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    Container Garden Irrigation

  • G.F. Italia Convenient Container Watering Tools, Set of 3
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    An easy way to water your plants while you’re away. Just attach a plastic bottle (not included) to one of the watering spikes, pierce a small hole in the upturned bottom for air to escape, and push the spike into the soil. A control valve ensures the proper water flow so roots don't get waterlogged. Part of our long-lasting Italian-made collection of watering products that integrate high design and smart engineering.

  • French Blue Watering Can
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    A longtime customer favorite, this lightweight yet practically indestructible watering can is perfectly balanced for easy carrying and pouring. The big 3-gallon capacity saves trips. Removable rose has a stainless steel face plate that comes off for cleaning. Buy two for a balanced load! Durable polyethylene plastic with removable stainless steel rose.

  • Timeless Galvanized Watering Can
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    Galvanized metal is a major decorating trend these days, but gardeners are no stranger to the beauty and functionality of galvanized goods like this classic watering can. Unlike others, ours is perfectly balanced for comfortable carrying and built for years of use indoors and out. Generous 3-quart capacity lets you make quick work of watering thirsty plants – or use it in place of a vase for a rustic chic bouquet.

  • G.F. Italia AquaPop Container with Expandable 50’ Hose and Nozzle
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    Direct from Italy, this self-contained hose and 3-pattern nozzle stand up to daily use. Hose expands from 15 to 50 feet and has reinforced pressure points. Quick-connectors let you attach both the nozzle to the hose, and the hose to your tap, with a single leak-free click. Set includes hose, nozzle connectors, and container. Quick connectors are compatible with other items in the G.F. Italia collection.

  • G.F. Italia Portable Reel Nozzle Hose, 33’
    More Details It’s time to end your struggle with unwieldy lengths of hose! Connect one end to the tap, and it will unravel to the length you need as you make your way through your deck or patio garden. Includes easy-on/off 3-jet adjustable nozzle with thumb lever operation. Winds up again in a jiffy. Part of an Italian watering line that's made to last, it comes with quick-connectors that let you attach hose and nozzles with a ...
  • WaterWell Irrigation System Micro Sprinkler Kit
    More Details This efficient, water-wise system gives plants the slow, root-zone hydration they need to thrive. 6 sturdy sprinklers with built-in ground spikes and 360° nozzles deliver water in full circles up to 14' in diameter and can disperse 1 gal. in 80 seconds. Also included are six 180° heads that provide half-circle coverage up to 14' across and deliver one 1 gal. in 140 seconds. Simply place the sprinklers where you need water, use the garden ...
  • G.F. Italia Coil Hose Patio Kit
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    Just under 33' of kink-free hose with an 8-pattern nozzle. Part of an Italian-made watering line that's made to last, it comes with a quick-connector that lets you attach hose to tap with a single, leak-free click. Nozzle also clicks on and off, and the connector accepts all other nozzles in the G.F. Italia collection. Comes with mounting bracket for easy storage when the watering's done.