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    Bulb Gift Baskets

  • Amaryllis in Gift Bag
    More Details Give the season's most glorious gift! Amaryllis bulbs are easy to grow and produce magnificent blooms for weeks of enjoyment. We hand-picked these stunning Dutch varieties to brighten your winter days and give them as gifts to family and friends. Quantities of these premium bulbs are limited; order early for the best selection. Bulbs begin blooming in 6-10 weeks; each will produce 1-2 flower stalks. Stake sold separately. Cherry Nymph: Fully double, vivid red blooms ...
  • Flower Gardener’s Gift Basket
    More Details Stuffed with everything to carry your favorite flower-lover successfully from seed to beautiful, bountiful blooms, this unique chicken wire hod is versatile as heck. Yes, it makes a fine flower basket, but it can double as a harvest, apple, or towel basket, a market tote, or even a decorative bowl. Its galvanized wire is strong, airy, and rust-resistant. Packed inside are premium organic calendula and giant purple zinnia seeds, galvanized starter pots and mix, fertilizer, ...
  • Viva Flower Garden Kit
    More Details Know someone who loves to surround themselves with color? Who loves growing flowers? Or perhaps is just diving into gardening? This all-in-one kit will have them sprouting beautiful blooms and grinning ear-to-ear in no time. The glossy pot looks fantastic, but its true beauty lies in the hidden self-watering insert. Once the planter is all potted up, the reservoir will help make sure soil stays consistently moist — and plants growing robustly. The included seeds ...
  • Intervale Long-Handled Bulb Planter
    More Details Forget crawling around on your hands and knees — with this long-handled version of our trusted bulb planter, you can do more in less time and with less effort. The sturdy step bar holds your weight safely and helps drive the planter into compacted soil. The strong ash handle has an ergonomic and comfortable Y-shaped handhold. Decide where you want your tulips and other spring flowers to sprout, step on and off, give it a ...
  • Intervale Short-Handled Bulb Planter
    More Details

    Create perfect 6" deep, 3" dia. holes, ideal for flowering bulbs like tulips, daffodils, lilies, allium, every time. Try that with a hand trowel! Sturdy steel construction means your planter won't lose its shape. Easy twisting action and a comfortable, natural wood handle reduce hand fatigue. Part of our Intervale Colelction: classic tools that feel good in the hand and can be trusted to get the work done.