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    Garden Poles

    Garden poles make it possible to support tall plants, create teepee supports, set up fencing, and more.  If you have questions, feel free to reach out to our team of gardeners who staff the phones here in Vermont. We're happy to help you select the product line that will work best for your space, climate, and planting plans. 


  • Rainbow Spiral Supports, Set of 5
    More Details Our 5' tall rainbow spirals provide sturdy support for your plants as they grow. Simply push into the ground at the base of a tomato plant or flowering vine. Then attach or train the plant to the spiral; the smooth steel arcs support at every turn. Excellent space-savers, as they encourage vertical growth while ensuring good light exposure and easy harvesting. (If using a spiral to support a tomato plant, prune the plant to a ...
  • #2 Bamboo Poles, Set of 25
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  • Garden Cane Connects, Set of 8
    More Details Each of these ingenious, daisy-shaped connectors let you easily gather up to six bamboo canes into a trellis tepee or other structure. Made from silicone and rubber with six holes, they stretch and flex to hold bamboo canes from 1/4" to 1" in diameter. They can be used to form right angles and a-frame trellises to support climbers like pole beans, cucumbers, and morning glories. And they're much easier to use than trying to tie ...
  • 6’ Protection Stakes for Netting, Set of 6
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    Instead of laying out your protective netting on top of plants, suspend it over them using these sturdy stakes. At 6' high, they're tall enough to protect even your tallest plants and bushes. Use them in raised and elevated beds, or in-ground gardens. The stakes come in three sections that fit together without tools. We recommend securing netting at base with Earth Staples, sold separately.

  • Titan Garden Stakes 2’, Set of 12
    More Details Retire those faded bamboo stakes and replace them with something far stronger, longer lasting and better looking: Titan Garden Stakes. Their rigid steel core is wrapped in durable polyurethane, so they'll uphold heavy plants and resist rust, chipping or fading. What's more, the exterior surface is textured to prevent twine from slipping, so set-up is frustration-free. Use a single Titan Garden Stake to support that towering, tipsy gladiolus; corral a drooping peony with several stakes; ...
  • Additional Poles for the Titan Wall Trellis, 35”
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    Add these poles to make the Titan Wall Trellis (sold separately) as grand and expansive as your wall allows. Expand horizontally or vertically to get the perfect configuration for your space.

  • 5’ Fence Stakes with Clips, Set of 6
    More Details These polyethylene-coated steel stakes, combined with a hardware net, create a formidable barrier to keeps rabbits and other animal pests out of your garden. Sink the stakes up to 12" deep in the ground to keep them securely upright, then wrap the netting around the stakes, hooking it at the top of each stake. When you need to access your garden, simply unclip and lift netting off. At 4' high, these stakes are perfect for ...
  • Everbloomin’ Alliums, Set of 3
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    These never-fade blooms will enhance your flower beds and containers. Three resplendent shades of purple and blue add color and contrast to your garden in all its growing stages. Makes a great gift, too!

  • Protection Stakes for Netting, Set of 4
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    Instead of laying protective netting on top of plants, suspend it over them using these sturdy stakes. At 6' high, they're tall enough to protect large plants like blueberries. Use them in raised beds or in-ground gardens. The stakes come in three sections that fit together without tools. Secure the netting at the bottom with Earth Staples, sold separately. Netting sold separately.

  • Universal Pole Kit
    More Details Now you can place your bird feeder or birdhouse anywhere in your yard, so you can enjoy watching the birds from your kitchen, living room, porch or patio. The kit includes five 16" sections of 1” diameter pole; use as many sections as you like for the height you desire. The kit also includes two adapters that allow you to mount a wooden or metal item at least 3" square on the bottom. Black, powder-coated ...
  • Birdfeeding Station
    More Details Create a high-rise haven for the birds! With this sturdy four-arm stand you can offer a buffet of different foods. Consolidating feeders on a single station makes them more convenient to refill, too. The station comes in sections and stands over 8-1/2 feet tall; remove a section if you prefer it shorter. Also includes a birdbath and a feeding tray for seed, fruit or mealworms (a bluebird favorite), plus an extra hanging arm. A spiral ...
  • Charleston Fan Garden Stakes, Set of 3
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    Inspired by antique fans, these lovely sculptures stand over 48" tall to add interest to your containers or garden beds. Two-color design lets you intersperse bright blue and aqua green highlights throughout your planters, border or landscape. Delicate cutouts let light filter through.

