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    Frost Blanket

    A frost blanket for your garden can take the form of a floating row cover like our Garden Quilt, or a more rigid item like a cold frame. Learn more about using covers to protect your garden from frost
  • GardenQuilt Cover 6’ x 20’
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  • GardenWool® Plant Blanket
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    You wouldn't step outside without a coat in winter, and neither should your containers! Decorative and functional, these 100% wool felted wraps cozy up an entryway while protecting roots from frost damage. So much prettier than burlap, the wool’s insulating properties help pots manage fluctuations in temperature. Can be cut to size. Coordinating chunky ties sold separately.

  • GardenWool® Plant Wrap
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    Give your potted plants a cozy wrap and add some front-door flair at the same time. The thick felted wool retains heat, while the rich colors lend a little festivity to your winter garden. Can be cut to size. Coordinating chunky wool ties sold separately.

  • GardenWool® Cord
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    Keep your GardenWool® blankets and wraps tied securely around your potted plants and shrubs with this chunky 100% wool cord. Can be cut to length.

  • Earth Staples, Set of 15
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  • Super Hoops, Set of 6
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  • All-Purpose Fabric, 6’ x 50’
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  • Bioprotect Year-Round Cold Frame
    More Details This clever cold frame provides dual protection! Use the polycarbonate top panel to protect plants from chilly temperatures and wind, so you can plants out weeks earlier and to harden off transplants. Once the weather warms up, slide out the polycarbonate top panel, leaving the screen to foil most insects, slugs and wildlife. The screen allows good air circulation and protects plants from hard rain and hail. And you can water right through the screen. ...
  • Biostar 1000 Cold Frame
    More Details This ingenious cold frame does double-duty! With the top panels closed it's a mini greenhouse. In spring, use it to set plants out weeks earlier and to harden off transplants. On warm days, slide the top panels open for ventilation without worrying about pests damaging plants — an integrated screen foils most insects, slugs and wildlife. You can water right through the screen, too. The 8mm thick, twin-wall polycarbonate includes a 10-year guarantee against UV ...
  • Cedar Cold Frame
    More Details Sized to fit neatly atop our 2' x 8' Elevated Cedar Raised Bed, this attractive cold frame may also be used on the ground to start seeds, harden off transplants, and grow greens and other cool-season crops. The narrow footprint makes it ideal for setting up along your driveway or walkway, or install it next to your house. The base is made from rot-resistant cedar with aluminum corners. The top is made with polycarbonate panels ...
  • Rosy Cozy® Rose Cone, Large
    More Details You asked, we listened — we made our Rosy Cozy taller and wider. It’s the best way to protect tender roses from extreme cold and temperature fluctuations. Simply place the wire cage over a pruned-back plant and add insulating material, such as bark mulch. Slip on the white tarpaulin cover and place bricks or stones in the stirrups to anchor it. You have reliable — and reusable — rose protection that is so much better ...
  • Pop-Up Plant Protector, Large
    More Details Pop Up Protectors trap insulating air inside and block cold winter winds, shielding shrubs and tender perennials from extreme cold and damaging temperature fluctuations. Ideal for compact evergreens, including arborvitae and dwarf Alberta spruce, as well as perennials like lavender that often suffer damage in cold weather. There are two sizes: Large and X-Large. They can be used on their own or stacked on top of each other, depending on the size of the plant ...
  • ShrubJacket Sheet, 5’ x 7’
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