More Details The Midori planter design is the perfect piece for creating privacy or filling a space with greenery. Characterized by a marbled finish and a clean, modern trough-shaped tapered design, the Midori planter is ideal as a room separator or lined along patio railings. No assembly required, and as an added bonus, these planters also are manufactured in a way that's good for the environment and are fully recyclable at the end of their life.
  • Self-Watering TubTrug Planter
    More Details

    Create eye-catching, easy-care displays of flowers and vegetables! Colorful, durable Tubtrug planters are a fun and affordable way to grow plants anywhere — porch, patio, deck or stoop. And because these planters include a self-watering insert, plants thrive with a consistant supply of moisture. All you need to do is add water to the reservoir via the fill tube.

  • Eezy Gro® Self-Watering Planter, 10”
    More Details Value-priced planters that are also hardworking, innovative, and attractive? Yes! Not only is there a water reservoir in the base of the pot, but sponge-like wicks then take it a step further by delivering that water to plant roots as needed. Brilliant! You'd be hard-pressed to find a better self-watering planter for lower price. A variety of sizes and colors give you endless possibilities for creative arrangements. Choose a neutral palette or go bold and ...
  • 17” Self-Watering Rolling Planter, Bronze
    More Details

    Our Self-Watering Rolling Planter has four double-wheel casters that roll effortlessly over floors, carpet, and even rough flagstone. An 8-1/2 quart water reservoir and water-level indicator help keep your plants well-irrigated and healthy.

  • Weave Self-Watering Round Planter, 17”
    More Details

    This planter has the classic, textured look of wicker but with a longer lifespan. A self-watering feature keeps plants healthy and hydrated. Keep tabs on the water level with the handy gauge. Refills are quick too, through a dedicated water port. Casters recessed into the base make it a breeze to move.

  • Mazzano Self-Watering Planter, 19”
    More Details

    This resin planter looks like cherished pottery, but it's considerably lighter and much more durable! Self-watering feature reduces the need for frequent watering, yet keeps plants hydrated and happy. Create a classical look with a neutral palette or go for a bold statement in bright color. Recommended for outdoor use.

  • Fairfield Patio Planter, 20” x 36”
    More Details Dress up your patio, deck or landscape with these elegant self-watering planters. With clean lines and raised panel detailing, they have the look of fine woodworking. But unlike wooden planters these are virtually maintenance free because they're made from high quality polyethylene — there's no need for annual painting or staining. With the best UV protection in the industry, these 20" x 36" planters have a 15-year guarantee against fading. They have built-in reservoirs to ...
  • Valencia Tall Planter
    More Details The height of this sleek planter creates a perfect base for potted trees, palms and tall grasses. Create a stunning display in a narrow area with minimal effort. Graceful curves add style, and a UV filter right in the durable resin prevents the color of this pot from fading. Polyethylene is light and handles whatever the weather throws at it. Use alone as a statement piece, or coordinate with other styles in the Valencia line ...
  • Bordeaux Patio Planter, Tall
    More Details Shapely curves add contemporary style to this bold, self-watering planter. Tall planters like these add height and drama to outdoor plantings and are perfect for flanking your entryway or garage. The self-watering tray insert creates a sub-irrigation water reservoir system that provides a slow, steady supply of water to plants -- just what they need for healthy, stress-free growth. The removable insert can also support a 10" potted plant. Insert may be removed for larger ...
  • Valencia Planter, 36” x 22”
    More Details

    Create stunning flower displays in this gorgeous planter. Easy-care polyethylene is durable, weatherproof, and has a built-in UV filter to prevent fading. Double-wall construction with false bottom — can be drilled to allow drainage in exterior settings. Coordinate with other planters and window boxes in the Valencia collection for a cohesive look. Or get an extra one to keep patio pillows and accessories within reach!

  • Valencia Planter, 16” x 16”
    More Details

    This voluptuous square patio planter has a distinctive and stylish tulip shape. Solid, false bottom can easily be drilled for drainage. Great for summer plantings as well as decorative winter displays. Use alone or coordinate with other sizes of planters and window-boxes in the Valencia line.

