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    Flexible Hose

  • Premium 1/2” Soaker Hose, 100’
    More Details Free of toxins like phthalates, BPA and lead, these premium soaker hoses are a smart choice for any garden, especially organic and food gardens. They’re flexible so they’re easy to position and lay flat. They weep uniformly, providing the same slow, root-zone soaking to each plant. They save water, too: Soaker hoses use up to 80% less water than sprinklers! Neutral color is unobtrusive in gardens. 1/2" inside diameter. Industrial spring guards at each end ...
  • Featherweight Hose, 100’
    More Details Tired of dragging heavy hoses? Lighten up your watering routine with our ultra-lightweight hoses — the 25' hose weighs just 2.6 lbs! The hoses remain flexible, easy to maneuver, and kink-resistant, even in chilly weather. And they're free from the toxins found in many hoses, so they're safe for people and pets. Nylon hose guards minimize kinking at ends and the chrome-plated zinc fittings are leakproof. The textured surface offers a sure grip. Hose Care ...
  • Water Right Light Hose, 100’
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    Made for the way you garden! Flexible, durable polyurethane hose has aluminum fittings and a sleeve at each end to discourage kinking. Coil it up and sling it over your shoulder easily — it's that light and comfortable to work with.

  • Super Slim Lightweight Hose, 25 Ft.
    More Details Give yourself a break with this ingenious, super-light polyurethane hose. It weighs less than half as much as a conventional hose, yet is built to last with industrial spring guards at each end to minimize annoying kinks and extra-long, crush-proof, chrome-plated solid brass fittings to ensure leak-proof connections. Super-flexible in all types of weather. The slim, 1/2" diameter matches your home's faucet for the most efficient watering. Many customers report that it's great for use ...
  • Featherweight Coil Hose, 50’
    More Details Watering is a breeze with this high-performance 50' coil hose that stretches easily during use, and then springs back to put itself away. Keep one at every spigot for anytime grab-and-go watering. You'll love the convenience, your plants will love the regular watering. Hands stay clean — no need to wind and unwind dirty hoses — and you save time. Lightweight and extremely durable hose has a tough yet flexible, UV-resistant polyurethane jacket. Crushproof nickel ...
  • G.F. Italia AquaPop Container with Expandable 50’ Hose and Nozzle
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    Direct from Italy, this self-contained hose and 3-pattern nozzle stand up to daily use. Hose expands from 15 to 50 feet and has reinforced pressure points. Quick-connectors let you attach both the nozzle to the hose, and the hose to your tap, with a single leak-free click. Set includes hose, nozzle connectors, and container. Quick connectors are compatible with other items in the G.F. Italia collection.

  • G.F. Italia Coil Hose Patio Kit
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    Just under 33' of kink-free hose with an 8-pattern nozzle. Part of an Italian-made watering line that's made to last, it comes with a quick-connector that lets you attach hose to tap with a single, leak-free click. Nozzle also clicks on and off, and the connector accepts all other nozzles in the G.F. Italia collection. Comes with mounting bracket for easy storage when the watering's done.