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    Hostess Gifts

    Whether you're looking for something pretty, practical or downright interesting, we've got a lovely collection of items you will be proud to give to the host of your next gathering or overnight stay. 
  • Galvanized Chicken Wire Basket with Pot
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    With as many ways to look adorable as there are hours of the day, this novel duo is a sweet way to add more beauty to your space. Ideal for African violets, herbs, trailing plants, and more. Supremely giftable too! Saucer included.

  • Veggie Lovers Carrot Gift Set
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    Surprise them with this gift set that guarantees delicious kitchen-to-table ease! Peel vegetables and fruits in a flash with the ergonomic Chef'n PalmPeeler. It slips over your finger and tucks into your palm for a no-slip grip. The Asian Curry and Honey spice blend is the perfect complement to carrots, as well as potatoes and other root vegetables. Just toss, roast and enjoy. Packet makes three batches. Great for grilling, too. Gluten-free.

  • Zipstrip™ Herb Stripper
    More Details Now you can prepare and measure fresh herbs in a flash without tedious picking and chopping. Simply insert the woody stems of thyme, rosemary, tarragon or other herbs into one of the four graduated holes and pull them through. The aromatic leaves are stripped off and drop into the measuring bowl below. The Chef'n Zipstrip™ Herb Stripper transforms a time-consuming task into a simple pleasure and will quickly become an essential kitchen tool. Herb-lovers might ...
  • Solar Bottle Lantern Kit
    More Details Upcycle empty bottles to create earth-friendly solar garden lighting! The kit consists of a rubber stopper with three short LED light strings attached. Simply insert the light strings into your bottle and place the stopper in the top of the bottle. A small solar panel on the top charges the battery so that when dusk falls the twinkling LED lights begin to glow. Provides up to 5 hours of lighting on a full day's charge. ...
  • Garlic Grater and Oil Dipping Dish
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    Fresh garlic takes a home-cooked meal over the top. Rub whole cloves back and forth against the ridges, and you have freshly shredded garlic to toss into your sautes and sauces. Or add some extra virgin olive oil, and perhaps some fresh herbs to the gratings, and voila — fresh tasty dipping oil for that hot crusty bread you're pulling out of the oven! Handsome enough for the dinner table too.

  • Extra Small Round Copper Plant Tray, 8”
    More Details Simply elegant, watertight plant tray brings the warmth of copper to your indoor garden. So versatile, you'll enjoy it in every season. Use it as a saucer to showcase your favorite plants while protecting surfaces from water damage. Fill with stones, add water and you have an instant humidity tray for orchids or herbs. Create a unique dish garden and living tablescape by planting with succulents and other small plants. Arrange curios or votives for ...
  • Botanical Cotton Tea Towel
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    A delight to display and to use, these nature-inspired tea towels are designed and printed in USA. They're made from durable flour sack cotton that gets softer and more absorbent with every washing. This homespun-style fabric serves as the ideal backdrop for the botanical motifs screenprinted with eco-friendly inks. Pre-shrunk and machine washable and bleach- and iron-safe. Handmade; sizes and colors may vary slightly.

  • Dahlia Tea Towels, Set of 2
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    These dah-lightful tea towels will brighten the kitchen and while they won't do the dishes for you, they may make the task a tad more bearable. As you buff everything to a shine, ponder your own blooming garden and plan your own patch of this multi-petaled marvel.

  • Mini Mod Hod
    More Details Indispensable, hard-working mini-version of our popular Mod Hod, this gardening basket is one of our favorites! Great for gathering and washing crops right in the garden (no more mud in the kitchen sink!) — polypropylene mesh won't bruise fruits. Legs fold-out to keep harvest off the ground and dry quickly, or for easy stacking. Multiple other uses too: perfect for shopping at the farmer's market, or to corral toys, hats and mittens, gardening tools, and ...
  • Twig Cheese Knives, Set of 3
    More Details For the engaged couple that's preparing to havarti and hold, or the socialites who enjoy a gouda laugh at their dinner parties, you won't dis-a-brie that these cheese knives make a lovely gift. Inviting mom and dad over for dinner? Show them how cultured you are! (OK, OK we'll stop!) Set includes a flat-edged knife well-suited to soft and crumbly cheeses like roquefort and feta, a spade for firmer cheeses like edam and mozzarella, and ...
  • Dahlia Bandana
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    Tied around your neck, head, or even the strap of a beloved handbag, this bandana will quickly become your go-to accessory. For centuries, the dahlia's multi-layered petals have been held synonymous with inner strength, creativity, elegance, and dignity. Makes a great gift for flower lovers too.

