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    Bloem Planter

    If you're looking for an inexpensive yet durable flower pot or planter, you'll appreciate the classic designs from a company called Bloem. 
  • Bloem Grecian Urn Planter, 12”
    More Details Add a touch of classical elegance to your garden or home with this charming planter. It is crafted from durable polypropylene, so it can be used both inside or outside no matter the weather. Showcasing an antique-inspired design, ribbed accenting, and a neutral hue, this planter is the perfect decor for displaying your favorite plants in traditional style. Try nestling some hydrangeas into a pair of these planters, then use them on your front porch ...
  • Bloem Dura Cotta Planter, 12”
    More Details Grow beautiful flowers, or herbs with the Bloem Dura Cotta Round Pot Planter. It provides a comfortable environment for your plants and keeps them looking fresh and healthy. The Dura Cotta collection looks just like a classic clay pot but it's fade-, chip- and crack-resistant, ensuring durability. Perfect for outdoor spaces, this planter can be used to grow any type of plant. Excessive water can drain out through pre-drilled drainage holes. Saucer not included.
  • Bloem Ariana Self-Watering Planter, 16”
    More Details The Ariana planter will quickly become one of your favorite pots because it helps keep your plants from drying out and will reduce the time you spend watering. Inside the planter is a hidden reservoir located at the bottom of your pot that holds approx. 1” - 3-1/2” of water (depending on planter size). A self-watering insert keeps dirt and roots above the hidden reservoir line while constantly providing healthy “greenhouse-like” moisture through evaporation. If ...
  • Bloem Colonnade Wood Resin Planter, 8”
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    These Colonnade planters provide an eye-catching and stylish alternative look to traditional pots. The lightweight material won't chip, rust, rot or peel, and withstands any indoor mishaps. The matte finish features a polished, fine grain texture.

  • Bloem Modica Deck Rail Planter, 24”
    More Details This planter is great for home or apartment use and helps you make the most of your porch or patio living space by growing a mini garden in an elevated space. Compression design ensures a secure fit on railing. For year-around stability or in high wind environments, secure the planter to the rail by running a cable tie (not included) through the punch-out holes under planter. Planter was designed to maximize growing space and features ...
  • Bloem Veranda Deck Box Planter, 18”
    More Details Add an air of fine elegance to your decor with this Bloem Veranda Patio Deck Box Planter. The planter offers a rolled lip wide opening and ample soil space to accommodate several grower pots. The Veranda Patio Planter from Bloem is made from polyethylene plastic, which makes the planter long-lasting. It can be used indoors or outdoors as it is fade-resistant. This eco-friendly planter is water, rot, and insect resistant and is available in several ...
  • Bloem Dura Cotta Window Box Planter with Saucer, 24”
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    The Bloem Dura Cotta Rectangular Window Box Planter provides your plants with a healthy environment. Made with plastic, its construction enables long lasting utility. You can use this widow box in your garden to plant herbs, tomatoes, onions or peppers. This planter is rectangular in shape and allows excessive water to drain. Included, removable saucer tray captures excess water. Use indoors or outdoors.

  • Bloem Deck Balcony Rail Planter, 12”
    More Details This balcony planter helps you make the most of your porch or patio living space, and lets you grow a mini garden in an elevated space. Compression design fits rail size 3-3/4" or 5-1/2" wide, and also works on widths slightly smaller (3" up to 3-3/4" or 4-3/4" up to 5-1/2"). Planter was designed to maximize inside growing space and features a tiered bottom design allowing dirt and roots to grow strong and deep. The ...
  • Bloem Dura Cotta Hanging Basket, 12”
    More Details This Bloem Dura Cotta Hanging Basket will quickly become one of your favorite pots because it helps keep your plants from drying out and reduces the time you spend watering. You will love how the sturdy polypropylene construction looks like classic clay, but won’t chip, crack, or discolor. Inside the hanging basket, there is a hidden reservoir that holds water. The self-watering platform keeps dirt and roots above the hidden reservoir while constantly providing healthy ...