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    Grow Houses

    Discover a variety of temporary grow houses and permanent greenhouses for seed starting and outdoor living.


  • Grow House® Greenhouse
    More Details This beautiful elevated bed includes a matching cold frame top to protect plants from harsh weather, making it perfect for starting seeds, hardening off transplants, and growing greens and other cool-season crops. The 2' x 8' elevated bed is easy to plant, tend and harvest without kneeling or bending. There's a false floor made of cedar slats, set 10" down from the top so there's plenty of root space for vegetables and flowers. Excess water ...
  • Sunbubble Greenhouse
    More Details The Sunbubble is a fun and versatile addition to your landscape. Use it in spring to start seeds, harden off seedlings and protect young plants from cold temperatures and harsh winds. Use it again in fall to protect plants from early cold spells. Or place a few chairs or a picnic table inside and soak in the warmth on a sunny-but-chilly spring day. The air inside the ​Sunbubble warms up quickly, and the curved shape ...
  • Palram Plant Inn™ Raised Garden Bed Greenhouse
    More Details The Plant Inn™ is a mini polycarbonate greenhouse, great for year-round vegetable and herb growing in small spaces. This durable compact greenhouse features an aluminum frame, virtually unbreakable polycarbonate panels, a built-in storage compartment and a raised garden bed which is 29-1/2" above the ground and makes gardening accessible to everyone. The peak is 58-1/2" high and has two lids for easy access as well as for temperature and humidity control. The lids can lock ...
  • Vegtrug™ Patio Greenhouse
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    Standing more than 5' tall, this greenhouse protects loads of seedlings and houseplants from chills and wind. There are four shelves, each with adjustable slats. Spread the slats evenly across the shelf, or slide them all to one side to accommodate taller plants on the shelf below. Polyethylene cover with zippered roll-up door for easy access and ventilation on warm days.

  • Tent Kit with Sunburst CMh Grow Light and Vent Fans, 4’ x 4’
    More Details This kit makes assembling a complete grow tent simple. Kit includes the following components: Lighthouse 2.0 Controlled Environment 4' x 4' grow tent with the Sunburst 315W CMh 120/240V 3100K all-in-one system, two 188 CFM Active Air 6" inline booster fans for intake and exhaust, an Autopilot Analog Grounded Timer, and Heavy Duty Light Risers for safe and secure hanging of the Sunburst. The tent is 72” tall and offers multiple ventilation options with large, ...
  • Fort Vee™ Compost-Based Potting Mix
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    Growing your veggies in organic soil not only makes you feel good, but it's also better for you! This Fort Vee™ mix is a great choice for gardeners who prefer a compost-based germination and growing medium. Specially designed for soil blocks, trays, and pots, it'll boost the nutrient, mineral, and antioxidant levels of your crops.