  • Kylemore Self-Watering Urn Planter
    More Details Shapely urns make an impressive statement lining a path or flanking an entryway. They're made from lightweight resin with a hand-painted mineral finish that resembles authentic stoneware. Inside, our exclusive self-watering system reduces watering chores and provides plants with the consistent moisture they need to thrive. Simply fill the reservoir with water through the convenient fill tube. A pre-drilled overflow hole allows excess water to drain. This durable, lightweight planter will ...
  • Tall Fairfield Patio Planter
    More Details Dress up your landscape with these elegant, self-watering planters. They are rather tall planters at 28" high, adding some drama to your patio. With clean lines and raised panel detailing, they have the look of fine woodworking. But, unlike wooden planters these are virtually maintenance free because they're made from high quality polyethylene — there's no need for annual painting or staining. With the best UV protection in the industry, these planters have a 15-year ...
  • Kensington Self-Watering Tall Patio Planter, 25”
    More Details

    Get the look of fine woodworking in easy-to-maintain planters. High quality, UV-protected polyethylene never needs painting or staining. Built-in water reservoir reduces maintenance chores and keeps moisture consistent for healthy, thriving plants.

  • 3’ Fairfield Window Box
    More Details Dress up your home with these elegant window boxes. With clean lines and raised panel detailing, they have the look of fine woodworking. But unlike wooden window boxes these are virtually maintenance free because they're made from high quality polyethylene — there's no need for annual painting or staining. With the best UV protection in the industry, these window boxes have a 15-year guarantee against fading. They're self-watering, too. Just fill the reservoirs and the ...
  • Carolina Self-Watering Tall Planter, 28”
    More Details

    This stately planter is strong yet incredibly lightweight. The double-wall molded construction not only adds strength, but helps insulate plant roots from temperature fluctuations and extremes. A self-watering reservoir in the base helps keep plants hydrated even on hot days. UV inhibitors within the resin ensure long-lasting, fade-free performance.

  • Lechuza® Classico LS 50 Self-Watering Round Planter
    More Details The stylish Classico LS Self-Watering planter comes with an optional sub-irrigation system. Whether your plant needs a little or a lot of water, this self-watering planter will provide just the right amount. Fill the water reservoir, then sit back and enjoy your creation while your planter does all the work of maintaining your plant for up to twelve weeks. This all-in-one planter includes a specially formulated granular material, called Lechuza PON, that's made from nutrient-enriched ...
  • Lechuza® Rondo 40 Self-Watering Planter
    More Details The Lechuza Rondo offers you a round column planter whose perfectly designed finish harmonizes with the popular Lechuza Classico family. Use this tall planter alone as a centerpiece, or create groupings to conveniently showcase your plantscape in interior spaces that require a dense arrangement of plants and flowers. Due to this plant container's generous planting depth, even larger plants have plenty of room to flourish. This planter gives plantscapers a wide variety of interior design ...
  • Bloem Colonnade Wood Resin Planter, 12”
    More Details

    These Colonnade planters provide an eye-catching and stylish alternative look to traditional pots. The lightweight material won't chip, rust, rot or peel, and withstands any indoor mishaps. The matte finish features a polished, fine grain texture.

  • Bloem Terra Pot Planter, 16”
    More Details Add a touch of color to your garden or home with this charming Terra planter. Inspired by the look of clay planters but constructed of a durable polypropylene material to provide excellent all-weather durability and years of reliable use. Available in a wide range of sizes and colors to enhance any home's indoor or outdoor decor. UV-stabilized plastic is fade-resistant and will last for many years. Includes drainage holes to help protect against over watering. ...
  • Bloem Ariana Self-Watering Planter, 6”
    More Details The Ariana planter will quickly become one of your favorite pots because it helps keep your plants from drying out and will reduce the time you spend watering. Inside the planter is a hidden reservoir located at the bottom of your pot that holds approx. 1” - 3-1/2” of water (depending on planter size). A self-watering insert keeps dirt and roots above the hidden reservoir line while constantly providing healthy “greenhouse-like” moisture through evaporation. If ...
  • Lechuza® Cube Premium 30 Planter
    More Details Simple lines in elegant style. Your large, tall plants will feel right at home. The trendy colors of CUBE harmonize perfectly with lush green houseplants. LECHUZA's sub-irrigation system takes care of your plants for you, ensuring that they receive the right amount of water and nutrients they need for optimum growth. The inner liner has handles for easy removal and transport of larger plants. Also included with this planter is the Lechuza specially-formulated plant substrate, ...