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    Large Compost Bins

    Large compost bins provide the volume needed for large properties, large families, or even a multi-house scenario. Share in the investment and reap the benefits with your neighbors! If you have questions, feel free to reach out to our team of gardeners who staff the phones here in Vermont. We're happy to help you select the composter that will work best for your situation.
  • Cedar Compost Bin
    More Details Here's a composter you won't mind having in plain sight! Designed and built by us in Vermont, this handsome bin features the same lifetime aluminum corners as our raised and deep root garden beds. Made from long-wearing cedar, its a handsome addition to any space. Slatted top and sides provide optimal ventilation and also let the rain in to help speed the composting process. Hinged panels allow easy access to the interior, either for adding ...
  • Demeter Metal Compost Bin
    More Details This unique metal compost bin has a low profile, small footprint, thoughtful features, and good looks. Ideal for smaller gardens, its locking base door will keep critters out. Vent holes on the sides promote air flow as your compost cooks. When you're ready to harvest, a metal bar keeps the door up and out of your way. The two-part hinged lid comes off entirely when you have a large load of leaves or grass clippings ...
  • Exaco Thermo Star 1000 Recycled Plastic XXL Compost Bin
    More Details The Thermo-Star 1000 is an extra large compost bin constructed of Thermolen®, a polypropylene made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic. The excellent insulating characteristics keep heat contained to help material decompose quickly and completely even in cool weather conditions. Thermolen® is a UV-stabilized and weatherproof material that provides a lifetime of use. Ventilation slots provide aeration for compost materials, and finished compost can be removed from any side of the unit. ...
  • Aeroplus 6000 3-Stage Compost Bin
    More Details Three-stage composter is like having three separate bins in one space-saving unit. Here's how it works: Stage 1: Collect fresh organic matter in the large top chamber. Stage 2: Push waste through to middle chamber to undergo main breakdown process. Stage 3: Turn the handle to drop composted material into the lower maturing chamber. You can continuously add fresh scraps and yard waste to the top. You'll end up with compost in three stages of ...
  • Aero Quick Compost Bin, 187 Gallons
    More Details The Aeroquick 187 is a heavy duty, durable compost bin with a locking lid. This large capacity composter features a unique wall panel design allowing air to continuously flow upwards along all four side panels creating high quality finished compost quickly. Constructed from 5mm high-grade polypropylene copolymer resin that is UV-stabilized to prevent fading. The lid is hinged so it will not blow away and is designed with a sliding lock to prevent raccoons from ...
  • Thermo King 900 Compost Bin
    More Details

    This super-sized composter is made from insulating Thermolen® which helps retain heat for fast and efficient compost production — especially important in cool climates. Ventilation ensures proper airflow. Two large, hinged panels provide easy access for adding materials and two bottom doors for easy removal of finished compost. 100% recycled, UV-stable polypropylene.

  • Exaco Eco-King 600 Composter, 160 Gallons
    More Details

    Eco-King composters are easy to fill from the large top flaps. Featuring a large capacity and wind-fix clips to keep the lid from blowing open, finished compost can easily be accessed from two bottom flap doors at either side. Easy assembly without tools. Made from 100% recycled material.

  • Deluxe Pyramid Composter
    More Details Ready to move up to a bigger, better composter? We’ve used dozens of compost bins over the years, and have incorporated all the features we like best into our Deluxe Pyramid Composter. The lid is hinged so you can open it with one hand, yet it can’t blow away. Narrow side vents ensure good ventilation. Two sliding doors, front and back, stay open to make removing compost easy. Best of all, the signature self-watering lid ...
  • 3-Bin Wire Composter
    More Details

    You may need only one composter most of the year, but where can you put that mountain of leaves every fall? This three-bin wire composter holds 48 cubic feet of leaves, grass clippings and garden scraps, without the investment of an enclosed composter. The three bins can also be used to separate compost: one to collect yard and kitchen waste, one for cooking compost, and one for finished compost.

  • Single Bin Wire Composter
    More Details

    You may need only one compost bin most of the year, but where can you put that mountain of leaves every fall? This wire bin holds 16 cubic feet (102 dry gallons) of leaves, grass clippings and garden scraps, without the investment of an enclosed composter.

