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    Garden Bells

  • Birds with Bells Wind Chimes
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    Sweet bird silhouettes sing a gentle song. Flamed metal finish gives a rustic, weathered appearance.

  • Bells Spiral Garden Stake
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    Add intrigue and grace to your garden -- and a gentle soothing sound too. Stake these swirling bells to liven up an empty space in the garden until your plants grow in, or make them the crowning glory of your favorite flower bed!

  • Ancient Graffiti Flamed Bluebells Garden Stake
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    These six Blue Bells will add intrigue and grace to your garden -- and a bit out sound, as well. Stake them in a bare spot until your plants grow in, or make them the crowning glory in your favorite flower bed.

  • Achla Designs Wrought Steel Bell, Large
    More Details These hand-forged wrought steel bells have a delicately looping stem for hanging that also holds the pull chain. As the bell tips, the knocker rings out a bright, clear sound. Hang from a bracket (not included) to use as an old-fashioned doorbell, call the dog in, or the let the kids know dinner is ready. Available in three sizes, the smallest bell has the highest tone; the largest is the lowest and rings loudest.
  • Medium Garden Cloches, Set of 6
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    Glass bell cloches were used in the Victorian era to create mini-greenhouses that let light in to warm the soil in spring and protect plants from harsh weather and pests. Ours provide the same benefits, but are made from clear, ​long-lasting PVC with vents on top to prevent overheating on a sunny day. Set of six includes steel stakes to secure them to the ground.

  • Large Garden Cloches, Set of 3
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    Popular in the Victorian era, glass bell cloches were used to create mini-greenhouses that let light in to warm the soil in spring and protect plants from harsh weather and pests. Ours provide the same benefits, but are made from clear, ​long-lasting PVC with vents on top to prevent overheating on a sunny day. Set of three includes steel stakes to secure them to the ground.

  • Sunny Forcing Cloches, Set of 3
    More Details There's nothing worse than seeing a seedling you've been nurturing for weeks indoors get washed away by the first heavy rain. Tender transplants are also vulnerable to drying sun and cold winds early in the season. These oh-so-durable and generously sized cloches create the warm, humid and safe microclimate your seedlings need to grow big and strong. Four shallow reservoirs in each top collect rainwater and disperse it gently, drop by drop. An upper ring ...
  • Caramel Coral Bells
    More Details Eye candy! Coral Bells come in an incredible array of tantalizing colors and forms these days, but this one is especially hard to resist. Caramel Coral Bells will light up your entryway garden, mixed border, or patio plantings with dreamy hues. When the large leaves first unfurl, they’re a smoky scarlet color; they soon soften to a lovely tawny peach, progressing to amber-gold and chartreuse. In summer breezes, you may also get glimpses of the ...
  • Bells of Paradise™ Wind Chime
    More Details The tuning of our Bells of Paradise Chime is based on an ancient system known as "just intonation". This means that the frequencies at which the different tubes vibrate are related to one another by simple whole-number ratios. Tones that are related in this way produce the purest, most beautiful musical intervals. Made of aluminum tubes which are specially suspended, these chimes resonate longer than other wind chimes, bathing you in enduring harmony every time ...
  • Bell Bird House with Copper Roof
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    The Bell Bird House is the perfect focal point for any yard and is the perfect size for a variety of songbirds. It is crafted from long-lasting, white weather-resistant AZEK cellular PVC vinyl, an advanced material that has the look and feel of wood but no decay and little maintenance required.

  • Manor Bird Feeder
    More Details The Manor Bird Feeder by Good Directions classic columns enclose a clear tube creating a piece that exemplifies perfection. The beautiful bell-shaped, pure copper roof is removable, so that filling is seamless. A large feeding platform provides shelter and protection from precipitation. Watch bright birds feed on seed, as their vibrant colors complement white-painted long-lasting mango hardwood. Since a post is all it needs, installation is done with ease. Drainage holes in tray help keep ...
  • Bell Tube Bird Feeder
    More Details This feeder is an exquisite combination of class and quality. A conveniently clear tube with 3 feeding ports dispenses tasty seed to a lipped tray, so birds can eat from all angles. Our copper-finished base and roof compliment the ambiance of any area. The stylish roof doubles as protection against precipitation. Simple by design, easy to hang and makes knowing-when-to-fill a breeze. Drainage holes in tray help keep seed dry. it’s sized to hold a ...
  • Southern Comfort Coral Bells
    More Details Intoxicating! Southern Comfort is one of the most dazzling Coral Bells you can buy. You’ll want to plant it in your highest-visibility landscape bed, so you’ll see it every day. You’ll enjoy watching it transform itself through the seasons. In spring, its new foliage emerges a warm, rosy-peach color, eventually taking on more of a caramel hue, and finally, amber. In summer, the leaves expand to their full size—extra-large and extra-impressive for Coral Bells! In ...
  • Georgia Peach Coral Bells
    More Details Scrumptious! Georgia Peach Coral Bells will be a sweet sight in your beds, borders, or patio containers. This sublime plant stands out for its large, luscious foliage that goes through fascinating color changes throughout the year. The scalloped leaves start off in spring with warm pinkish-orange tones, the upper surface dusted with a delicate frosting of silver. In fall and winter, rich burgundy-pink hues take over. Gorgeous. Not simply pretty, Georgia Peach is also tough, ...
  • Midnight Bayou Coral Bells
    More Details Smart designers rely on foliage to furnish the garden with long-lasting color and texture. Leaves last for months and months, supplying the landscape with more of an impact than fleeting flowers. Midnight Bayou Coral Bells is one stylish plant you can employ to give your garden luscious, colorful foliage appeal all year-round. This pretty performer makes a big splash in spring with new leaves that emerge a striking cranberry-red color. In time, they take on ...
  • Medium Heroic Windbell™
    More Details This handcrafted, wind-activated bell, with its bold tone and design, functions nicely as a welcome bell at any entrance to your home or garden. Toned to unite two important ways the instrument vibrates, the sound of the bell itself and the hollow chamber inside the bell that acts like an organ pipe. The slots on the sides of the bell are the secret to this unique coupling resulting in a rich sound with much depth ...
  • Awakening Bell™
    More Details When the Awakening Bell is sounded, the long overtones of the bell naturally puts the listener into a Theta state, which is a relaxed state characterized by deep calm. Developed in partnership with jazz great Jack DeJohnette, world renowned sound therapist Dr. John Beaulieu and Woodstock Chimes founder/musician Garry Kvistad, the tone of the Awakening Bell resonates with an area of the brain that helps control stress. Through this resonance we experience a lightness and ...