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    Bulb Gift Baskets

  • Holiday Bliss Bulb Garden
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    Celebrate the holiday season with this cheerful display of nature's beauty. This bulb garden includes an amaryllis, white tulips, and star of Bethlehem bulbs, all planted in a textured metal cachepot. Bulbs begin blooming in about three weeks and bloom in succession.

  • Amaryllis in Gift Bag
    More Details Give the season's most glorious gift! Amaryllis bulbs are easy to grow and produce magnificent blooms for weeks of enjoyment. We hand-picked these stunning Dutch varieties to brighten your winter days and give them as gifts to family and friends. Quantities of these premium bulbs are limited; order early for the best selection. Bulbs begin blooming in 6-10 weeks; each will produce 1-2 flower stalks. Stake sold separately. Cherry Nymph: Fully double, vivid red blooms ...
  • Gardener’s Christmas Bulb Garden
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    This blooming bulb garden will brighten your home and send holiday cheer to friends near and far. Featuring a lovely combination of amaryllis, tulips, hyacinth, and star of Bethlehem bulbs, it will begin blooming in a matter of weeks. Bulbs will bloom in succession, extending the delight.

  • Blooming Gift Subscription
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    Plan now for four very special holiday gift deliveries for that super-special someone closest to your heart — Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Mother’s Day. Each easy-care flowering garden arrives in a lovely basket or cachepot for a visual, fragrant gift they’re sure to cherish! Ready to grow, each arrangement will provide weeks of lasting color and joy.

  • Holiday Bulb Garden
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    Celebrate the holiday season with a cheerful display of blooming bulbs. This delightful bulb garden includes bicolor tulips and Star of Bethlehem planted in a festive metal cachepot. Bulbs begin blooming approximately three weeks after arrival, and will bloom in succession. Brighten your holiday decor and delight loved ones near and far.

  • 3 Months of Blooms
    More Details Delight loved ones near and far with three monthly deliveries of flowering bulb gardens. Each beautiful arrangement arrives planted and ready to grow, will begin blooming in just a few short weeks, and provides lasting color. The first delivery arrives in December, with a gift message and a red-and-white palette to set a holiday mood (specific bulb varieties listed below). A beautiful, embossed metal cachepot arrives with the December shipment to use with subsequent bulb ...
  • 12 Months of Blooms
    More Details Delight loved ones near and far with this thoughtful gift. Each beautful arrangement arrives ready to grow and will provide weeks of lasting color. The first delivery arrives in December, just in time for the holiday season, with a gift message and red and white flowers to set a festive mood. Begonias, lilies, hyacinths, tulips, daffodils — so many glorious blooms — and of course, for the holidays, the exquisite amaryllis. This is a gift ...
  • 6 Months of Blooms
    More Details Delight loved ones near and far with six monthly deliveries of blooming bulb gardens. Each beautiful arrangement arrives ready to grow and will begin blooming in just a few short weeks. The first delivery arrives in December, with a gift message and a red-and-white palette to set a holiday mood. January's garden brings flowers in soft pastel colors with a flash of purplish-blue. February, of course, honors Valentine's Day with a pink-and-white palette. March bursts ...
  • December Blooms
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    The premium bulbs in this flowering bulb garden will bring an abundance of cheer. A brilliant red amaryllis takes center stage, producing up to six huge flowers. Miniature red and white tulips, hyacinth, and muscari fill out the metal cachepot. Brighten up your holiday decor or delight family and friends with this beautiful blooming gift. Flowers bloom in succession.

