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    Glass Bird Feeders

  • Oriole Jelly Feeder
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    Handsome orange-and-black orioles have a sweet tooth and love to eat jelly. Simply spoon some grape jelly into the orange glass bowl, top with the metal flower, and hang from a branch. Birds will alight on the perch to feed.

  • Birds Choice™ Classic Tube Feeder with Weather Guard Baffle, 12”
    More Details This classic bird feeder is loved by birds, but especially by bird lovers, and has been in production for 25 years! The 12” feeder includes a hanger, baffle for weather protection, and 4 aluminum seed ports with perches. The seed reservoir holds over one gallon of seed and is made from 6” UV resistant polycarbonate so you can easily see when the feeder needs to be filled with sunflower, peanuts, or other seed blends.
  • Birds Choice™ Squirrel Jar Feeder
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    Squirrels like to eat too! Watch squirrels crawl into the side holes and then into the jar to extract their favorite foods. Removable glass jar prevents chewing and is easy to fill and clean. Made from 5/8” recycled poly-lumber that resists cracks, splits, and fading.

  • Mirrored Window Bird Feeder
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    With a two-way mirror on the back, this feeder lets you observe your feathered friends without disturbing them. Birds enter through the holes in the ends and feed inside, out of the weather and safe from predators. Holds 2 cups of seed; top flips open for easy filling. Mounts on window with suction cups; perforated stainless steel floor for drainage. Handcrafted in Maine from white pine; weathers to a silvery gray.

  • Droplet Hummingbird Feeders, Set of 3
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    Sparkling like ruby jewels, these handblown, recycled glass feeders are magnets for hummingbirds. Set of three; each is 3" in diameter and holds 1/2 cup of nectar. Three gifts in one for your favorite bird lovers! Includes three short metal S-hooks for hanging. Recycled glass.

  • Blossom Hummingbird Feeder
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    Sparkling in the sunlight like an aquamarine jewel, this hand-blown glass hummingbird feeder balances like a work of art on its gracefully curved hanger. The ruby red flower on top is a magnet for hungry hummers; hang the feeder near a window or by the porch so you can enjoy these lively garden visitors. Made from recycled glass, the feeder screws securely into the powder-coated metal hanger.

  • Moon Bird Feeder
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    Your backyard birds will love this unique one-stop feeder. In fair weather, they can perch on the rim to dine. When it’s wet and windy, they can hop inside to eat. The extra thick crackle glass sparkles when it catches the light. Drainage holes keep seed dry. Colors may vary slightly.

  • Recycled Glass Birdbath
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    Create a haven for your winged garden visitors with this unique birdbath. Hand-blown from recycled glass, no two are alike. Add water to create a shimmering, iridescent pool from which birds and butterflies can sip, or in which they can splash and cool off from the summer sun's heat. Can also be filled with bird seed — outer edge provides a perfect perch for little clawed feet.

  • Achla Designs Red Hanging Bird Bath
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    Reflective and brilliant, this crackled handblown glass birdbath bowl is a sparkling gem in the garden. Includes hanging ring.

  • Achla Designs Teal Bird Bath
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    Reflective and brilliant, this crackled handblown glass birdbath bowl is a sparkling gem in the garden. The wide-rimmed bowl provides perfect perches for backyard birds. Includes threaded stake with cradle.

  • Butterfly Feeder
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    A group of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope — and that's what you'll attract with this lovely butterfly feeder. The rippled blue glass bowl fits securely atop the metal stake, and the bright yellow sponge gives butterflies a place to alight and dine. Fill with sweet, nutritious butterfly nectar, sold separately, and enjoy knowing that you're helping these ethereal insects thrive.

  • Blossom Butterfly Feeder Stake
    More Details Want to attract pollinators to your balcony, porch, or patio? With this compact, container-sized feeder stake you can! At the heart of the flower, a rolled wool-blend felt insert in the glass bud wicks up nectar (available separately) and offers a safe landing and dining spot for all sorts of colorful beauties. If you run out of nectar, just remove the felt wick and stack up some orange slices — the butterflies will be grateful! ...
  • Dahlia Butterfly Feeder
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    Inside a dramatic dahlia bloom, a crackle glass bowl holds a sponge that will soak up butterfly nectar (sold separately), and give these winged beauties a safe place to perch and sip. Place some orange slices on the leaves to further encourage butterflies to visit.

  • Mosaic Glass Round Fly-Through Bird Feeder
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    It looks more like an ornament than a feeder, and will add color to your yard even before the birds come calling. Hang it from your eaves, from a tree or post, and enjoy watching the birds as they feed. Suitable for all seed types and blends. Arrives ready to hang — just add your seed and wait for the birds to show up!