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    Grow Light For Lemon Tree

  • Carnegie Pendant LED Grow Light
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    Have a houseplant that doesn't seem happy no matter where you put it? Or a spot that would look perfect with a plant but that just doesn't get enough light? This pendant light could be the perfect solution: it looks like a regular lamp, but actually holds a powerful, full-spectrum grow bulb. So you can make that light-craving plant happy in any spot!

  • Tall Bamboo LED Grow Light Garden
    More Details What could you grow indoors if you had four feet of headroom and the brightest lights? This is the largest unit in our innovative Bamboo LED Grow Light Garden system. With more than double the brightness of regular LED grow lamps, they satisfy all your plants' light needs. No need to adjust lamp height — or worry about burning your plants. Grow more indoors than you ever thought possible — try citrus and peppers, light-loving ...
  • Barnyard Pendant LED Grow Light
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    Don't need a full-size light stand but have a plant that could use more sunshine? Try this pendant lamp for a single or hard-to-keep-happy plant. It looks like a standard light fixture, but it actually holds a powerful, full-spectrum grow bulb. Perfect for a niche or corner, over a side table, or that one space you're not really sure what to do with!

  • Adjustable Grow Light Hangers, Set of 2
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    Hang your grow lights just about anywhere! The carabiner-style hooks have a spring-loaded gate to safely hold lights with no chance of slipping. And a slide clip system allows you to adjust the height of your lights to suit the height of your plants. Set of two hangers; holds one light fixture.

  • Floor Plant Light
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    Versatile floor lamp from Hydrofarm® is handy for growing houseplants or using as a reading lamp. The 27-watt, compact fluorescent bulb provides full-spectrum light that’s optimal for plant growth. The flicker-free bulb also provides exceptional color rendering, making it ideal for reading as well.

  • Lush Lighting Lumenator 2x LED Grow Light
    More Details This lamp solves two of indoor growing’s biggest challenges at once. It supplies ideal light for all growth phases, which means you won’t need a different lamp during flowering. And its clever lens system doubles light intensity while preserving its manageable size so you can give tender plants the energy they demand without the hassles – or the heat – of traditionally-sized grow lights. Ideal for small tents and closets, a custom light spectrum “recipe” ...
  • LED SunLite® High Intensity Fixture
    More Details This ultra-bright grow light is simply the best for indoor gardening. The fixture has three full-spectrum LED lights to ensure fastest, healthiest growth and strongest and sturdiest plants — including orchids. Three bulbs means 50% more light than 2-bulb fixtures, and that extra brightness encourages many plants to progress to the flowering and fruiting stage! The rugged fixture is made from powder-coated aluminum and holds three 4' LED light tubes, included. About our LEDs: Our ...
  • Nanolux CMH 315W Grow Light
    More Details With a broad light spectrum that simulates sunlight better than any other form of HID lamp, this grow light is also more efficient in PAR/Watt. The ballast is side-mounted, while the single lamp is vertically mounted to provide an even light footprint. 97% German reflective materials; use it as a primary veg light, for SOG applications, or as a supplemental full-spectrum light for large flowering operations. Can be used with both a 315W 3K or ...
  • Spectrum King Mother’s Lil’ Helper 140W LED Grow Light
    More Details Hang this lamp over your medicinal herbs during leafing and they’ll get all the energy they need to properly prepare for maximum flower production. Ideal for the shorter plants typically grown in closet plots and tent gardens, it soaks any 4' x 4' space in the specific full-spectrum wavelengths that stimulate the lush vegetative growth your harvest ultimately depends on. Ninety-degree reflectors assure uniform light delivery and rugged water-resistant housing stands up to moisture. You ...
  • Nanolux DE 4x4 1000W Grow Light
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    Designed for use at a 24" height over a 4' square growing tray, this DE (double ended) lamp and reflector prevents stray light from falling over the edge of the growing area. Random Start, Soft Start, and Soft Dim technologies with 6-phase dimming capacity. NCCS-ready. 120v cord and DEL 1000W HPS lamp included.

  • Lemon Tree in Decorative Planter
    More Details Add the incredibly fresh, citrus scent of lemon blossoms to your home by growing a lemon tree! Fragrant white flowers bloom among attractive, glossy green leaves. Lemons begin to appear in the spring, and as they mature, they help to provide visual interest for the remainder of the year. Lemon trees are extremely hardy and grow well indoors while providing edible fruit to enjoy in beverages, in cooking, and as garnishes. The included, color-coordinated metal ...
  • Meyer Lemon Tree
    More Details Known for its sweeter, less acidic fruit, the Meyer Lemon Tree is also valued for the incredibly fresh, citrus scent of its blossoms. Even the skin is tasty, and it is great for cooking or to garnish baked goods and liquid refreshments. Extremely hardy, it grows well both indoors and outdoors and provides fruit that will be enjoyed over a long period of time. Attractive ornamental. Self-pollinating, so only one tree is needed to produce ...
  • Pink Variegated Lemon Tree
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    Highly valued as an ornamental, the Pink Variegated Lemon Tree is the most fragrant of all lemon trees. Glossy apple-green leaves edged in creamy white provide a background for white blooms. The rind of the young fruit is green striped with gold that matures to pale yellow. Pink flesh with few if any seeds produces juice with a tangy, tart flavor that makes the best lemonade.