  • Easy Care Waxed Amaryllis Birch Gift Set
    More Details An awe-inspiring, effortless gift for anyone who appreciates nature's beauty — no green thumb needed. Two artfully waxed amaryllis bulbs arrive nestled in a birch bark crate. Simply place them in a sunny location and, almost immediately, robust shoots will emerge. A few short weeks later, you'll be rewarded with huge, brilliant red flowers that last and last. Note: cracks may appear in the wax coating on the bulb as the flower stalks emerge and ...
  • Easy Care Waxed Amaryllis Vase Kit
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    A unique presentation for this most beloved of holiday gifts — the glass container comes with a red waxed amaryllis bulb, a microlight strand, and white pebbles. Put it all together and you've got a unique seasonal centerpiece! The waxed coating holds all the bulb needs to sprout and bloom; no watering required. Customize it by adding natural materials like twigs, moss, and more.

  • Velvet Easy Care Waxed Amaryllis
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    This holiday season we’re rolling out a new waxed bulb cloaked in rich Bordeaux or Gold velvet. Ravishing red amaryllis blooms spring forth as if by magic in as little as 4 weeks. If you've been wanting to make your holiday setting extra elegant and opulent — this first-of-its-kind beauty will do it!

  • Grand Amaryllis Trio
    More Details Just one of our premium Holland-raised amaryllis bulbs puts on a remarkably beautiful holiday show, so imagine the impact of this spectacular trio of bulbs. Two flamboyant Grand Diva amaryllis stand in dramatic contrast to the pale beauty of Flamenco Queen. The three big, healthy bulbs arrive planted in a chic gold cachepot – ready to produce sturdy stems and vibrant blossoms in just a few weeks. Simply place the pot in a sunny window, ...
  • Rose Cybister Potted Amaryllis
    More Details This vibrant cybister amaryllis is pretty in pink — from the deepest rose to the palest pastel. Like all amaryllis, with the simplest of care you'll be rewarded with an amazing wonder of nature. Each premium Dutch bulb, carefully selected by our grower in Holland, arrives planted in a reusable, copper-colored, textured metal cachepot with a blue patina that accents the color of the blooms. The bulb will produce 2-3 flower stalks up to 24" ...
  • Merry Potted Amaryllis Red & Mix Trio
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    What's better than a potted amaryllis? Three premium Dutch amaryllis bulbs in one pot! At center stage is Spartacus. With candy cane-striped petals surrounding a pale green throat, Spartacus is a festive, red-and-white beauty. We've flanked it with two Red Lion bulbs, the quintessential holiday variety. All three arrive planted up in a vibrant, red metal cachepot. Wow! Each bulb will produce 2-3 flower stalks up to 24" high. Includes growing instructions.

  • Christmas Star Trio
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    This amaryllis trio is a show-stopper that is sure to please! Abundant 5" diameter, brilliant red flowers with white stars and green throats bloom on 15" stems. Amaryllis are so easy to grow and produce magnificent blooms for months of enjoyment. This trio of bulbs arrives planted in a chic, textured nickel cachepot. Add it to your holiday amaryllis collection, or give as a special gift to family and friends.

  • Ferrari Amaryllis Trio
    More Details A single Ferrari amaryllis puts on a stunning holiday display – so just imagine the eye-catching impact of three of these show-stoppers in full bloom. You’ll enjoy 8, 10, or even 12 or more blossoms at once, each a vibrant and festive scarlet. Yet so little effort is required to enjoy such beauty. Simply place the potted bulbs in a sunny location, water as directed, and in a month or so you’ll be rewarded with ...
  • Houseplant Garden
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    We planted this sweet dish garden with four pretty, easy-care houseplants: pink anthurium, peace lily, golden pothos, and pink-flowered kalanchoe. It's lovely as a centerpiece or as entryway decor. And it also makes a welcome gift! As the plants grow, they'll be ready for larger digs — bigger pots — and so four plants means it's really four gifts in one!

  • Fairytale Amaryllis Trio
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    This magnificent showpiece is perfect for the holiday table. Producing dramatic 6–8" white flowers striped with deep red, it's like a candy cane explosion! Planted in a festive metal cachepot in the same red hue, it's sure to make a statement. Tease out the blooms with a sunny window and light watering. Full care and growing instructions included.