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    Control Fruit Flies

  • Garlic Fruit Fly Trap
    More Details This disarming garlic bulb has a dual purpose as a fruit fly trap. Set it on your counter and enjoy a pest-free kitchen for up to 30 days! Flies are attracted to your homemade lure solution inside, but can't make their way back out. Swishing the liquid around every few days will help redirect any remaining flies' attention to it. To make a lure solution, simply add a few drops of dish soap to some ...
  • Chicken Fruit Fly Trap, Green
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    Fruit flies cry fowl! While this folk art chicken roosts on your countertop, the lure inside is secretly enticing fruit flies to enter through the hole in the bottom, never to return to their annoying ways. This charming chicken is ready to perch near your fruit bowl or compost crock. Only you will know it's hard at work! Eco-friendly — no plastic traps to throw away. Over 6" high!

  • Fruit Fly Traps, Set of 2
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    Lure fruit flies away from your fruit with these all-natural, non-toxic fruit fly traps. Using a weak vinegar solution inside to attract the fruit flies, the fruit fly trap reduces fruit fly populations by 70 to 80%. Simply place the fruit fly trap near food or the area of infestation. If not opened, the traps can be stored for a year.

  • Soapstone Box with Two Fruit Fly Traps
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    Unlike sticky, unsightly flypaper, our Fruit Fly Traps are enclosed in a tasteful, hand-carved Soapstone Box. The all-natural, non-toxic lures are simple to use, mess-free and safe around food. Each trap lasts for 30 days, then toss and replace with a fresh trap for continuous control.

  • Frog Fruit Fly Trap
    More Details Why does this froggy look so happy? Because he eats whatever bugs him! And that's going to make you and your kitchen all the hoppier! All punnery aside, while this charming folk art frog sits on your countertop, your homemade lure inside is secretly enticing fruit flies to enter through the hole in the bottom, never to be seen again. Plop your frog friend near your fruit bowl or compost crock and he'll be happy ...
  • Yellow Pear Fruit Fly Trap
    More Details Who wants annoying fruit flies flitting around the fruit bowl? No one will ever know that this pretty glass pear is also a fruit fly trap, which works like a wasp trap. Attracted by the bait, fruit flies enter and can't find their way back out. Just mix a packet of lure with water, remove the top from the pear and pour in the lure. Every two weeks or so, simply rinse out the pear ...
  • Soapstone Box
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    Attractive, natural soapstone container disguises one of our Fruit Fly Traps, or can be used to hold potpourri or accessories.

  • Soapstone Cover with 2 Pantry Pest Traps
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    Slide one of our Pantry Pest Traps into this handsome soapstone cover and keep your flour, cereal and pet food free of pesky meal moths for up to three months. Safe and non-toxic, the disposable cardboard trap attracts moths with a natural sex lure, trapping them on the sticky surface inside. Hand-carved soapstone cover attractively conceals traps, so they can be placed where they are most effective. Natural soapstone will vary in color.

  • Pantry Bug Traps, Set of 2
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    Here's a safe, non-toxic way to help keep flour, cereals, and pet food free of pesky meal moths. The disposable cardboard Pantry Moth Traps lure moths with a natural sex lure, trapping them on the sticky surface inside. Traps have two-year shelf life if stored unopened.

  • Whitefly Traps
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    These sticky insect traps will attract and capture whiteflies, fungus gnats, thrips and other pests in gardens, greenhouses and around potted houseplants. Once the card is covered with insects, replace it with a fresh one.

  • Dynatrap DT3039 Flying Insect Trap
    More Details Want a bug-free, bite-free home this summer? This sconce-like Dynatrap gives you safe, silent, and simple indoor insect control — plug it in and you're good to go! Long-lasting AtraktaGlo™ UV bulb will lure houseflies and other bugs for up to 3000 hours, and the cover discreetly hides the ones who succumbed to temptation. When it's full, the inner glue trap is easy to replace. Integrated AC and USB outlets (two each) mean you can ...