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    Garden Knife

  • Gardener’s Lifetime Hori Hori Knife
    More Details An original Japanese design, this multipurpose knife is an indispensable tool in your gardening arsenal. Dig, weed, saw, split — you name it the Hori Hori can do it. You'll wonder how you ever got along without it! Our Gardener’s Lifetime tools are hand-forged in Holland from the finest high-carbon Swedish boron steel by DeWit®, a fifth-generation family-owned business. Unlike stamped steel tools that tend to be flimsy, these are ready for a lifetime of ...
  • Gardener’s Weeding Knife
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    Multi-purpose tools are fabulous when you're short on storage space. This one has a serrated edge to slice through stubborn roots and a practical, tapered shape that's handy for planting small-diameter bulbs. With a chrome-plated steel head for durability and ergonomic handle with rubberized grip for comfort, it's a practical addition to any tool collection.

  • Nisaku Mizukatana Stainless Steel Knife, 7-1/2” Blade Limited Edition
    More Details The Nisaku Stainless Steel Mizukatana Knife is an excellent multi-functional tool for a wide variety of outdoor applications. The sharp, stainless steel serrated edge cuts through most materials in a single swipe, and showcases a balanced design with a gut hook feature and comfortable grip. The fine edge, and flat tip blade affords ultimate utility for outdoor tasks. This special edition model is forged with a higher quality DSR-1K6 stainless steel, making it more durable ...
  • Gardener’s Trowel Knife
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    We love dual-purpose, practical tools. This one has twin sharp and serrated edges that cut quickly through compacted soil. The steel head is chrome-plated for durability, and the ergonomic handle has a rubberized grip for comfort.

  • Beehive Uncapping Knife
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    This double-sided knife is specially designed to remove the wax cappings from a honey frame prior to extraction. Ideal for hobbyists, it can be used cold, or warmed slightly in hot water first. Tip: for the hot water method, use two knives. Keep one warm while you uncap with the other — this way you'll always have a warm knife at the ready!

  • Gardener’s Pocket Tool Set
    More Details Carry these handy snips and pruners any time you head to the garden for harvesting vegetables, herbs and fruits; cutting flowers for bouquets; and light pruning and deadheading. The ergonomic, non-slip grip and super-sharp blades allow you to make precision cuts without damaging nearby stems. A sliding lock lets you stow them safely. And the Tool Sharpener lets you maintain the sharp edge on these tools, as well as other pruners, loppers and shears. Set ...
  • Dirty Little Digger™
    More Details Six-in-one tool does the work of a cultivator, trowel, weeder, scoop, hori knife, and bulb digger. Sharp, serrated edges easily cut through roots and vines. The pointed tip breaks through packed soil and is handy for making trenches and furrows for planting seeds. Durable stainless steel blade; easy-grip silicone handle. The spoon-shaped scoop is etched in increments of 1" up to 4" so you can determine the proper planting depth for seeds and bulbs.
  • Tool Sharpener
    More Details Make work around your yard, garden and home easier, faster and safer by keeping your tools sharp. This hand-held sharpener quickly and easily puts a new edge on just about any tool — pruners, loppers, knives, hatchets, scissors, even mower blades. Accommodates single- and double-bevel blades. Full length guard protects fingers while the reversible diamond-honed, tungsten carbide blade puts your cutting edge in good-as-new condition. Use the removable, oil-soaked sponge to wipe the ...
  • Total Tomato Set
    More Details There's nothing like enjoying delicious, sun-warmed and ripe tomatoes right off the vine. Except when your kitchen knives leave you struggling to make a clean cut. The days of sloppy messes are over! This set includes a serrated knife that will slice through ripe tomatoes, fruit (and even fresh-baked rolls). Its forked tip is perfect for lifting juicy slices and removing stems. The ultra-sharp serrated peeler works on soft fruits and vegetables with ease. It ...
  • All-in-One Sharpener
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    Make work around the yard, garden and home easier, faster and safer by maintaining your tool edges. This handheld sharpener quickly and easily puts a new edge on just about any tool — pruners, loppers, knives, hatchets, scissors, even mower blades. Accommodates single and double bevel blades.

  • Looseleaf™ Plus Kale and Herb Stripper
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    All the great features of the original, but now with clever, ergonomic palm snips integrated right into the same space-saving design. These quickly harvest your herbs and leafy greens, while the graduated holes accommodate different stem thicknesses. Larger holes are for kale, collards, and other big leaf greens. Smaller holes work on thyme, rosemary, tarragon, mint — you name it! Making healthy snacks and seasonings is no longer a chore. Enjoy!

  • QuickStick™ Prep Lid
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    Easy-to-use, easy-to-clean slicing lid creates uniform spears that drop right into your canning jar, ready for eating fresh, refrigerating, or being transformed into perfect pickles. No cutting board or knife; simply screw onto your wide-mouth canning jar. Includes recipe for ginger dill pickles. Made by Chef’n®, known for their high-quality, innovative and time-saving kitchen tools and gadgets.

  • Hullster Tomato Corer
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    Just push the button, insert the blades and twist to remove the tomato core. Unlike using a paring knife to slice off the top of the tomato, this corer removes just the core so there's no waste. Made by Chef'n, makers of high-quality, innovative and time-saving kitchen tools and gadgets.