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    Gardening With Arthritis

    We have had many customers over these past 30+ years tell us that our ergonomic and thoughtfully designed products have allowed them to resume or continue gardening, despite the onset of arthritis. 

  • Deluxe Tractor Scoot with Bucket Basket
    More Details It's the original — and still the best tractor scoot on the market! Our versatile, steerable scoot is stronger, lasts longer and has more features than competitors’ models — all at a value price. This go-anywhere, do-anything, super-stable rolling scoot lets you work from a comfortable seated position and is perfect for gardening, washing tires, painting baseboards and more. Super-sturdy; holds up to 400 lbs. Bucket Basket holds a 3-1/2 gal. Tubtrug or 5-gal. pail ...
  • Deep-Seat Garden Kneeler
    More Details Our deep-seat kneeler has far superior kneeling and sitting pads, compared to our competitors’. The extra-wide base makes it much more stable than narrower models, with sturdy sides that lock in place so you can raise and lower yourself with confidence. Easily flips from kneeler to padded bench. Sides fold in for compact storage. Holds up to 250 lbs. Weighs just 9 pounds, so it's easy to carry. Note: This kneeler is compatible with the ...
  • Gardener’s Pro Palm-Fit Snips
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    Sized to fit snugly into the palm of your hand, these snips are comfortable enough for a whole day's worth of dead-heading or flower-cutting. Unique finger holder allows for a more natural hand position while pruning. High carbon steel blades make clean, precise cuts. Part of our exclusive Pro series of high quality garden tools that deliver superior performance without high prices.

  • Comfort Kneeling Pad, 2”
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    This rugged kneeling pad is extra wide, extra thick and so comfortable you'll want one for your home, one for your garden, and one to take on the go. Takes the pain and strain out of working from a kneeling position. Made from earth-friendly, reclaimed synthetic rubber. It even floats!

  • Comforting Lavender Wrist Warmers
    More Details Lavender soothes the senses, lessens anxiety, deepens relaxation, and promotes better sleep. We've combined this near-magical herb with flaxseed and wheat to give gentle warmth to your chilly or tired hands. An ultra-plush, minky fabric adds a luxurious, spa-like feel. Hands and wrists snuggle in, while fingers stay free for reading, crafting, typing, or just a comforting cup of tea! Pop these warmers in the microwave to heat up — or chill in the freezer ...
  • Comforting Aroma Wrist Warmers
    More Details Treat yourself or someone you love with this gift of comforting warmth. Simply heat these wrist warmers up in the microwave then, slip them on and feel tension slip away. Hot therapy helps provide temporary relief from muscle and joint pain. A blend of twelve herbs smells incredible, but is also designed to relieve tension, promote sleep, reduce anxiety, clear the mind, and deepen relaxation. Can also be chilled in the freezer to help with ...
  • Kneelo™ Kneeling Pad
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    Memory foam, shock-absorbing foam and waterproof neoprene combine to make this generously sized kneeling pad a must for gardeners. It makes bleachers, stadium seating and picnics easier on sittin' bones, too, and it's also handy for low-down household chores like cleaning baseboards.

  • Original Ultimate Hose Nozzle
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    Powerful enough to clean lawn furniture, driveways and walkways, and gentle enough to water delicate flowers and shrubs. To adjust the spray, just turn the easy-grip knob (no more hand cramps from squeezing a trigger). Five built-in settings let you choose the right amount of pressure for any job — perhaps even to get at gutters and second story windows! Absolutely leak-proof and built to last.

  • Easy-Squeeze Spray Nozzle
    More Details Our ergonomic spray nozzle has an easy-squeeze, front-pull lever that is four times easier to use than the traditional back-pull lever. With seven spray patterns, it adjusts easily to handle a variety of watering and cleaning tasks. Use the gentle shower on flowers, the mist setting for seedlings or the jet for cleaning. In addition to the spray patterns, you can also adjust the overall flow of water. This lightweight nozzle has an ergonomic, insulated ...
  • Telescoping Ratchet Loppers
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    Easy-to-adjust telescoping handles and large ratcheting head combine to make quick work of your most challenging pruning jobs. Anvil-style pruners like these are especially good for cutting through tough, dry wood. A non-stick coating on the blade aids in smooth cutting and easy release. Non-slip handles provide a firm grip. Blade lock keeps them safely closed when not in use. Lightweight aluminum handles and sturdy steel head.

  • Ratcheting Clippers
    More Details These pruners are designed for smaller hands, but don’t let the size fool you! This ratcheting clipper can easily cut green branches up to 3/4″ without hand cramps and with less fatigue. Perfect for small jobs like cutting stems or dead-heading flowers, the sharp blade always makes a clean cut. Instead of a large squeeze like traditional pruners, this tool has an easy action; by pumping the handle a few times to set the rachet, ...
  • Nice Kneeling Pad
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    Getting out in the garden for fall cleaning and planting is tough on a gardener’s knees. Make it easier on them with this thick foam kneeler. Love going to the ballpark? Keep a second one in the car as a stadium seat.

  • Long Snips
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    The long, narrow blades of these garden snips make quick work of harvesting leaf lettuce, mesclun and herbs. Handy for deadheading flowers, too. The 2-1/2" long blades are made from high-carbon steel so they hold their edge for clean cuts. Handles are aluminum alloy with thermoplastic rubber for a comfortable, non-slip grip. Blades may be resharpened. Locking closure.

  • Pocket Snips
    More Details Our staff gardeners love these compact snips. The ergonomic, non-slip grip and narrow, super-sharp blades let you make precision cuts without damaging nearby stems. Perfect for harvesting herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables, as well as light pruning and deadheading. A sliding lock lets you stow them safely. Pocket Snips
  • Low Rider Swivel Scoot
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    Rolling scoot with swiveling contoured seat lets you tend plants from a low, seated position, extending your reach and preventing strain in your shoulders, lower back and knees. Swivel the seat to adjust it from 9" to 13-1/2" high. Seat swivels 360 degrees. Non-pneumatic wheels need no maintenance. Carrying handle is molded into seat back.

  • Ratchet Pruner
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    Ergonomic pruners have a ratchet action that reduces the effort required to cut through tough branches. Lightweight, rustproof aluminum with durable steel blades that stay sharp. A non-stick coating on the blade aids in quick release and smooth cutting.

  • G.F. Italia 3 Jet Metal Hose Nozzle with Quick Connector Green
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    Part of an Italian-made watering line, this is a hose nozzle that won't disappoint. An easy-squeeze front lever turns your hose on and off, and controls the flow too. Choose from three no-fuss spray patterns: fixed, fan, and cone jet. Soft-touch hose connector, which allows you to interchange other nozzles in the line with a single, leak-free click, is included.

  • Kneelo Knee Pads
    More Details The contoured shape, exceptional padding and flexible fabric make these Kneelo™ knee pads extra comfortable, whether you're kneeling, walking or standing. Two types of foam — shock-absorbing EVA foam plus ultra-soft memory foam — help protect knees without extra bulk. The padding is encased in waterproof, durable neoprene with a quick-dry, wipe-clean nylon coating. A must for gardeners, these knee pads are also handy for down-low jobs around the house, like painting, ...