  • Achla Designs Spiral Trellis
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    The Spiral Trellis is a perfect container trellis for ivy, philodendron or other compact climbing plants. The top is finished with a leaf and the trellis features a stabilizing cross-piece at the bottom to keep it from toppling over when anchored in the soil.

  • Shimmering Leaf Stakes, Set of 3
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    Swaying in the breeze and sparkling in the sunlight, these leaf-shaped art stakes look fabulous anywhere in the garden. They are especially stunning when nestled among ornamental grasses. Set of three stakes, each with a two-tone foil design — brass-colored on one side, copper on the other — that lets you create uniform or variegated effects.

  • Stacking Tomato Ladders, Set of 6
    More Details We've made our popular tomato trellis ladder even better. They still have 7mm steel uprights and our exclusive "plant cradle" crosspieces that give multiple places for vines to rest. But now they're modular and stackable, so you can arrange them any way you like. Each set includes six 32-1/2" tall sections. Use singly to support eggplants and peppers; stack two for bush tomatoes; stack three for tall, indeterminate tomatoes. These are the sturdiest ladders you ...
  • Green Tomato Ladders, Set of 3
    More Details If you have a really big tomato crop this year, will your plant supports be able to handle the load? Our exclusive Tomato Ladders are the sturdiest you can buy, because they’re made with 7mm steel uprights — 20% thicker than others on the market! They’ll last season after season too, thanks to a weatherproof powder coating. Best of all, our Tomato Ladders are better for your plants. The rounded-V shape protects plants from wind ...
  • Mammoth Tomato Towers, Set of 2
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    Even huge, fruit-laden heirloom tomato varieties and other monster plants can't make these cages bend under their weight. Made from super-strong, super-durable, 3/8" diameter powder-coated steel with 11" between each rung for easy harvesting. Stackable for storage.

  • Bean Tower
    More Details Grow an incredible amount of beans with our tallest, strongest and sturdiest bean trellis tower. The secret is thicker supports coupled with 10" legs that hold the structure securely in the ground. The Bean Tower in our test garden yielded a fantastic harvest between mid-July and late September — in just 1-1/2 square feet! Supports are 5 mm thick with 3.5 mm crosspieces. Openings are 7-1/2" square to allow easy harvesting. In windy locations, we ...
  • Essex Tuteur, 78”
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    Clematis, morning glories and other vines grow up and over the umbrella-shaped top of this sturdy trellis, and then drape gracefully for a stunning display. The trellis's clean lines and unique shape let plants take center stage. We recommend securing with Extra-Tall Earth Staples, sold separately.

  • Gardener’s Vertex Lifetime Tall Tomato Cage
    More Details The best supports to ever come out of our design lab, with performance proven by a full and rigorous season in our test gardens. Lightweight and strong, they flex with the wind to strengthen plant stems — but won’t topple over. Innovative clip system also lets you add support to already established, bushy plants. Large openings afford easy access to ripened fruit with zero sharp edges. Rust-proof aluminum will never need replacing. Easy installation, and ...
  • Achla Designs Square-on-Squares Pylon
    More Details The Square-on-Squares Pylon is a unique three-sided trellis topped with a large bowl-shaped basket. This large trellis makes a striking impression, with or without climbing plants. The generous basket includes a jute liner that can hold a large container or be planted directly. Fill the wide basket with cascading blooms and welcome guests with a fountain of color at your garden entrance or drive. The Square-on-Squares Collection features a distinctly contemporary aesthetic of clean, simple ...
  • 83” Achla Cornette Pylon
    More Details Create an elegant garden with a handcrafted obelisk that looks like old-fashioned wrought-iron. Features the functionality of a sturdy plant support and the artistic beauty of a traditional garden structure. Add a simple, bold, 3-dimensional component to your garden bed or container planting with an Achla Designs Cornette Pylon. Perfect for mandevilla, climbing jasmine, or black-eyed susan vine on your deck or patio. Flank a path or entryway with blooming tea roses, create a stunning ...