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    Gardening Gloves Men

  • Hestra Mens Anton Garden Gloves
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    These breathable work gloves have extra knuckle protection, reinforced palms, and an elasticized cuff to keep soil and debris out.

  • Men’s Mud® Gauntlet Rose Gloves
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    Goatskin gloves that stay soft and won't stiffen after getting wet? Yes! These gauntlet gloves protect hands and arms, are comfortable, durable, and have an adjustable wrist strap to keep out dirt and debris.

  • Super Grip Mud® Gloves
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    All-purpose garden and mud glove. Rough exterior texture provides a solid, no-slip grip. Ideal for gathering, weeding, and planting.

  • The Vermonter by Vermont Glove
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    Our flagship general-use glove, hand-stitched in Randolph, Vermont. Perfect for daily wear, this glove is equally at home at the woodpile or in the garden. Durable goatskin leather stays soft and dextrous.

  • Men’s Gold Leaf Winter Touch™ Gloves
    More Details Now, gardeners in the US can enjoy the unmatched durability and legendary comfort of Gold Leaf Gloves. Boasting exceptionally high-quality materials and workmanship, Gold Leaf Gloves stand up to tough tasks yet remain soft and pliable. One of the few select products ever endorsed by Britain’s Royal Horticultural Society, Gold Leaf gloves are used by the gardeners at Buckingham Palace! Winter Touch Gloves are made with high quality cowhide with an extra layer of split ...
  • Wondergrip Insulated Waterproof Work Gloves
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    Hands stay cozy and dry in these hardworking waterproof gloves. They're double-dipped in flexible latex for strength, durability and comfort. Ridged fingers and palm give you a firm, non-slip grip on tools. Knit cuff helps keep debris out. Not suitable for those with a latex allergy.

  • Hestra Kobolt Czone Flex Gloves
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    Comfortable, flexible, high dexterity hand protection for the most discerning gardener. Designed for all-day use in both wet and dry environments.

  • Beekeeper Gloves
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    Designed specifically for the task of maintaining a beehive, these gloves feature extra-long gauntlets and elasticated rubber cuffs for maximum protection. Soft leather lets you work comfortably, prevents perspiration, and won't impact finger dexterity.

  • Nitrile Gloves
    More Details Don't be fooled by their lightweight appearance — these work gloves are tough as nails. Whether you're spreading compost, planting seeds or weeding, they'll keep your hands both clean and dry. The palms and fingers are coated with nitrile, an extremely tough yet thin and flexible material that can withstand punctures and even small thorns. Throw them in the wash when your work is done. Buy several and always have an extra pair on hand; ...
  • BugBaffler® Adult Hooded Shirt
    More Details Do pesky mosquitoes and black flies drive you crazy? Get back in the garden or on the trails with this lightweight insect jacket with head net. The ultra-fine mesh is soft, flexible and keeps out even the smallest bugs, including no-see-ums, yet allows excellent visibility and air circulation. The unique head net design allows plenty of room for a hat. There’s a convenient zipper in the front neck seam for easy access to your face. ...