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    Large Compost Bins

    Large compost bins provide the volume needed for large properties, large families, or even a multi-house scenario. Share in the investment and reap the benefits with your neighbors! 
  • $199.00
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    This super-sized composter is made from insulating Thermolen® which helps retain heat for fast and efficient compost production — especially important in cool climates. Ventilation ensures proper airflow. Two large, hinged panels provide easy access for adding materials and two bottom doors for easy removal of finished compost. 100% recycled, UV-stable polypropylene.

  • $495.00
    More Details This batch composter has the largest capacity of any we offer—a whopping 22.4 cubic feet. The drum sits 27" off the ground for easy loading and unloading. Gear-driven drum means easy, no-slip turning, even when the composter is full. Aeration vents and interior fins for mixing materials as the drum is turned produce finished compost faster. Load it up with kitchen and yard waste and tumble every few days, and you can have finished compost ...
  • $319.00
    More Details The insulation in the bins of this compost tumbler ensures that the composting material inside reaches higher temperatures than it would in an uninsulated bin — up to 160 degrees F.! This higher temperature results in faster, more efficient and more thorough composting. It also allows you to compost a wider range of materials, including those not recommended for most composters, including citrus fruit with rinds, avocado pits, meat, and fish and poultry with bones ...
  • $579.00
    More Details The super-sized Mantis Compost Twin composter has two chambers, so you can let one side "cook" while you continue to add scraps and yard waste to the other side. It holds a total of almost 25 cubic feet of raw material — that's 10 bushels (almost three 30-gallon trash bags) in each chamber! Super-sturdy construction and smart features make this compost bin easy to use and highly efficient at making the highest quality compost. Strategically ...
  • $299.00
    More Details Three-stage composter is like having three separate bins in one space-saving unit. Here's how it works: Stage 1: Collect fresh organic matter in the large top chamber. Stage 2: Push waste through to middle chamber to undergo main breakdown process. Stage 3: Turn the handle to drop composted material into the lower maturing chamber. You can continuously add fresh scraps and yard waste to the top. You'll end up with compost in three stages of ...
  • $179.00
    More Details Ready to move up to a bigger, better composter? We’ve used dozens of compost bins over the years, and have incorporated all the features we like best into our Deluxe Pyramid Composter. The lid is hinged so you can open it with one hand, yet it can’t blow away. Narrow side vents ensure good ventilation. Two sliding doors, front and back, stay open to make removing compost easy. Best of all, the signature self-watering lid ...
  • $99.95
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    You may need only one composter most of the year, but where can you put that mountain of leaves every fall? This three-bin wire composter holds 48 cubic feet of leaves, grass clippings and garden scraps, without the investment of an enclosed composter. The three bins can also be used to separate compost: one to collect yard and kitchen waste, one for cooking compost, and one for finished compost.

  • $29.95
    More Details With an easy twist you can aerate the materials in your compost pile or bin for faster, more thorough decomposition. Simply twist the spiral tip into the pile and then lift straight up to mix materials and create new air passages. Repeat throughout the bin until material is thoroughly mixed. The aerator is weatherproof, so you can hook it onto the side of your bin where it's always handy. We recommend aerating small bins every ...