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    Dragonfly Garden Art

  • Dragonfly Sculpture
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    Resting on a blade of grass, this bigger-than-life dragonfly dips and nods with each passing breeze. Just push the stake into the ground near a water feature or in a favorite flowerbed.

  • Dragonfly Solar Lantern
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    The dragonfly is said to bring good fortune — plus it's a voracious mosquito eater. Celebrating its beauty in silhouette, this lovely lantern adds a soft glow to your favorite spot after dark. Two solar panels on the roof harness the sun's energy and power soft white LED bulb for hours. Hang from its ring, place atop a garden wall or use multiples to illuminate an entrance or walkway.

  • Victorian Garden Chime™
    More Details This wind chime produces joyful tones reminiscent of distant church bells. It pays tribute to a period when gardens and meadows were treasured, and craftsmen created decorative metalwork to adorn them. The essence of a summertime meadow is represented with the nature design of the top piece and the cast metal clappers of hummingbirds, butterflies, dragonflies and turquoise-colored beads. The rust finish offers a natural beauty that warms up the steel elements with an earthy, ...
  • Hummingbird with Fuchsia Painted Garden Stake
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    There are over 300 species of hummingbird, each one magical and mesmerizing to watch. This artisan-made stake captures one in mid-air, replenishing its strength from a vibrant fuchsia blossom. Great size to accent a small garden setting, or even a pot full of fuchsias!

  • Habitats™ Chime
    More Details Tuned to the majestic notes of the patriotic song "America the Beautiful," this chime celebrates the variety of nature around us. From butterflies to blue whales, the Earth teems with life. Designed to easily inhabit both indoor and outdoor settings and help those in earshot enjoy balance with their environment. Listen below: