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    Beautiful Outdoor Bird Supplies

  • Moon Bird Feeder
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    Your backyard birds will love this unique one-stop feeder. In fair weather, they can perch on the rim to dine. When it’s wet and windy, they can hop inside to eat. The extra thick crackle glass sparkles when it catches the light. Drainage holes keep seed dry. Colors may vary slightly.

  • Cedar Acorn Bird House
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    Birds will appreciate this sturdy little house in your garden. Inspired by the mighty acorn and handcrafted in Wisconsin, it will keep birds secure, snug, and warm. The hand-hammered metal accents are real copper and will age to a beautiful, natural patina.

  • Achla Designs Hummingbird Bird Bath
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    This unique birdbath has a beautiful hummingbird figure hovering over the blossom at its center. The smooth undulating rim of polished brass is in soft contrast to the detailed casting. Includes threaded stake.

  • Petite Bird Bath with Finches
    More Details At just 6" tall and 13" across, this small but elegant bird bath is compact and can be positioned almost anywhere — even right on the terrace or nestled into the flowers in your garden border to attract songbirds. It's constructed using Fiberstone, a mixture of sand and stone cast directly into the sculpture's surface, reinforced with an ultra-strong fiberglass backing and then hand-finished in a lovely antiqued white with hints of moss color. The ...
  • Copper Seed Cylinder Feeder
    More Details Feeding birds has never been neater, easier or more efficient with this unusual and ingenious feeder. Simply lift the rain-shedding roof and slide in a pre-formed Seed Cylinder. There's no fussy pouring, no spilling, no mess! A wire grid encloses the seed, discouraging squirrels while making an easy meal for climbing or perching birds. A catch tray reduces waste and drainage holes prevent water from pooling. Strong steel construction with handsome copper plating and black ...
  • Copper Seed Cylinder Feeder with Bird Seed
    More Details Here's an all-in-one gift guaranteed to delight bird lovers — an unusual and ingenious feeder with seed! It makes feeding birds neater, easier, and more efficient than ever: simply lift the rain-shedding roof and slide in a seed cylinder. The feeder's wire grid encloses the seed, discouraging squirrels while making an easy meal for climbing or perching birds. A catch tray at the base reduces waste and drainage holes prevent water from pooling. Strong steel ...
  • Heartwood Homestead Bird House
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    Americans have been in love with birds since our earliest days, and this bird house is a classic home style with loads of historic appeal. The exclusive Heartwood siding is assembled with bronze plated screws, a copper hipped roof with twirled rope edging and a hanging loop graced by a copper butterfly. 1-3/8" entry is perfect for wrens, chickadees, nuthatches and titmice. Proudly hand-crafted by Heartwood in the USA.

  • Heartwood Skybox Cafe Bird Feeder
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    This bird feeder has it all: good looks, rock-solid construction and legions of devoted human and avian fans. Includes beautiful easy-care and rugged PVC construction with an elegant verdigris roof and cast iron finial. The Skybox Cafe serves your birds with plenty of panache! Proudly hand-crafted by Heartwood in the USA.

  • Stoneware Suzie Q Bird Feeder
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    This charming, handcrafted birdseed cafe is a lovely alternative to traditional tube feeders. Birds can either perch on the folded bottom edge or hop inside to feed in inclement weather. Stoneware can weather the coldest winters too, letting you nourish songbirds all year long. Strong chain is threaded through openings in the pottery itself, so you can hang it with confidence. Holds one cup of seed.

  • Heartwood Wren-in-the-Wind Bird House
    More Details This graceful bird house will double as a spot for a spectacular air show – takeoffs and landings all day long! Made with solid cypress wood, which is naturally resistant to decay and insects. It also features copper trim and includes drainage, ventilation and a rear panel cleanout, and the 1-1/8" entry is perfect for wrens. This birdhouse has a loop that allows it to hang off a chain and remain suspended, perfect for wrens ...
  • Heartwood Copper Songbird Deluxe Bird House
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    A stylish, hexagonal body of solid cypress and a six-sided solid copper roof makes this a must-have for your garden. Hanging loop and matching copper perch complete the look, with easy cleanout and the option to mount the birdhouse (pole sold separately). 1-1/2" opening invites chickadees, bluebirds, swallows, nuthatches, titmice and wrens. Proudly hand-crafted by Heartwood in the USA.

  • Heartwood Copper Songbird Bird House
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    A stylish hexagonal body of solid cypress and a real copper roof makes this a must-have for your garden. Hanging loop and matching copper perch complete the look, with easy cleanout. 1-1/4" opening invites chickadees, nuthatches, swallows, downy woodpeckers and wrens. Proudly hand-crafted by Heartwood in the USA.

  • Birdseed Cottage
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    Gift shopping for a bird-lover? They'll enjoy watching nuthatches, chickadees and wrens flock to this edible cottage. Juniper berries, cranberries and seeds coat the reusable wooden house. When the food is gone, "repaint" it with peanut butter and birdseed. 1-1/4" entrance hole. Comes with a loop, ready to hang.

  • Oriole Jelly Feeder
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    Handsome orange-and-black orioles have a sweet tooth and love to eat jelly. Simply spoon some grape jelly into the orange glass bowl, top with the metal flower, and hang from a branch. Birds will alight on the perch to feed.

  • Fruit Feeder
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    Orioles, scarlet tanagers, mockingbirds, grosbeaks and other fruit-lovers will flock to this simple yet clever "kabob-style" birdfeeder. Simply place halved oranges, apple, pear or grapefruit on the skewer and hang.

  • Birdseed Wreath
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    Decorative and delicious, this solid-seed edible wreath gives birds a tasty reason to flock to your backyard. The nutrition-packed blend of white and red millet, black oil sunflower seed, safflower, peanut, papaya, juniper, pecan and cranberry appeals to many bird species. A sizable 8" in diameter, it'll be a source of many tasty meals for your feathered friends. Arrives packaged for gifting, decorated with a pinecone and red raffia bow.

  • Copper Hummingbird Feeder
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    This beautiful feeder was designed by a professional zookeeper at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson, Arizona, with 22 years of experience caring for hummingbirds. It features a solid copper cup, with a graceful curved perch and hanger to add to the visual appeal. The feeder includes two 1 oz., BPA-free, dishwasher-safe plastic jars with lids so it’s easy to refill.

  • Songbird Tweets® Birdseed Bee Skep Ornaments
    More Details Invite the birds to join you in your holiday joy! Three delightful seedcakes are shaped like bee skeps and ready to hang on a tree, hook, or garden structure. A solid seed bee completes the set: place it in a hanging feeder, crumble it and scatter on the ground to attract birds to the hanging skeps, or place it on a bird table as an enticing, nourishing treat. The birds will love these yummy seedcakes ...
  • Blossom Hummingbird Feeder
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    Sparkling in the sunlight like an aquamarine jewel, this hand-blown glass hummingbird feeder balances like a work of art on its gracefully curved hanger. The ruby red flower on top is a magnet for hungry hummers; hang the feeder near a window or by the porch so you can enjoy these lively garden visitors. Made from recycled glass, the feeder screws securely into the powder-coated metal hanger.

  • Songbird Tweets® Cupcakes
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    Here's proof that desert can be nutritious! Each tempting solid-seed "cupcake" serves up a veritable banquet of birds' favorites, including undyed safflower, pecans, peanuts, black oil sunflower seeds, golden raisins, papaya, apple and cranberries.The set of four 3-1/2" cupcakes arrives in a charming bakery-style gift box, ready to delight the bird lovers on your list.

  • Songbird Tweets® Sunflower Wreath
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    A whopping 3 pounds of golden millet, sunflower seeds and hearts go into this impressive seed cake — making for a spectacular and long-lasting treat for overwintering birds. Arrives ready to hang on an integrated natural jute loop. Moisture sensitive: hang in a protected area for best results.

  • Birdseed Owls, Set of 3
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    Delight your favorite birds — and bird-lovers — with adorable owls that are ready to hang from a branch or birdfeeding station. Set of three solid-seed owls, each crafted from a different type of birdseed, all with friendly faces made from dried fruit. They arrive nestled in a box ready for giving.

  • Droplet Hummingbird Feeders, Set of 3
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    Sparkling like ruby jewels, these handblown, recycled glass feeders are magnets for hummingbirds. Set of three; each is 3" in diameter and holds 1/2 cup of nectar. Three gifts in one for your favorite bird lovers! Includes three short metal S-hooks for hanging. Recycled glass.