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    Halloween Decor

  • Zombie Garden Statue
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    Imagine the surprise, horror and laughter when your visitors find a life-size, gray-fleshed zombie clawing his way out of your garden! His eerie, haunting eyes will follow you as he struggles from his grave. So realistically sculpted that you'll swear he moves. Every grotesque detail is captured in quality designer resin. Arrives in three pieces.

  • Maxsa Solar Ninja Stars™ 4 Pack
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    This set of 4 solar deck lights is great for everything from accenting decorative elements of your deck, to illuminating dark paths or steps. Whether you are trying to show off your deck or prevent trips and falls, the Solar Powered Ninja Star™ Lights are for you.

  • Torchier LED Simulated Fire Base
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    The 99 LEDs in this lantern insert simulate a flame so realistic you’ll be hard pressed to see the difference! Long-lasting battery gives you up to 6 hours of gentle flickering in your existing lantern between charges. Stay-put magnetic base is perfect for outdoor lanterns that sway freely. Remote controller gives you fuss-free on/off functionality. Suitable indoors and out.

  • Faccia Face Planter, Medium
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    Decorate your garden or space with the Faccia Planter, its modern, fun design and quality Cast Stone materials make it the perfect addition! The Faccia Planter is sure to be a unique focal point for any outdoor setting. The lower half of a face makes up the planter bowl. Choose from two color finishes for a great addition to your garden.

  • Lavinia Candle Lantern
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    This lovely lantern sets the mood for a romantic outdoor dinner, or a lively evening conversation with friends. Our photos don't do its antique copper finish embossed roof justice! LED candles sold separately.

  • Outdoor LED Pillar Candles, 4
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    Perfect for your outdoor lanterns, this fully weatherproof candle can be set to a gentle realistic flicker or maintain a constant "flame". Uses power efficiently too — if you left it on it'd be a full year before the flame went out! Built-in smart timer will turn your candle on automatically for 6 hours at the same time every day when left in the "on" position. Choice of three sizes.

  • Torchier LED Garden Torch
    More Details The 99 LEDs in this torch simulate a flame so realistic you’ll be hard pressed to see the difference! With the self-staking base it's a gently flickering torch that lights your way for up to 6 hours. Use the remote to easily turn it on and off, without having to trek into to garden each time. Remove the torch head and you have a beautiful, functional punched lantern to add a romantic glow to your ...
  • Battery-Operated Fairy Lights
    More Details Magic. That's what these warm white LED microlights on delicate strands of copper wire create as they twinkle in the darkness. Wrap or drape lengths around your garden structures and you'll swear you have a charm of fairies out there — dancing to delight and enthrall you. A waterproof battery pack with programmable timer lets you set your own spellbound sessions. Guaranteed to last at least 50,000 hours: if you keep the magic going 7 ...
  • Solar LED String Lights Liteup125™
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    Add after-dark sparkle without the hassle of long power cords or higher electric bills. Choose from steady or flashing modes, with up to 8 hours on a full charge.

  • Solar Led String Lights Liteup225™
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    Add after-dark sparkle without the hassle of long power cords or higher electric bills. Choose from steady or flashing modes, with up to 8 hours on a full charge.

  • Flickering Flameless LED Candle, 7
    More Details With their authentic waxy texture and dancing flame you'd swear these candles were real. But they'll never drip, cause a fire, blow out, or need replacing! Every candle comes with a remote controller, which activates the timer function. Use anywhere you'd normally use a pillar candle — in a fireplace or lantern to cast a cozy glow, in a holiday centerpiece, in a bedroom for some romantic ambiance, or in a bathroom to create a ...
  • Solar Torch Light
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    A gentle, realistic flicker helps set the stage for a relaxing evening or cozy entertaining as dusk approaches. With its clean, graceful lines, it will complement any decor style! Turns on automatically at dusk, and emits a gentle glow until dawn. Use alone, or in multiples to frame a walkway, or accentuate your favorite spot in the garden.

  • Wild Mushroom Sculpture, 14”
    More Details These charming mushroom sculptures just might attract fairies, gnomes and other sprightly creatures to your garden. They make a wonderful accent for shade or woodland garden beds, especially when several are clustered together. They are constructed using Fiberstone, a mixture of sand and stone cast directly into the sculpture's surface, reinforced with an ultra-strong fiberglass backing and then hand-finished in a lovely antiqued white with hints of moss color. The result is a unique garden ...
  • Sphagnum Moss
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    ​New Zealand long-fiber sphagnum moss provides excellent moisture retention while helping maintain proper air flow around roots. Use it exclusively as a potting medium for your orchids, or incorporate it with other ingredients to create a custom mix. Although this type of moss lasts a relatively long time without breaking down, it’s recommended that you refresh your plant with new moss every few years.

  • Terrarium Green Moss
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    Once you've planted up your terrarium, add some of this moss for additional color and variety.