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    Home Spa Supplies

    Discover organic aromatherapy accessories and essential oils that turn your bath into a home spa. 
  • Comforting Aroma Neck Wrap
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    Pop this wrap in the microwave, then drape it over your shoulders and bask in its healing warmth. As your neck muscles begin to relax, the delicate aroma of twelve carefully blended herbs will help soothe the senses, release tension, calm nerves, promote sleep, and deepen relaxation. Alternatively, chill the wrap in the freezer to help with strains and inflammation. Luxuriously soft to the touch, this is sure to be a favorite.

  • Garden Soul Botanicals® Organic Essential Oil
    More Details Breathe in the true essence of plants grown organically as nature intended — nothing added, nothing artificial. As gardeners, we know that only the healthiest plants produce exceptional essential oils. So you can rest assured that our Garden Soul Botanicals® pure essential oils are the highest quality. They’re a must-have for true aromatherapy — unlike synthetic fragrances that lack therapeutic effect. Ideal for use in diffusers and misters. 1/2 fluid ounce each. Lavender ...
  • Ceramic Stone Diffuser Set
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    Just a couple of drops of the fragrant oil on the ceramic stone will slowly release an invigorating aroma throughout the day. Enjoy!

    • Buds and Blooms: Fresh and floral, with undertones of cedar, rose, ylang ylang, musk, and amber
    • Citrus and Seed: Zesty and refreshing with grapefruit, orange, cassis, and muskat
    • Roots and Rain: Soothing green tea blended with citrus, rose, saffron, and papyrus