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    Ceramic Pot

  • Self-Watering Stacked Planter, 4”
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    Unique ceramic stacking planter has some serious vertical and modern appeal. The bottom cup holds water, while the top cup holds your soil and plant. A long wick extends from the top cup into the bottom (which acts a water reservoir) to keep the soil consistently moist. Less watering (and "oh no I forgot to water my plants!" moments) for you, and your plant goes through fewer extremes and stress.

  • Exaco Cacti Planter
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    This handsome, high-gloss ceramic planter has multiple openings for succulents, small cacti, herbs or other small plants. It's the perfect size to create a tabletop garden for a centerpiece or a side table and looks great indoors or out. Makes a great gift for indoor gardeners and apartment dwellers with a color to fit every decor.

  • Short Kennebunk Ceramic Orchid Cachepot Kit
    More Details With this kit, you'll receive our lovely Kennebunk glazed ceramic orchid cachepot to set the stage for your orchid's beauty. We've included a special orchid potting mix that contains fir bark, charcoal and perlite to provide ideal moisture, drainage and aeration. The Tap Water Orchid Fertilizer contains all the nutrients needed for robust growth and prolific blooms. And the brass stem support keeps the beautiful blooms standing tall. Perfect for cattleya, dendrobium and oncidium orchids. ...
  • Azure Ceramic Cachepot with Hurricane Shade
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    This shallow dish garden is topped with a distinctive glass hurricane shade that shows off blooms and foliage to their best advantage — yet, unlike a cloche, allows excess moisture to escape and fresh air to enter. It's a perfect environment for orchids, ferns and many other houseplants. The ceramic base features deep blue ombre finish with stylish unglazed base. No drainage hole; planting directly into this cachepot is not recommended.

  • Short Kennebunk Ceramic Orchid Cachepot
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    Your breathtakingly beautiful orchids deserve a home worthy of their elegance — and here it is. This cachepot features a glaze that accentuates orchids' graceful shape and jewel-like colors, while providing an ideal environment for healthy growth. What's more, the unique low profile provides visual contrast and a wobble-free foundation for tall flower stalks. No drainage hole; planting directly into this pot is not recommended.

  • Farmhouse Compost Crock
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    Nestled in a chicken wire basket, this beautifully glazed crock looks right at home on your countertop. Only you will know it's there to collect fruit peels and vegetable scraps until it’s time to bring them out to the compost bin.

  • Rosemary Topiary
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    Chefs will adore this beautifully shaped rosemary bonsai — its fragrant leaves will add depth to everything from soups to roasts and add a heavenly scent to the air. Includes ceramic pot and watering tray.

  • Airtight Ceramic Storage Canister, 2 Quart
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    This companion to our Garlic and Countertop Keepers is the perfect place to stash your coffee, sugar, or favorite teas. Or just the thing to hide your cookies! The lovely mango wood lid sports a silicone gasket to lock flavors in and keep odors out.

  • 3-Gallon Fermentation Crock Complete Kit
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    It’s easy to make pickles and sauerkraut in this traditional fermentation crock. The time-tested design incorporates a water trough airlock that allows carbon dioxide and other fermentation gases to escape while keeping out air. Includes crock and top, as well as weights that keep vegetables submerged for effective fermentation.

  • Kilner Ceramic Fermentation and Pickling Crock Set
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    Turn your favorite veggies into healthy fermented and pickled foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, sweet 'n sour sandwich pickles and more! This traditional ceramic crock has integrated handles in the base for easy carrying. A water-seal lid, and two ceramic weights keep your fermenting food safely locked and submerged under your brine. Comes with two recipes, but we bet you'll soon be embellishing or making up your own!

  • Complete Fermentation Crock, 2.5 Gallon
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    This crock is the perfect vessel for making homemade sauerkraut and kimchi, as well as pickling a wide variety of vegetables including beets, beans, carrots and cucumbers. The water trough airlock allows carbon dioxide and other fermentation gases to escape while keeping out air. Includes crock and top, as well as weights that keep vegetables submerged for effective fermentation.

  • Stoneware Suzie Q Bird Feeder
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    This charming, handcrafted birdseed cafe is a lovely alternative to traditional tube feeders. Birds can either perch on the folded bottom edge or hop inside to feed in inclement weather. Stoneware can weather the coldest winters too, letting you nourish songbirds all year long. Strong chain is threaded through openings in the pottery itself, so you can hang it with confidence. Holds one cup of seed.