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    Flower Holders

  • Easy Care Waxed Amaryllis Vase Kit
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    A unique presentation for this most beloved of holiday gifts — the glass container comes with a red waxed amaryllis bulb, a microlight strand, and white pebbles. Put it all together and you've got a unique seasonal centerpiece! The waxed coating holds all the bulb needs to sprout and bloom; no watering required. Customize it by adding natural materials like twigs, moss, and more.

  • Amaryllis Glass Bulb Vase
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    Enjoy watching beauty grow and bloom! Many amaryllis bulbs can be grown in a vase with just water. This special forcing vase offers your premium bulb the perfect conditions.

  • Galvanized Flower Caddy
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    Vintage-inspired caddy is made up of four conjoined French flower market buckets, which give it stability as well as unique style. Galvanized-and-wood handle for single-handed carrying ease. Gather long-stemmed blooms, dogwood, willow branches, winterberries, and more. It's actually perfect for picking; with a little water in each bucket, cuttings will stay fresh until you can get them indoors.

  • Amaryllis Planting Kit
    More Details Spread holiday cheer to friends and family with this DIY growing kit — and be sure to have a few extra on hand as last-minute gifts for hosts/hostesses, teachers, and coworkers. The kit features a Monaco amaryllis bulb, which will produce huge, lipstick-red blooms with white starbursts and lime-green throats. It also includes a copper-colored, hammered metal planter; a coir disk that hydrates into fluffy potting mix; adjustable amaryllis stake; linen gift bag; and complete ...
  • Upside Down Waxed Amaryllis Kit
    More Details What started as a crazy idea might have produced our favorite thing yet! We took our signature waxed amaryllis bulb and tried growing it upside down. In test after test it exceeded our expectations, and now we're ready to share it with you! This holiday season, create a focal point like no other. No watering or planting needed — the waxed bulb has enough stored energy and water to grow and bloom as if by ...
  • Waxed Amaryllis Hanger
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    Simple yet supremely clever, this reusable wire hanger hooks to the coil base embedded in every variety of our waxed bulbs, so you can grow your blooms as we did — upside down. Be the host who gets talked about the most this year! Try several with a variety of bulbs for a truly unique arrangement.

  • Galvanized Rim Planter, 12”
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    Like creamy tomato soup on a chilly fall day, the familiar shape of this planter brings comfort to your doorstep. Unexpected details, like a flat, 1" wide rim and contrasting steel handles, add a little panache. Plant it up and create some extra curb appeal out front or accentuate your back patio. Drainage hole in base.

  • Gardener’s Canvas Carryall
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    There's not much you can't carry with this versatile canvas tote. If you can lift it, this bag can carry it. Lug tools around the garden, collect produce at harvest, gather up weeds for disposal, or bring in freshly cut flowers. Outside pocket is handy for quick access to a favorite tool, cell phone, or other items.

  • Colorful Bottles, Set of 6
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    The fastest and most colorful way to dress your bottle tree! Set includes three 8-3/4" bottles (one each of amber, red and cobalt blue) and three 12-1/2" bottles (one each of green, purple and orange). Three sets are required to fully adorn one Bottle Tree, sold separately, or mix and match one or two sets with your own bottles. Painted glass, intended for decorative use only. Bottles may vary slightly.

  • Pastel Bottles, Set of 6
    More Details ​ Dress your Bottle Tree or Bottle Bush quickly and easily with a burst of soft color! Set includes two 7-1/2" bottles (one each yellow and blue), two 8-1/4" bottles (one each pink and yellow), one 8-3/4" green bottle, and one 12" blue bottle. Three sets are required to fully adorn one Bottle Tree or two sets to fill all the branches of the Bottle Bush. Or mix and match one or two sets with ...
  • Azure Ceramic Cachepot with Hurricane Shade
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    This shallow dish garden is topped with a distinctive glass hurricane shade that shows off blooms and foliage to their best advantage — yet, unlike a cloche, allows excess moisture to escape and fresh air to enter. It's a perfect environment for orchids, ferns and many other houseplants. The ceramic base features deep blue ombre finish with stylish unglazed base. No drainage hole; planting directly into this cachepot is not recommended.