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    Garden Mats

    Garden mats make planting and maintaining your vegetable garden as easy as possible. Our options include simple weed block fabric or biodegradable paper weed block with pre-cut holes for planting -- and super-easy seed sheets and ultimate kits that even include irrigation. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to our team of gardeners who staff the phones here in Vermont. We're happy to help you select the product that will work best for your site, climate, and planting plans. 
  • Pro Weed Mat, 3’ x 50’
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    Weeding between garden rows is tiresome work, and most mulches barely last a season, especially if you walk on them. Now you can solve the problem the efficient, lasting way that professional nurseries do!

  • Easy-Plant Weed Block Mulch
    More Details Grow vegetables the way the professionals growers do, in beds protected with black plastic mulch. It suppresses weed growth, conserves moisture and warms the soil — especially helpful for heat-lovers like melons and peppers. Foliage and fruits don't come into contact with soil, which minimizes problems with soil-borne diseases. Also conserves water by retaining soil moisture. You can also install a soaker hose underneath for easy watering. Plastic sheet is 25' L x 4' W ...
  • Recycled Rubber Walkway, 2’ x 8’
    More Details The permanent mulching solution! Rubber mulch walkway eliminates the cost of buying bark mulch each year, as well as the time-consuming and back-breaking task of spreading it. Made from 100% recycled tires, it resembles real bark mulch, but won't scatter. Wider and longer than others on the market, it also allows air and water to pass through, while suppressing weed growth. Gentle on feet and knees, this 8' long mat is a great choice for ...
  • Recycled Rubber Mats, 3’ x 2’, Set of 3
    More Details No more tedious mulching between your garden beds. Save money on bark mulch, plus the time and back-breaking task of spreading it or reining it in when it scatters — bet there are a million other things you'd rather do! Semi-permeable: allows air and water to pass through while suppressing weed growth. A pleasure to stand on and garden all day and, when you need to get down on your knees to tend to plants, ...
  • Cat Scat Mat
    More Details Keep cats out of your houseplants and from using your garden or container plantings as a litter box with the Cat Scat Mat. It's a non-toxic way to say "No Trespassing!" Simply place the mat in the area where you want to discourage feline excavation. The flexible plastic spikes are harmless, but effective. Also deters dogs and other small animals. Simply unroll the 78" long by 11" wide mat and use as a strip along ...
  • Leaf Stepping Stone
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    Add a no-fuss walkway to your landscape with these leaf-shape rubber pavers. With a textured, anti-slip surface they'll provide a safer path through grassy areas — or clearly mark where visitors are invited into the garden (and where they're not!). Adds cushioning and a more consistent surface to stone and gravel walkways too.

  • GrowEase 24 Replacement Capillary Mats, Set of 3
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    We offer these replacement capillary mats for the 24-Cell GrowEase Seed Starter Kit.

  • Capillary Matting, 3 Yards
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    Our superior-quality English capillary matting draws up water like a sponge, then slowly transfers it to your plants from the bottom up. Healthy root growth is encouraged without danger of over-watering. Simply put one end in water and place the rest under your pots.

  • MaXi Garden Boards, Set of 4
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    Easy, click-connect system can be configured in multiple directions. Provides a stable, non-slip surface for walking, pushing wheelbarrows, or pulling garden carts. Ideal between raised beds, garden rows, or anywhere else you need a stable, even surface.

  • Daisy Stepping Stone
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    Create an inviting path through your lawn or garden with these rugged, 100% recycled rubber stepping stones. So easy to install, they stay in place and will never crack, chip, or suffer from frost damage. Cheerful copper-colored daisy on black background.

  • Recycled Rubber Flagstone Stepping Stone
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    Recycled rubber stepping stones are a lightweight, easy-to-install and durable option for creating a unique pathway, patio or landscape accent. The irregular shape mimics real flagstone, but these are much lighter and easier to install. Generously sized, they have just enough give to put a spring in your step. Sold individually.

  • Recycled Rubber Railroad Tie Stepping Stone
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    Design a unique pathway, patio or landscape accent with our recycled rubber stepping stones. The shape and surface texture mimics real railroad ties, but these are much lighter and easier to install. Generously sized, they have just enough give to put a spring in your step. Sold individually.

  • Swirl Stepping Stone
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    Installing a garden path has never been easier! Recycled rubber gives feet some cushioning, while the textured faux mosaic pattern prevents slips. Mark a safer path through grassy areas — or areas of the garden where visitors are welcome!

  • 12” x 12” Stomp Stones™, Set of 4
    More Details Drop. Stomp. Done! Innovative Stomp Stones™ are a fast and easy way to create an inviting path, edge garden beds or create an instant patio. These 12" square pavers resemble flagstones, but they’re lightweight and much easier to carry and install than heavy stone or concrete pavers. Simply set them in place, step on them and the sharp beveled edge underneath cuts into grass, gravel, sand or soil, creating a stable place to step. Perfect ...
  • Barnboard Deck Tile, 18” x 18”
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    Give your deck or patio new life with just a few clicks. Square tiles snap together quickly, and can be arranged in a running or alternating pattern. Textured non-slip surface with drainage channels to prevent pooling in wet weather.

  • Reversible Rubber Paver, 16” x 16”
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    Give a tired concrete patio a new look with these recycled rubber pavers. Two patterns to choose from: brick on one side, architectural stone on the other. Textured anti-slip surface and channels to prevent water from pooling. Can be cut to size with a utility knife. Installation is quick and simple with construction adhesive and a rubber mallet. Not recommended on sand, loose stone or gravel, or soil.

  • Comfort Kneeling Pad, 2”
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    This rugged kneeling pad is extra wide, extra thick and so comfortable you'll want one for your home, one for your garden, and one to take on the go. Takes the pain and strain out of working from a kneeling position. Made from earth-friendly, reclaimed synthetic rubber. It even floats!

  • Kneelo™ Kneeling Pad
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    Memory foam, shock-absorbing foam and waterproof neoprene combine to make this generously sized kneeling pad a must for gardeners. It makes bleachers, stadium seating and picnics easier on sittin' bones, too, and it's also handy for low-down household chores like cleaning baseboards.

  • Fleur de Lis Stepping Stone
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  • Heat Mat, 20-3/4” x 20-3/4”
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    These Heat Mats speed seed germination and stimulate root growth by keeping soil at about 70º F. Here's a clever extra — instructions and growing tips are printed right on the mat, so you can't lose them. 9" x 19" mat holds a standard seed flat. 20-3/4" square mat holds two standard seed flats. 48" x 20" mat holds 4 flats. All sizes have 6-ft power cords.

  • Hug Rug® Topiary Pattern Floor Mat
    More Details Hug Rug® Mats stop dirty footprints in their tracks! They trap up to 95% of dust, wet mud, and dirt from the bottom of shoes, boots, and paws. The face fabric is made of 90% cotton recycled from the clothing industry combined with 10% polyester microfibers that attract dust and dirt molecules. The base fabric is made from recycled drink bottles and bottle tops and the rubber backing is produced from discarded tires. Even the ...