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    Garden Rake

  • Nisaku Japanese Stainless Steel Garden Claw Rake and Cultivator
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    This Japanese Steel Garden Hand Cultivator is hand-forged from the finest Japanese stainless steel. Designed to last a lifetime the 5 sharpened steel tines cultivate, loosen, and aerate compacted soil for healthier roots. Great for weeding, it works with a simple quarter-turn twisting motion to dislodge unwanted vegetation and weeds. The cultivator also features a rugged, 6-inch, reinforced hardwood handle for added leverage to turn over packed soil and compost.

  • Mini Ground Hog®
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    The curved head of this tool has two functions: first, it acts as a gentle rake, without damaging plants. Second, it gathers and captures debris. The ergonomic "paddle" handle is contoured to make gardening easier and more comfortable, especially for senior gardeners. Its bright, friendly color also makes it an attractive tool for children.

  • Kid’s Soil Rake
    More Details Sized for kids, this premium-quality rake is tough enough for raking soil, preparing garden beds and other outdoor jobs. Made in Europe from heavy-duty steel with a sturdy, 1" diameter wooden handle, it’s the perfect tool for introducing children to the fun of gardening. Also handy for working in tight spaces and a great choice for adults who like working with a tool that’s more compact and lightweight than a full-sized rake. Safe, lead-free paint. ...
  • Golden Gark Rake
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    Get through more yard work with fewer tools with this combination rake, shovel, and sifter. It's lightweight, yet durable enough for a multitude of tasks. Ergonomic design prevents the need for bending or straining — you can rake and pick up large quantities of yard debris in just one scoop.

  • Mobile Tool Storage Caddy
    More Details Tired of struggling and juggling your shovel, rake, hand tools and supplies out to the garden? Or making multiple trips back and forth? This easy-roll caddy keeps tools organized in the shed. Then, when it's time to head out to the garden, just roll the caddy where you need it and you're ready to go. Includes 5-gallon bucket with fabric pocket organizer for small tools, a small bucket for carrying other supplies, vegetables, mulch and ...
  • Giant Hands Leaf Collector
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    Gather raked leaves in half the time with these extra large "hand extenders." Molded from lightweight, high quality polypropylene, they fit any size hand comfortably, letting you quickly pick up grass clippings, leaves and piles of weeds. A safe way to feed leaf shredders, too.

  • Mobile Leaf Collector Caddy
    More Details You start to clean up a leaf pile. Then your bag collapses, your tarp lifts at the edges, the leaves blow away. Our caddy to the rescue! The heavy-duty, pop-up collection bag attaches securely to the caddy frame. The large scoop acts as a ramp as you rake leaves into the bag, or it can be removed to use like a giant hand to pick up leaves. Side clips hold two long-handled tools. Also ideal ...
  • Bag Buddy Leaf Bag Holder
    More Details Bagging up leaves just got easier. Instead of struggling as your leaf bag collapses or blows away as you're trying to fill it, place the bag in this simple yet ingenious frame. It holds the bag upright and open so it's easy to fill. Also handy for holding large plastic contractor-sized bags for outdoor parties and big clean-up jobs. Opens wide for easy bag removal. Fits standard paper leaf collection bags as well as 39- ...