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  • Container Booster Compost Mix, 6 Qts.
    More Details Why throw out the soil in last year's containers? Our organic Booster Mix replaces the nutrients that the plants used up, so this year's plants get a fresh start. One bag is enough to revitalize 96 dry quarts of soil — at big savings for you! This potent, all-organic formula includes a complete diet of nutrients and trace elements to keep plants lush and healthy. Just 4 to 8 tablespoons recharges a quart of soil. ...
  • Raised Bed Booster Compost Mix Kit
    More Details Soil health is directly related to growing success. Because organic matter and nutrient levels get depleted over a season, it's important to feed your soil periodically. By bundling our exclusive Booster Mix (compost plus a bevy of organic nutrients) and an easy-apply shaker of our organic All-Purpose Fertilizer 5-5-5 together, we've simplified the process of feeding your garden. Give your veggies, herbs, and flowers the best possible foundation — and reap the rewards all season ...
  • Container Recharge Compost Mix Kit
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    Get plants off to their best start by boosting soil health with long-lasting nutrients that promote vigorous growth all season long. Kit includes one 6-quart bag of Booster Mix (compost, Chilean nitrate, black rock phosphate and other organic nutrients) and a 1-pound shaker of our organic All-Purpose Fertilizer (5-5-5). Recharges 75 quarts of soil.

  • Elevated Garden Booster Compost Mix Kit
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    Recharge the soil and replenish the nutrients in your elevated gardens to promote healthy growth all season long. Kit includes two 6-quart bags of Booster Mix (compost, Chilean nitrate, black rock phosphate and other organic nutrients) and a 1 pound shaker of our organic All-Purpose Fertilizer (5-5-5). Recharges 148 quarts of soil.

  • Bu’s Brew Biodynamic Compost Tea Bags
    More Details If you're a tea drinker, you know how satisfying and refreshing a 'cuppa' can be. Your plants will feel the same way once you brew them up a batch of this magical elixir. Each of the four single-use tea bags will make up to 5 gallons of microbially-rich tea ready for use as a foliar feed, transplant shock reducer, root stimulant, soil drench or compost inoculant. It'll restore soil vitality and supports plants' immune systems. ...
  • Bu’s House Biodynamic Houseplant Compost Tea Bags
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    If you're a tea drinker, you know how satisfying and refreshing a 'cuppa' can be. Treat your plants to the same benefits and brew up a batch of this magical elixir for them. Each of the four single-use bags makes up to 5 gallons of tea to stimulate root growth, adds more soluble nutrients and trace minerals to the soil, supports plants' immune systems, and enhances nutrient availability.

  • Dual-Batch Compost Tumbler
    More Details Batch composting is the fastest and most efficient way to produce high quality compost, and this dual bin tumbler makes it easy. Fill one side with kitchen scraps and yard waste, then stop adding materials and let it "cook," turning it every few days to speed up the decomposition process. In the meantime, add new scraps to the other side. When the first batch of compost is finished, remove it and repeat the process, letting ...
  • Fort Vee™ Compost-Based Potting Mix
    More Details Growing your veggies in organic soil not only makes you feel good, but it's also better for you! This Fort Vee™ mix is a great choice for gardeners who prefer a compost-based germination and growing medium. Specially designed for soil blocks, trays, and pots, it'll boost the nutrient, mineral, and antioxidant levels of your crops. It's also a fantastic choice for those "heavy feeders" — plants that require more nutrients than others. In addition to ...
  • Cedar Compost Bin
    More Details Here's a composter you won't mind having in plain sight! Designed and built by us in Vermont, this handsome bin features the same lifetime aluminum corners as our raised and deep root garden beds. Made from long-wearing cedar, its a handsome addition to any space. Slatted top and sides provide optimal ventilation and also let the rain in to help speed the composting process. Hinged panels allow easy access to the interior, either for adding ...
  • 3-Bin Wire Composter
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    You may need only one composter most of the year, but where can you put that mountain of leaves every fall? This three-bin wire composter holds 48 cubic feet of leaves, grass clippings and garden scraps, without the investment of an enclosed composter. The three bins can also be used to separate compost: one to collect yard and kitchen waste, one for cooking compost, and one for finished compost.

