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    Garden Shade Covers

    Shade your veggie garden from the intense summer sun and you'll be rewarded with more abundance. We offer several solutions. 
  • Shade Kit, 4’ x 8’
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    Designed for our raised beds, this kit can be used anywhere your garden needs some relief. The netting provides 50% shade so your plants get enough light to flourish but not so much that they get burned by the sun. Also saves lettuce from bolting too early! Good over children's play areas like sandboxes, too. Mesh panels with grommets install quickly over threaded poles.

  • Shade Tunnel
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    This classic 8' garden tunnel provides critical shade to scorch-prone plants such as salad greens, while still allowing ample light, ventilation, and moisture through. Includes five hoops with net and clips.

  • 6’ x 12’ Shade Net
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  • Hi-Rise Super Hoops, Set of 6
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  • Adjustable Super Hoops, Set of 3
    More Details Self-staking hoops anchor securely into the ground. Thumb screw at the base allows you to set hoops at the height you need, and raise them as plants grow. Double-wire design makes a sturdy support for protective fabric. We recommend placing the hoops 3 to 4 feet apart and combining with our Garden Quilt, All-Purpose or Summer Weight fabrics. Also works well with bird, insect, or shade netting. When installed in a 4' wide bed, the ...
  • VegTrug™ Shade Cover
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  • Super Dome Protection Tunnel
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    Made from tough UV-stabilized polyethylene, this protection tunnel comes pre-assembled and sets up in a snap. Two large zippered doors provide ventilation and easy access to your plants. Shading material is sewn directly into the dome, and an overlay provides pest protection too. Includes stainless steel anchors.

  • 3-Season Plant Protection Tent, 4’ x 8’
    More Details This 3-season protection tent is designed to fit right inside our Vermont-made 4' x 8' cedar raised beds. The greenhouse cover keeps plants warm on cooler spring and fall days, provides 70% light transmission, 40" of head room at the peak, and has roll-up end windows for ventilation. A second cover protects against ravenous summer bugs and scorching sun. Three zippered doors on each cover provide easy access for tending and harvesting. Tie-downs secure the ...
  • Clothespins, Set of 50
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    Classic wooden clothespins are so handy in the garden, especially for fastening shade nets and garden fabric covers. Package of 50 clothespins.

  • Water Weight Bag
    More Details Concrete blocks are fantastic, but not always practical. Plus, they don't travel well. A better alternative is this rugged, water-filled bag. Full, it can anchor garden netting, plant protectors, shade tents and more. Or take it camping to weigh down tents and shelters in windy conditions. The large carrying handle also doubles as a handy tie-down. When you're done, simply pour the water out and fold the bag flat — try doing that with a ...
  • Net Claws, Set of 10
    More Details Netting is a great way to protect your garden from animal and bird pests, but it also makes it harder for you to get to your plants. Net Claws are an efficient way to anchor your netting to the ground, while allowing easy access to plants. You can simply hook and unhook the netting, without having to remove any stakes or staples from the ground. This makes getting to your plants much quicker, and it ...