  • Eco Master 450 Composter, 120 Gallons
    More Details

    This is a compact composter that requires little space in your garden and is easy to assemble – no tools required! A large one-piece lid features built-in wind protection to keep the lid in place during inclement weather and a large flap with handle makes removing finished compost easy. Made from 100% recycled material that is UV-resistant to prevent fading.

  • Cedar Wood Composter, 23 Cubic Feet
    More Details This cedar compost bin allows you to turn household waste into a natural fertilizer for your lawn, garden, and flower beds. Simply layer green materials (such as vegetable and fruit peelings, coffee grounds, tea bags, and grass clippings) and browns (such as eggshells, cardboard, corncobs, and leaves) and allow materials to begin to compost. The bins’ open design makes it easy to turn the pile every two to three weeks with a shovel or pitchfork ...
  • Exaco Eco-King 400 Composter, 110-Gallon
    More Details

    Eco-King composters are easy to fill from the large top flaps. Featuring a large capacity and wind-fix clips to keep the lid from blowing open, finished compost can easily be accessed from two bottom flap doors at either side. Easy assembly without tools. Made from 100% recycled material.

  • Eco Stack™ Composter
    More Details Composting is the eco-friendly way to deal with your kitchen scraps and yard waste. The trick is to keep the process as simple as possible. Our Eco Stack Composter works like a traditional open compost pile, but in a small, self-contained stack that requires practically no effort. It costs less than many bargain compost bins, is simpler to use and much more durable. Unlike lightweight plastic compost bins, ours is made of thick, UV-stabilized polyethylene. ...
  • Cedar Wood Composter Add-On Kit
    More Details

    Turn your Cedar Wood Composter into a complete composting system with our Add-On Composting Kit. After the materials in your original composting bin begin to break down, move them to an attached add-on bin and start fresh with new materials in the first bin. A system of one Composting Bin and two add-on kits will keep your composting process moving seamlessly.

  • Joraform Composter 125
    More Details The insulation in the bins of this compost tumbler ensures that the composting material inside reaches higher temperatures than it would in an uninsulated bin — up to 160 degrees F.! This higher temperature results in faster, more efficient and more thorough composting. It also allows you to compost a wider range of materials, including those not recommended for most composters, including citrus fruit with rinds, avocado pits, meat, and fish and poultry with bones ...
  • Big Green Compost Bucket
    More Details

    Air-tight bucket lets you collect multiple compost crocks’ worth of kitchen scraps before heading out to your compost bin. Twist-on/twist off lid with gasket contains odors. Across the country laws are being passed that prohibit food scraps in the trash. This collection bucket makes it easy to collect scraps for bringing to your municipal compost facility. Composting recycles food waste and turns it into a valuable soil amendment.

  • Super Hot® Compost Starter
    More Details

    We've reformulated our Super Hot® Compost Starter to give you even better results from your compost pile. The high-energy blend of nitrogen-rich ingredients and hungry microorganisms produces finished compost in record time. Comes in a handy, re-sealable bag.

  • Compost Aerator
    More Details

    You won't find a better-designed compost aerator anywhere. It has not one, but two sets of "wings" that fold back to plunge deep into the pile, then open to create new air passages. A must-have accessory for any composter.

  • Green Bin Curbside Organics Collector
    More Details

    If you're collecting your household organics for a municipal composting program, you know that a countertop crock only goes so far. Designed for easy hauling to and from the street, this 12-gallon bin will hold all your kitchen scraps until it's time to roll them to the curb.

  • Eco-co® Coir Bricks, Pack of 12
    More Details Derived from coconut husks, carbon-rich Eco-co® Coir is handy for layering with nitrogen-rich kitchen scraps and lawn clippings in the compost pile, and it makes a good bedding material for worm composters. Our exclusive Eco-co® Coir is also an earth-friendly planting mix for use in pots, planters and window boxes, or as a peat-free alternative when you make your own planting mixes. Unlike other coirs, our Eco-co Coir undergoes a special process to remove salts ...
  • BioBag® Snack Food Storage Bags, Pack of 30
    More Details

    Resealable snack baggies are super convenient, but their environmental impact is problematic. Here's an easy way to do right by the earth: these reusable snack bags are fully compostable, GMO-free, and safe for your food. Good for everything from baby carrots to chocolate-chip cookies.