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    Garden Fork

    Discover the ease of loosening garden soil and weeding -- even in rocky conditions -- with a garden fork. We offer a variety of styles to suit the user and the task at hand. 


  • Kid’s Cultivator/Worm Bin Fork
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  • Gardener’s Lifetime Spork
    More Details This multitasking tool combines a spade and fork, making it your go-to tool for loosening soil, digging, cultivating, dividing, weeding and edging. The sharp, serrated edge cuts through tough soils, sod and roots. Perfect for slicing through surface weeds before digging and planting. The unique handle makes it efficient to push and pull through soil with minimal strain. To give it extra strength and durability, the wooden handle is bolted into the deep socket. Like ...
  • Nisaku Japanese Stainless Steel Garden Claw Rake and Cultivator
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    This Japanese Steel Garden Hand Cultivator is hand-forged from the finest Japanese stainless steel. Designed to last a lifetime the 5 sharpened steel tines cultivate, loosen, and aerate compacted soil for healthier roots. Great for weeding, it works with a simple quarter-turn twisting motion to dislodge unwanted vegetation and weeds. The cultivator also features a rugged, 6-inch, reinforced hardwood handle for added leverage to turn over packed soil and compost.

  • Gardener’s Lifetime Long-Handled Double Tool
    More Details Gardener’s Lifetime Tools are handmade for us in Holland by DeWit Garden Tools, a fourth-generation, family-owned business that has been crafting fine gardening tools for more than a century. The Long-Handled Double Tool is a garden cultivator and hoe in one, so you can loosen soil and weed beds with just one tool. We gave this version a long handle, which allows you to work from a standing position so there’s less strain on your ...
  • Gardener’s Lifetime Dig and Pry Tool
    More Details Gardener’s Lifetime Tools are handmade for us in Holland by DeWit Garden Tools, a fourth-generation, family-owned business that has been crafting fine gardening tools for more than a century. The sharp, wide teeth of our Dig and Pry Tool easily cut through the toughest perennial clumps in the garden, making separating or moving established plants a breeze. Perfect for digging through stony soil, it has a compact blade that’s ideal for working in tight spaces. ...
  • Mini Ground Hog®
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    The curved head of this tool has two functions: first, it acts as a gentle rake, without damaging plants. Second, it gathers and captures debris. The ergonomic "paddle" handle is contoured to make gardening easier and more comfortable, especially for senior gardeners. Its bright, friendly color also makes it an attractive tool for children.

  • Intervale Long-Handled Cultivator
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    No more gingerly stepping between rows of plants when weeding, which can result in crushed leaves and broken stems. This indispensable long-handled tool lets you reach easily between rows to loosen compacted soil or give pesky weeds the heave ho! Part of our exclusive Intervale line of garden tools with the classic features and aged finish of cherished heirlooms.

  • SwitchStik® Interchangeable Tool System
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    This multi-purpose tool set consists of a sturdy 41-3/4" fiberglass handle plus four tool attachments: leaf rake, shovel, broom and garden rake. The ingenious design lets you attach and release each tool with a simple click, while the secure connection can handle tough tasks. Convenient to use and transport, the SwitchStick also includes hanging hardware for easy storage.

  • Intervale Long-Handled Potato Harvesting Scoop
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    Sick of inadvertently spearing or slicing your potatoes at harvest time? With a protective steel bar across the tines, this tool is designed to gently scoop spuds out of the ground with less damage. Ideal for container-grown potatoes, but can be used for in-ground beds too — just loosen the soil around plants first.

    Part of our exclusive Intervale Collection of classic tools with the look of cherished heirlooms.

  • Intervale Short-Handled Ground Breaking Tool
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    Part claw, part cultivator, this unique tool will make easy work of loosening compacted soil prior to planting, dividing, or removing existing plants. Simply drive the head of the tool into the ground, twist the handle, and pull it back out. Works well for removing stubborn plants and weeds too. Part of our exclusive Intervale Collection: hard-working tools with the classic design and aged finish of cherished heirlooms.

  • Intervale Long-Handled Ground Breaking Tool
    More Details An easy way to break up soil, whether to remove or divide plants in the fall, or to prepare planting areas in the spring. Simply drive the tines into the earth, give the tool a twist, and you're done. Precisely target space around existing plants or quickly loosen larger areas. Use it to remove stubborn plants too — they'll come right up with a quick turn of this ground-breaker. Part of our exclusive Intervale Collection ...
  • Compost Aerator
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    You won't find a better-designed compost aerator anywhere. It has not one, but two sets of "wings" that fold back to plunge deep into the pile, then open to create new air passages. A must-have accessory for any composter.