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    Copper Bird Feeder

  • Copper Shingled Roof Bird Feeder
    More Details Sit back and enjoy the company of songbirds as they stop by for a meal in this Copper Shingled Roof Bird Feeder. Made of copper and eco-friendly, long lasting mango hard wood. Each natural mango wood feeder will exhibit its own unique graining and color variations making it an elegant focal point for your garden and a wonderful dining establishment for your feathered friends. Birds love this spacious feeding area, which is protected from rain ...
  • Copper Seed Cylinder Feeder
    More Details Feeding birds has never been neater, easier or more efficient with this unusual and ingenious feeder. Simply lift the rain-shedding roof and slide in a pre-formed Seed Cylinder. There's no fussy pouring, no spilling, no mess! A wire grid encloses the seed, discouraging squirrels while making an easy meal for climbing or perching birds. A catch tray reduces waste and drainage holes prevent water from pooling. Strong steel construction with handsome copper plating and black ...
  • Acorn Bird Feeder
    More Details According to Old Norse mythology, the god Thor, protector of humankind, revered the mighty oak as his tree of life and held its nut, the acorn, sacred. We think it's the perfect vessel to carry that life-sustaining message forward, in the form of this lovely birdfeeder. The rich gold and copper patina of its acorn caps and oak leaf are a perfect complement to any natural landscape, and will deepen over time. Each acorn holds ...
  • Copper Hummingbird Feeder
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    This beautiful feeder was designed by a professional zookeeper at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson, Arizona, with 22 years of experience caring for hummingbirds. It features a solid copper cup, with a graceful curved perch and hanger to add to the visual appeal. The feeder includes two 1 oz., BPA-free, dishwasher-safe plastic jars with lids so it’s easy to refill.

  • Heartwood Wild Bird Bistro Bird Feeder
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    Want company for dinner? You'll have it every day with this standout dining establishment for your backyard birds. As the "bistro" name suggests, it's the place where crowds and flocks are prone to gather: Roomy and stylish, with remarkably easy-care PVC construction and verdigris copper roof. Let your birds dine in comfort while you feast your eyes on the happiest flocks around. Proudly hand-crafted by Heartwood in the USA.

  • Time Fly’s Bird Feeder
    More Details Good Directions’ Time Fly’s Bird Feeder invites your feathered friends to feast at any time. With a sturdy perch on both sides, and 4 total feeding ports, this timeless piece appeals to an array of birds. As time flies, flocks will feast, as you observe from your favorite seat. Simple by design, this copper-finished feeder is hung with ease, and makes knowing-when-to-fill a breeze. Side panel easily opens for filling. Drainage holes in the base ...
  • Star Fly-Thru™ Bird Feeder
    More Details Make birds the stars of your favorite show with the Star Fly-Thru™ Bird Feeder from Good Directions! Three feeding locations set the stage, making seed easily accessible. Our see-through structure gives birders an optimal view, while birds come and go. Thoughtfully placed perches shield feathered friends from precipitation. Powerful plexiglass combines with a resilient copper finish to create a bold, yet beautiful piece that’s built to endure all elements. Simple by design, this feeder is ...
  • Achla Designs Burnt Copper Birdbath with Over-the-Rail Bracket
    More Details This Over-the-Railing Burnt Copper Birdbath is a simple hammered copper birdbath bowl with a handrail bracket. The shallow bowl has a round hammered or "peened" texture and an antique copper finish that will patina naturally. A threaded base on the underside of the bowl attaches to the center of the steel railing bracket. Ideal for birdwatching on porches, balconies or decks, the steel bracket has C-type clamp that holds the bracket to a deck or ...
  • Achla Designs Burnt Copper Birdbath with Tripod Stand
    More Details This Tripod Burnt Copper Birdbath is a simple hammered copper birdbath bowl with a small steel Tripod Stand. The shallow bowl has a round hammered or "peened" texture and an antique copper finish that will patina naturally. The threaded base on the underside of the bowl attaches to a small three-footed steel stand. This birdbath makes a beautiful garden accent piece placed on a deck, tabletop, or pedestal. This is a perfect choice for rock ...
  • Incralac Spray Lacquer
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    Incralac Spray Lacquer clear-coating protects and preserves the finish of copper, brass & bronze. Easy to apply.