  • Compost Success Kit
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    Compost Success Kit includes seven bricks of carbon-rich Eco-co® Coir to balance nitrogen-rich kitchen scraps, plus one bag of Super Hot® Compost Starter to speed decomposition. Coir is the perfect “brown” to layer with nitrogen-rich “green” kitchen scraps. Each brick expands into 10 qts. of coconut fiber. Super Hot® Compost Starter revs up your compost pile with nitrogen and beneficial microorganisms. 7 lbs. treats 8 bushels of material.

  • Odor-Free Compost Pail
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    Collect kitchen waste for your compost pile without collecting flies. This Odor-Free Compost Pail has a snap-lock lid and easy-to-replace carbon filters to eliminate food odors. Put it on your countertop, or mount it under your sink.

  • Super Hot® Compost Starter
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    We've reformulated our Super Hot® Compost Starter to give you even better results from your compost pile. The high-energy blend of nitrogen-rich ingredients and hungry microorganisms produces finished compost in record time. Comes in a handy, re-sealable bag.

  • Rustic Compost Crock
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    Red metal compost pail adds a vintage vibe and a convenient spot for collecting kitchen scraps for composting. Durable, powder-coated steel with a bail handle and wooden grip. Includes two 5-1/2" carbon filters to control odors.

  • Farmhouse Compost Crock
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    Nestled in a chicken wire basket, this beautifully glazed crock looks right at home on your countertop. Only you will know it's there to collect fruit peels and vegetable scraps until it’s time to bring them out to the compost bin.

  • Single Bin Wire Composter
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    You may need only one compost bin most of the year, but where can you put that mountain of leaves every fall? This wire bin holds 16 cubic feet (102 dry gallons) of leaves, grass clippings and garden scraps, without the investment of an enclosed composter.

  • Compost Aerator
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    You won't find a better-designed compost aerator anywhere. It has not one, but two sets of "wings" that fold back to plunge deep into the pile, then open to create new air passages. A must-have accessory for any composter.

  • Brushed Stainless Steel Compost Pail
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    The perfect match for today’s sleek, modern kitchen, this pail is also extremely practical. Stainless steel won’t take on the odors or colors of onions, garlic and other pungent food scraps. It easily rinses clean and is dishwasher-safe, too.

  • Back Porch ComposTumbler®
    More Details

    It's no bother composting kitchen scraps when you have this convenient tumbler near the back door. Our compact composter is sized just right to handle food scraps, and with a few quick spins, turn them into rich garden gold. When your compost is ready, just wheel it out to the garden. The big hinged door makes access easy. Tubular steel frame has rust-resistant powder coating.

  • Eco Stack™ Composter
    More Details Composting is the eco-friendly way to deal with your kitchen scraps and yard waste. The trick is to keep the process as simple as possible. Our Eco Stack Composter works like a traditional open compost pile, but in a small, self-contained stack that requires practically no effort. It costs less than many bargain compost bins, is simpler to use and much more durable. Unlike lightweight plastic compost bins, ours is made of thick, UV-stabilized polyethylene. ...
  • Thermo-wood 600 Composter with Soil Fence
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    Nourish your soil and save money by making your own, rich, garden compost. What makes this composter unique is its integration of Thermolen® for superior heat retention. Attractively styled to mimic wood, a soil fence and ventilation is integrated into the clapboard design.

  • Compost Tumbler
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    The Gardener's Supply Compost Tumbler has a smart design and high-quality materials which make this new compost tumbler super effective and easy to use. Just fill it up with garden refuse and kitchen scraps, slide the door closed and give it a turn every couple days. The built-in hand-holds provide easy leverage; a stabilizing inner crossbar helps breaks up compost during turning; black color absorbs heat. Rodent-proof design keeps pests out.

