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    Garden Hose Water Meter

  • Grow Care Stick, Small
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    Analyze and track plant growth, and get expert tips on how to better take care of your flowers, plants, vegetables, and herbs. Free mobile app connects a robust database of 5,000+ different flowers and plants with individual care recommendations. A handy Temporary Care feature also gives friends and family the confidence to take care of your plants while you’re away. Battery life of up to a year.

  • 5/8
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    If your garden hose has crush-proof, kink-free spring guards at each end, that's great for longevity but it can make it tough to attach to a spigot. Stop fighting to get it on and prolong its life at the same time by bridging the gap with this sturdy-yet-flexible connector. We were surprised by how bendy yet robust it is — one of our top picks of the season!

  • RainCloud™ Smart Water Timer
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    The RainCloud™ Smart Water Timer lets you directly control your watering devices with your tablet, PC, or iOS/Android smartphone — whether you're home or away. Control up to four separate zones, so you can water specific parts of your yard or garden. It works with existing hoses and sprinklers, and allows hose valves to be opened manually.

  • G.F. Italia Easy Electronic Water Timer 16 Programs
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    Create the perfect schedule to keep your garden hydrated. Starts every 6, 12, 24 or 48 hours with prefixed watering times. A preset "easy garden" program provides both a morning and evening watering cycle. Manual override button lets you start watering outside of the watering program. Part of an innovative Italian line of watering products that integrate high design, engineering, and craftsmanship. Requires 9V battery (not included).

  • WaterEase Programmable Timer
    More Details Take the worry out of watering, and give your lawn, garden and container plants the moisture they need to thrive. Perfect for gardeners on the go! This easy-to-program irrigation timer has an LCD display and may be set for up to four, four-hour watering cycles per day. Set it to water daily, every other day, or every three days. An Eco Function pauses the flow to allow water to soak in. Rain delay feature suspends ...
  • Melnor® Sunrise™ Once-a-Day Water Timer
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    Water plants at the optimal time of day (sunrise) without leaving your bed. Battery-operated timer automatically engages when the sun comes up and waters within 30 minutes, so you can sleep in. Manual feature for when you need to take back control.

  • 4-Way Faucet Adapter
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    Connect up to four hoses to a single tap so you can run sprinklers, soaker hoses and drip irrigation, without running back and forth to swap out hoses. Or keep one spigot available for filling your watering can or rinsing hands. The angled spigots make connecting and disconnecting fittings a breeze. Separate dials smoothly control flow and on/off.