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    Compost Tumbler

    A tumbling composter allows you to "cook" your organic materials faster than a deep compost bin would. If you select a dual batch option, you can have a continuous supply of "black gold" for your garden. 
  • Joraform Composter 125
    More Details The insulation in the bins of this compost tumbler ensures that the composting material inside reaches higher temperatures than it would in an uninsulated bin — up to 160 degrees F.! This higher temperature results in faster, more efficient and more thorough composting. It also allows you to compost a wider range of materials, including those not recommended for most composters, including citrus fruit with rinds, avocado pits, meat, and fish and poultry with bones ...
  • Compost Wizard Dual Senior Composter
    More Details The Dual Tumbler will take your composting to the next level. The Compost Wizard Dual does it all - each 40+ gallon chamber is separated and can compost independently supporting two composting batches running simultaneously. Manufactured using recycled polyethylene, the plastic is BPA free and FDA approved for contact with edibles. Setting up the composter is easy; simply place the composter in a mostly sunny spot (partial shade in hotter climates) and you're done.
  • Compost Wizard Insulated Composter Single
    More Details The Compost Wizard Insulated Composter features ten foam-filled panels that lock together using clever, overlapping geometry and long metal pins instead of clips or fasteners creating stronger connections with minimal assembly time. The bin is mounted on a low friction sturdy stand designed to hold up to high winds and weather. The stand is high enough to allow plenty of room for large wheelbarrows or garden carts to roll up underneath when emptying the bin. ...
  • Wheel Kit for Tumbling Composters
    More Details Add wheels to your compost tumbler with this handy kit and you'll be able to roll your composter wherever you need it — from the backyard to the garden, or the patio to the perennial bed, or out of the way for mowing. It's easy to assemble and attach to the existing frame of your composter. The ​5-3/4" wheels roll easily over uneven terrain. A handle helps you move your composter with ease, and sturdy ...
  • Tumbleweed Compost Tumbler
    More Details Send less waste to the landfill and feed your garden at the same time! Keep this tumbling composter by the back door for easy disposal of your food scraps and, with a few quick spins each time you go by, you'll have rich garden gold in no time. When your compost is ready, just wheel it out to the garden to dispense. The big hinged door makes access to the interior easy, and the rugged ...