  • Tumbleweed Compost Tumbler
    More Details Send less waste to the landfill and feed your garden at the same time! Keep this tumbling composter by the back door for easy disposal of your food scraps and, with a few quick spins each time you go by, you'll have rich garden gold in no time. When your compost is ready, just wheel it out to the garden to dispense. The big hinged door makes access to the interior easy, and the rugged ...
  • Big Green Compost Bucket
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    Air-tight bucket lets you collect multiple compost crocks’ worth of kitchen scraps before heading out to your compost bin. Twist-on/twist off lid with gasket contains odors. Across the country laws are being passed that prohibit food scraps in the trash. This collection bucket makes it easy to collect scraps for bringing to your municipal compost facility. Composting recycles food waste and turns it into a valuable soil amendment.

  • Demeter Metal Compost Bin
    More Details This unique metal compost bin has a low profile, small footprint, thoughtful features, and good looks. Ideal for smaller gardens, its locking base door will keep critters out. Vent holes on the sides promote air flow as your compost cooks. When you're ready to harvest, a metal bar keeps the door up and out of your way. The two-part hinged lid comes off entirely when you have a large load of leaves or grass clippings ...
  • 4-1/2" Compost Crock Filters, Set of 2
    More Details

    Charcoal filters help control odors from food scraps stored in our Green Stoneware Compost Crock and other crocks that take a 4-1/2" filter.

  • Aeroplus 6000 3-Stage Compost Bin
    More Details Three-stage composter is like having three separate bins in one space-saving unit. Here's how it works: Stage 1: Collect fresh organic matter in the large top chamber. Stage 2: Push waste through to middle chamber to undergo main breakdown process. Stage 3: Turn the handle to drop composted material into the lower maturing chamber. You can continuously add fresh scraps and yard waste to the top. You'll end up with compost in three stages of ...
  • Compost Wizard Standing Compost Bin
    More Details The Good Ideas Compost Wizard Standing Bin is your home composting solution. Made of light durable polyethylene, this unit is easy to set up yet durable enough to weather mother nature's abuse. The ribbed design reinforces the structure while helping with aeration and makes the whole unit more attractive. Aeration holes are located around the outside and help to speed decomposition but are too small for rodents and other animals to get through. Both the ...
  • Hammered Copper Compost Pail
    More Details This attractive countertop compost pail is the perfect way to collect coffee grounds, vegetable peels, and fruit cores until it's time to bring them out to the compost bin. Won't break or crack — handy for those of us who give our pails a good whack to empty them! Handle drops out of the way for easy emptying and cleaning. Add a charcoal filter to trap odors and block fruit flies. Filters and biodegradable liners ...
  • Smart Pot Compost Sak™
    More Details The Compost Sak™ is a permeable, fabric container designed to make composting easy and affordable. Turn your leaves, yard trimmings, and kitchen scraps into a nourishing soil amendment and enjoy a healthier, more productive garden as a result. Because the fabric lets air and water through, compost cooks faster — you'll be using your black gold in no time! For best results, use in an area that's partially sunny and gets a little rain.
  • Urban Composter™ City, 2.1 Gallon
    More Details

    Keep food scraps out of the trash and convert them to your own nutritious plant fertilizer. Within days, scraps will become liquid nutrition for your plants. The solids left behind will compost in about six weeks if mixed into soil. Compost accelerator, sold separately, speeds decomposition and helps manage odors. Made in Australia.

  • Stoneware Compost Crock
    More Details

    This glazed ceramic crock keeps your kitchen scraps discreetly hidden until you're ready to take them out to the compost bin. Keep it odor-proof by using our replaceable charcoal filters in the lid. Filters and biodegradable liners sold separately.