  • Bee’s Wrap® Explorer Pack in Monarch Print
    More Details These food wraps are as versatile as plastic wrap, but without its ecological impact. They're made by infusing organic cotton fabric with natural beeswax. With just a little warmth from your hands, each wrap can be molded to fit directly around your food or cover containers. Creates a self-adhesive, airtight seal for bowls; perfect for wrapping sandwiches, cheeses, produce, and more. Cleans up with cool water and mild dish soap. Use it over and over ...
  • Hedge Fund Money Box
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    A contemporary, punny upgrade to the classic piggy bank. Have a little fun with your sunny day fund (nobody likes gardening in a downpour). Deposit your spare change each night and when it's full, treat yourself to a new plant, tool, or some fabulous garden gear. Molded, seamless powder-coated steel with gentle curves. Smooth, fitted beech top.

  • Botanical Stoneware Serving Bowl
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    This large serving bowl with unique, delicate embossed berry design is the perfect vessel to bring creative salads or pasta dishes to the table. Use as a standalone or coordinate with other pieces in the series for a cohesive look. Made in Portugal

  • Total Tomato Set
    More Details There's nothing like enjoying delicious, sun-warmed and ripe tomatoes right off the vine. Except when your kitchen knives leave you struggling to make a clean cut. The days of sloppy messes are over! This set includes a serrated knife that will slice through ripe tomatoes, fruit (and even fresh-baked rolls). Its forked tip is perfect for lifting juicy slices and removing stems. The ultra-sharp serrated peeler works on soft fruits and vegetables with ease. It ...
  • Honey Skincare Gift Set
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    We took this bee-autiful zippered wool pouch, handfelted and crafted by Nepali artisans, and paired it with a rich, solid lotion bar and lip butter. Brimming with natural oils, beeswax, and emollients the lotion bar works wonders on cracked skin. The lip butter rejuvenates, soothes and smooths, bringing instant relief to dry, cracked lips. It's the perfect set for travel, in the work bag, or gym duffel.

  • USA State Flower Tea Towel
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    Brighten up a kitchen with this fabric rendition of painter Shannon Newlin's fantastic interpretation of the whole bloomin' USA! Each state is represented by its official flower, from Alabama's camellia to Wyoming's Indian paintbrush. You'll have to figure out the others yourself — a fun activity to bring the family together (or to draw them into helping with the dishes!).

  • Garlic Keeper
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    Garlic keepers are a traditional way to store this kitchen essential so it's always fresh and close at hand. Attractive, lidded crock holds three to four large heads.

  • G.F. Italia Convenient Container Watering Tools, Set of 3
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    An easy way to water your plants while you’re away. Just attach a plastic bottle (not included) to one of the watering spikes, pierce a small hole in the upturned bottom for air to escape, and push the spike into the soil. A control valve ensures the proper water flow so roots don't get waterlogged. Part of our long-lasting Italian-made collection of watering products that integrate high design and smart engineering.

  • Intervale Garden String Holder Set
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    No more rummaging through drawers or searching through cabinets to find the string you need — and then again for the scissors to cut it. This handsome wooden stand keeps string and stainless steel scissors always within reach. Part of our exclusive Intervale line of garden tools with the classic styling and aged finish of cherished heirlooms.

  • Dahlia Tote
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    Make trips to the farmer's market, beach, or store a little sweeter with an ever-present reminder of one of summer's most glorious blooms. This delightful cotton canvas tote celebrates the spectacular, multi-petaled dahlia. Wide cotton-webbing straps carry your goods comfortably and an inner, zippered pocket means you don't have to fish around for critical items like keys or wallet.

  • State Flower Framed Mini Canvas Print
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    Designed by North Carolina painter and illustrator Shannon Newlin, these gorgeous prints give new meaning to "gathering flowers." From Alabama's camellia to Wyoming's Indian paintbrush, 50 different prints showcase the state flowers of the United States. Makes a truly unique gift too. Ready-to-hang canvas on mounting board.