  • 3-Season Plant Protection Tent, 4’ x 8’
    More Details This 3-season protection tent is designed to fit right inside our Vermont-made 4' x 8' cedar raised beds. The greenhouse cover keeps plants warm on cooler spring and fall days, provides 70% light transmission, 40" of head room at the peak, and has roll-up end windows for ventilation. A second cover protects against ravenous summer bugs and scorching sun. Three zippered doors on each cover provide easy access for tending and harvesting. Tie-downs secure the ...
  • 3-Season Plant Protection Tent, 3’ x 6’
    More Details So many threats to your precious garden plants — but this ingenious tent defeats them all! In spring and fall, the reinforced greenhouse cover creates a micro environment for your plants to protect them from cold and wind. In summer, replace the greenhouse cover with the net cover to block ravenous bugs. And both covers keep birds and hungry beasts — even deer — at bay. Three zippered doors let you easily tend and harvest. ...
  • Palram Essence™ Greenhouse, 8’ x 12’
    More Details The essence of spacious gardening; this greenhouse features high headroom and 96 square feet for improved working space, wide double doors and low threshold for comfortable and easy access. Two vent windows allow temperature, humidity and airflow regulation. Additionally it includes a Galvanized Steel base, adding structural support, stability and alignment. Set up is easy and fast with the Sliding panels’ assembly system; just slide and lock the virtually unbreakable, twin-wall ...
  • Hobby Grower® 8’ x 12’ Greenhouse
    More Details This spacious, double-door greenhouse provides a large and comfortable area for growing seedlings, propagating perennials, and cultivating tropical plants. The top is glazed with double-wall polycarbonate for strength and to protect plants from intense mid-day sunlight. Clear polycarbonate walls let in morning and afternoon sun. Double doors make access easy, and there's plenty of headroom for easy movement while tending plants. With a steel base and aluminum frame, this greenhouse is built ...
  • Oasis Hexagon Greenhouse
    More Details A backyard greenhouse is every gardener's dream, and this one is a beautiful as well as functional backyard oasis. The panels are made from impact resistant, flexible, 100% UV-protected polycarbonate, with twin-wall roof panels to protect from strong sun exposure. Clear wall panels provide 90% light transmission. Heavy-duty, rustproof aluminum frame with galvanized steel base. Double swinging doors. Built-in gutter system allows water to drain and lets you collect water for irrigation. Side ...
  • Palram Americana™ Greenhouse, 12’ x 12’
    More Details The Palram Americana™ is a sophisticated designed maintenance free greenhouse, offering the precise balance of two virtually unbreakable, advanced polycarbonate panels; Twin-Wall roof panels and crystal-clear side panels, along with a reinforced, rust resistant aluminum frame and galvanized steel perimeter base with a hinged, lockable double door and low-threshold for easy access. The barn-shaped design is classic and offers plenty head room, the included 2 vent windows help maintain ...
  • Cedar Cold Frame
    More Details Sized to fit neatly atop our 2' x 8' Elevated Cedar Raised Bed, this attractive cold frame may also be used on the ground to start seeds, harden off transplants, and grow greens and other cool-season crops. The narrow footprint makes it ideal for setting up along your driveway or walkway, or install it next to your house. The base is made from rot-resistant cedar with aluminum corners. The top is made with polycarbonate panels ...
  • Cold Frame For VegTrug™
    More Details Outfit your VegTrug Patio Garden with this cold frame to create a protected microclimate for plants. It allows you to plant earlier in spring and extend the growing season in fall. The result? An even bigger and better harvest! Also handy for hardening off plants before planting them in the garden. Polycarbonate panels provide diffused light. Adjustable braces allow you to open the top panels at various angles for precise ventilation. Cold frame can also ...
  • Cold Frame For Compact VegTrug™
    More Details Cold frame fits your Compact VegTrug Patio Garden to provide plants with extra protection from harsh winds and cold temperatures, so you can plant earlier in spring and extend the growing season in fall. The result? An even bigger and better harvest! Also handy for hardening off plants before planting them in the garden. Polycarbonate panels provide diffused light. Adjustable braces hold the top panel open at various angles for precise ventilation. Cold frame can ...
  • Snap & Grow™ 8’ x 8’ Hobby Greenhouse
    More Details Enjoy gardening with the Snap & Grow™ 8' polycarbonate greenhouse. This luxurious greenhouse is perfect for starting early spring seedlings and late fall harvests. Grow vegetables, flowers and fresh herbs while enjoying the ample headroom and generous floor space. The attractively finished silver, reinforced aluminum frame is durable and low maintenance. It is quick to set up with our SmartLock connecting system and features virtually unbreakable, crystal-clear polycarbonate panels which ...
  • Palram Snap & Grow™ 6’ Series Hobby Greenhouse  6’ x 12’
    More Details Enjoy greenhouse gardening in a snap with the Snap & Grow™ 6' polycarbonate greenhouse. The attractive silver, reinforced aluminum frame is durable and low maintenance. It is quick to set up with our SmartLock connecting system and features virtually unbreakable, crystal-clear polycarbonate panels which are 100% UV protected for maximum light transmission and growing efficiency. Access to the greenhouse is comfortable, the split door and adjustable roof vents allow you to regulate ...
  • Palram Victory™ Orangery Greenhouse
    More Details Imagine yourself — and your plants — on a chilly spring day, basking in the sun's warmth in this beautiful and efficient greenhouse. It's oh-so-practical for seed-starting, early-season growing and houseplants, but it's so much more than that. Create an inviting retreat by adding a comfortable chair and side table. A bistro set makes it a welcome spot for alfresco dining, amid plants that are flourishing in the ideal greenhouse growing environment. With plenty of ...
  • Palram Glory™ Premium Class Hobby Greenhouse, 8’ x 16’
    More Details The Glory™ Greenhouse offers the optimal environment for successful backyard gardening. This is the ultimate greenhouse package with all of the great features you need. Wide entrance door, roof vents, automatic vent openers and side louver window create optimal ventilation and help you maintain correct moisture and temperature levels for your plants. The high roof and tall eaves provide ample headroom, giving you more space to garden and room to trellis tall and leafy plants. ...