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    Home Weather Stations

  • La Crosse Wireless Weather Station with Wind Sensor
    More Details This wireless weather station will provide you accurate, backyard weather monitoring from the convenience inside your home. Includes easy-to-install instructions, mounting bracket and hardware. Wireless wind/thermo-hygro sensor transmits from a 330 ft range (open air) to your indoor console so you know what the weather's doing without having to turn on a radio or TV. With so many features, this home weather center will definitely be a conversation piece. Indoor console displays full weather ...
  • La Crosse Color Wind Speed Weather Station
    More Details This remote wireless weather station will provide you accurate, backyard weather monitoring from inside the comfort of your home. Includes mounting bracket and easy to install instructions. Wireless wind sensor & temperature/humidity sensor transmit from a 330 ft range to your indoor console so you know what the weather's doing without having to turn on a radio or TV. Self-sets time and date, automatically resetting for Daylight savings, adjustable temperature view, back light settings and ...
  • La Crosse V10-TH Wireless WiFi Weather Station
    More Details This basic weather station captures all of your necessary weather data at a glance and makes planning your day’s events a whole lot easier. The station’s bright easy to read LCD display features dynamic forecast icons that allow users to view their weather data in color. Whether it be its sleek case design, or its precise temperature and humidity readings, this item is not only functional, but it is sure to be a conversation starter. ...
  • La Crosse 308-1412-3TX-INT Wireless Weather Station with 3 Sensors
    More Details Multi-functional station shows you temperature and humidity indoors and out, as well as up to 3 additional rooms. Displays a smiley face for comfortable room climate, within +66.2F to 77F and 40 to 60%RH range. Displays frowny face, if at uncomfortable levels inside your home. Writable display, pencil only, to identify each room you're monitoring from a storage room, basement, garage or other source. From the garage to the attic, let the wireless technology leave ...
  • La Crosse 308-1412S Color LCD Wireless Weather Station
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    Vibrant color LCD forecast monitoring from the comfort of your home with fast, accurate wireless transmission from outdoor sensor. Adjustable alerts to both indoor & outdoor temperatures. Charges mobile devices (must use supplied 5.0V AC adapter) with USB port on back of display. Manual set time with a 10 minute snooze alarm. Adjustable backlight dimmer and sensor signal strength indicator.

  • La Crosse Wireless Vertical Color Forecast Station
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    Introducing the Wireless Color Weather Station with precise, real-time backyard weather. Animated color forecasts react to changing barometric pressure. Indoor comfort indicator can help achieve a comfortable and healthy living environment and may even save you heating costs. Monitor in/out temperature trends with high and low alert settings. Measure in/out temperature and humidity with daily min/max records - all on one easy-to-read color display with adjustable brightness.

  • Wireless Forecast Station with Moon Phase
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    Keep track of what's happening outdoors with this forecast station that captures temperature, humidity, and moon phases. The dynamic forecast icon changes from sunny, to cloudy or rainy based on barometric pressure.

  • Wireless Digital Rain Gauge with Indoor Temperature
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    This easy-to-read digital gauge shows date, time, and rainfall amount on a large, clear screen. Numeric measurements are automatically monitored on the indoor base, and include historical data (up to 12 months) and a cylinder rain graph. Outside, a wide-mouth rain bucket transmits from up to 300 feet and self-empties from the collection rocker. No overly complex programming skills needed, but you can personalize the settings and set various rain alerts.

  • Professional Remote Home & Environment Monitoring Station
    More Details La Crosse Technology C83100 Wireless WiFi Professional Weather Center with Remote Home Monitoring Receive complete wind, weather, and home conditions all on an easy to read LCD display offering backyard sensors boasting a 400-foot wireless transmission range. Simply set HI/LO temperature alerts so you know if it’s time to bring your plants inside. This station goes beyond viewing real-time home conditions, alerting you to make changes to keep you and your family comfortable. Take it ...