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    Compost Barrel

    You will find it easy to turn kitchen and yard scraps into "black gold" with one of these compost barrels. 
  • Smart Pot Compost Sak™
    More Details The Compost Sak™ is a permeable, fabric container designed to make composting easy and affordable. Turn your leaves, yard trimmings, and kitchen scraps into a nourishing soil amendment and enjoy a healthier, more productive garden as a result. Because the fabric lets air and water through, compost cooks faster — you'll be using your black gold in no time! For best results, use in an area that's partially sunny and gets a little rain.
  • Compost Wizard Dual Senior Composter
    More Details The Dual Tumbler will take your composting to the next level. The Compost Wizard Dual does it all - each 40+ gallon chamber is separated and can compost independently supporting two composting batches running simultaneously. Manufactured using recycled polyethylene, the plastic is BPA free and FDA approved for contact with edibles. Setting up the composter is easy; simply place the composter in a mostly sunny spot (partial shade in hotter climates) and you're done.
  • Joraform Composter 125
    More Details The insulation in the bins of this compost tumbler ensures that the composting material inside reaches higher temperatures than it would in an uninsulated bin — up to 160 degrees F.! This higher temperature results in faster, more efficient and more thorough composting. It also allows you to compost a wider range of materials, including those not recommended for most composters, including citrus fruit with rinds, avocado pits, meat, and fish and poultry with bones ...
  • Dual-Batch Compost Tumbler
    More Details Batch composting is the fastest and most efficient way to produce high quality compost, and this dual bin tumbler makes it easy. Fill one side with kitchen scraps and yard waste, then stop adding materials and let it "cook," turning it every few days to speed up the decomposition process. In the meantime, add new scraps to the other side. When the first batch of compost is finished, remove it and repeat the process, letting ...
  • Green Bin Curbside Organics Collector
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    If you're collecting your household organics for a municipal composting program, you know that a countertop crock only goes so far. Designed for easy hauling to and from the street, this 12-gallon bin will hold all your kitchen scraps until it's time to roll them to the curb.

  • Aero Quick Compost Bin, 187 Gallons
    More Details The Aeroquick 187 is a heavy duty, durable compost bin with a locking lid. This large capacity composter features a unique wall panel design allowing air to continuously flow upwards along all four side panels creating high quality finished compost quickly. Constructed from 5mm high-grade polypropylene copolymer resin that is UV-stabilized to prevent fading. The lid is hinged so it will not blow away and is designed with a sliding lock to prevent raccoons from ...
  • Tumbleweed Compost Tumbler
    More Details Send less waste to the landfill and feed your garden at the same time! Keep this tumbling composter by the back door for easy disposal of your food scraps and, with a few quick spins each time you go by, you'll have rich garden gold in no time. When your compost is ready, just wheel it out to the garden to dispense. The big hinged door makes access to the interior easy, and the rugged ...
  • Deluxe Pyramid Composter II
    More Details The Pyramid Composter was one of our very first innovative designs, and now we've updated it to maximize the ideal conditions for speedy composting: large capacity, good airflow, and abundant moisture. Our favorite new feature? The sliding lid is less bulky and awkward than a hinged lid, and makes adding scraps and yard waste so much easier. But don't take our word for it, see for yourself why it's been a customer favorite for years. ...
  • Thermo-wood 600 Composter with Soil Fence
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    Nourish your soil and save money by making your own, rich, garden compost. What makes this composter unique is its integration of Thermolen® for superior heat retention. Attractively styled to mimic wood, a soil fence and ventilation is integrated into the clapboard design.

  • Exaco Thermo Star 1000 Recycled Plastic XXL Compost Bin
    More Details The Thermo-Star 1000 is an extra large compost bin constructed of Thermolen®, a polypropylene made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic. The excellent insulating characteristics keep heat contained to help material decompose quickly and completely even in cool weather conditions. Thermolen® is a UV-stabilized and weatherproof material that provides a lifetime of use. Ventilation slots provide aeration for compost materials, and finished compost can be removed from any side of the unit. ...
  • Big Green Compost Bucket
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    Air-tight bucket lets you collect multiple compost crocks’ worth of kitchen scraps before heading out to your compost bin. Twist-on/twist off lid with gasket contains odors. Across the country laws are being passed that prohibit food scraps in the trash. This collection bucket makes it easy to collect scraps for bringing to your municipal compost facility. Composting recycles food waste and turns it into a valuable soil amendment.