  • Dahlia Pouch
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    This bright, zippered pouch is pretty and practical. Printed with purple, red, and orange dahlia blooms, it keeps small items safe from that black hole that invariably forms at the bottom of your bag. And it looks so fantastic you won't need to hide it, no matter what's inside! Doubles as a sweet clutch too — wouldn't it look great with your favorite black dress?

  • Gardener’s Lifetime Mini Trowel
    More Details With a 3" long blade, this small trowel is the perfect size for removing seedlings from trays, as well as tending dish gardens, small houseplants and bonsai. The blade is hand-forged in Holland from the finest high-carbon Swedish boron steel, and the handle is made of sustainably grown European ash hardwood. Gardener’s Lifetime Tools are handmade for us by a fourth-generation, family-owned business that has been crafting fine gardening tools for more than a century. ...
  • Veggie Garden Tote Gift Set
    More Details Like a favorite pair of jeans, this playful tote can handle anything. Colorful prints boldly declare a passion for veggies on one side, straps are wide and long enough to be slung comfortably over a shoulder, and an interior pocket means no frustrating rummaging about for keys, wallet, or phone. Along with the tote, we've included the supremely useful 6-in-1 Dirty Little Digger; it does the work of cultivator, trowel, weeder, scoop, hori knife, and ...
  • Dahlia Tote and Pouch Set
    More Details Emblazoned with the spectacular, multi-petaled dahlia, this delightful tote will brighten trips to the market, library, or store. Made of durable cotton canvas, its stay-flat cotton-webbing straps carry your goods comfortably and an inner, zippered pocket means you don't have to fish around for critical items like keys or wallet. We've included the coordinating zippered pouch to keep cosmetics, glasses, power cords, or whatever else invariably ends up jumbled at the bottom accessible and ...
  • Sensation Blend Cosmos Organic Seeds
    More Details This sensational blend of showy white, pink, magenta and lavender cosmos blooms is lovely in summer borders, container plantings, or bouquets. Since they don't need much fertilizing or care, they're perfect for novice and busy gardeners. 85 days to maturity. Gardener's Supply is offering these seeds through our partnership with High Mowing Organic Seeds, a small Vermont company that produces and develops the best quality, 100% organic seeds. Varieties have been selected for their ...
  • Grow Care Pot
    More Details This small plant container connects via Bluetooth to a free, user-friendly mobile app (compatible with iOS & Android) that provides accurate data and access to growing tips. Analyzes and tracks daily plant growth, and provides expert tips on how to better take care of your flowers, plants, vegetables, and herbs. App connects a robust database of 5,000+ different flowers and plants with individual care recommendations. The handy Temporary Care feature also gives friends and family ...
  • Weems and Plath Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer
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    With the base, you can set this thermometer on a counter or windowsill. Add the stake to add height or forgo the base altogether and stake it directly into the soil of a planter or garden bed. Precision coil movement ensures accurate readings. Dahlia design shows temperature in Fahrenheit only; Classic and Bluebird show temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

  • Amazing Grace Chime™
    More Details This chime is tuned to the opening notes of "Amazing Grace," one of America's most beloved hymns, providing a lovely melodic soundscape whenever the breeze caresses them. A wonderful all-occasion gift that is sure to become a treasured keepsake, these chimes are especially appreciated when given in remembrance of a loved one. Crafted from the finest materials, including musical-grade, aluminum tubes plus hardwood disk and clapper. Made by Woodstock Chimes, famous worldwide for their high ...
  • Desert Steel Evergreen Luminary
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    Add a new sparkle to your home with this stunning Evergreen Luminary. The golden, green patina finish and warm rays are sure to become a favorite. Powder-coated steel construction for all-weather, rust-proof, and fade-resistant durability. For indoor or outdoor use. There is 3.75” opening for a candle or light placement (candle/light not included). Use a 3” wide flameless pillar candle for best results.

  • Nasturtium Blend Organic Seeds
    More Details Producing a mix of yellow, orange, rose and crimson flowers, this nasturtium variety also boasts attractive, lilypad-like leaves. With a trailing habit, it's a perfect choice for planting in hanging baskets and containers, and is also at home in any garden. The flowers and foliage are an edible gourmet treat with a slightly peppery flavor. Gardener's Supply is offering these seeds through our partnership with High Mowing Organic Seeds, a small Vermont company that produces ...