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    Kinetic Art

    Kinetic garden art brings movement and visual interest to your garden, year-round. 


  • Windspinner Galaxy Solar Light
    More Details This mesmerizing garden art is a hanging windspinner by day, solar light by night. Features a color-changing LED bulb that will glow for 6-8 hours when fully charged. How to use the solar light? 1. Install the unit at a location with full, direct sunlight during the day. Shady locations will not allow the battery to fully charge and will reduce the hours of performance during the night. 2. Push the ON/OFF switch to the ...
  • Double Sphere Wind Spinner
    More Details

    With two independently spinning spheres, this piece turns the wind into dynamic, tranquility-inducing art. We recommend annual cleaning and lubrication to keep it spinning smoothly year after year.

  • Turquoise Leaf Wind Spinner
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    Contrasting turquoise and copper colors create a lovely effect when a breeze sets this spinner into motion. We recommend cleaning and lubricating it annually to keep it running smoothly.