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    Beautiful Bird Supplies

  • Crackle Glass Birdbath Bowl 14” with Stake
    More Details Reflective and brilliant, these Crackled Glass Birdbath Bowls are sparkling gems in the garden. Bowls are made from hand-blown glass in five vibrant colors, measuring 14” diameter x 2 ½” D. These colorful birdbaths create a bright pop anywhere in the garden. Birds will enjoy a safe place to cool off and drink some water, and gardeners will love having this beautiful piece to accent the plantings. Makers of fine quality goods for the home ...
  • Heartwood Wren-in-the-Wind Bird House
    More Details This graceful bird house will double as a spot for a spectacular air show – takeoffs and landings all day long! Made with solid cypress wood, which is naturally resistant to decay and insects. It also features copper trim and includes drainage, ventilation and a rear panel cleanout, and the 1-1/8" entry is perfect for wrens. This birdhouse has a loop that allows it to hang off a chain and remain suspended, perfect for wrens ...
  • Heartwood Skybox Bird House
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    Birds take center stage, and you're sure to enjoy a spectacular view of the action with this simply luxurious residence. Classic design, featuring four-square symmetry topped by a verdigris copper roof and cast iron finial, makes this home a winning addition to any yard or garden, with rugged cellular PVC construction providing life-long delight. Proudly hand-crafted by Heartwood in the USA.

  • Heartwood Skybox Cafe Bird Feeder
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    This bird feeder has it all: good looks, rock-solid construction and legions of devoted human and avian fans. Includes beautiful easy-care and rugged PVC construction with an elegant verdigris roof and cast iron finial. The Skybox Cafe serves your birds with plenty of panache! Proudly hand-crafted by Heartwood in the USA.

  • Heartwood Copper Songbird Deluxe Bird House
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    A stylish, hexagonal body of solid cypress and a six-sided solid copper roof makes this a must-have for your garden. Matching copper perch completes the look, with easy cleanout and the option to mount the birdhouse (pole sold separately). 1-1/2" opening invites chickadees, bluebirds, swallows, nuthatches, titmice and wrens. Proudly hand-crafted by Heartwood in the USA.

  • Achla Designs Aspen Leaf Bird Bath
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    This lovely small bird bath — or feeder — is shaped like a leaf, with a texture enhanced by the verdigris finish within the bowl. Includes threaded stake.

  • Heartwood Fruit Coops Bird House
    More Details The sweetest little songbirds in the world deserve nothing less than the sweetest little bird houses in the world. These small wren fruit coops are an artful gathering of all the best features that attract birds and bird lovers: natural beauty and comfort, plus durable cypress construction in a bountiful harvest of fruit colors. Adorable alone, these little beauties are even better together. So buy them by the bunch and have your yard or garden ...
  • Recycled Glass Birdbath
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    Create a haven for your winged garden visitors with this unique birdbath. Hand-blown from recycled glass, no two are alike. Add water to create a shimmering, iridescent pool from which birds and butterflies can sip, or in which they can splash and cool off from the summer sun's heat. Can also be filled with bird seed — outer edge provides a perfect perch for little clawed feet.

  • Oriole Jelly Feeder
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    Handsome orange-and-black orioles have a sweet tooth and love to eat jelly. Simply spoon some grape jelly into the orange glass bowl, top with the metal flower, and hang from a branch. Birds will alight on the perch to feed.

  • Heartwood Vintage Gatehouse Bird House
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    This vintage style bird house is better than antique, with a weathered look made from solid wood that lasts for generations. The 1-1/2" opening invites chickadees, bluebirds, swallows, nuthatches, titmice and wrens, and it comes complete with drainage and cleanout. Proudly hand-crafted by Heartwood in the USA.

  • Heartwood Wild Bird Bistro Bird Feeder
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    Want company for dinner? You'll have it every day with this standout dining establishment for your backyard birds. As the "bistro" name suggests, it's the place where crowds and flocks are prone to gather: Roomy and stylish, with remarkably easy-care PVC construction and verdigris copper roof. Let your birds dine in comfort while you feast your eyes on the happiest flocks around. Proudly hand-crafted by Heartwood in the USA.

  • Crackle Glass Birdbath Bowl 14” with Short Stand II
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    This brilliant Crackle Glass Bowl with a steel Short Stand is striking as a low birdbath, or table centerpiece. Place it on a deck or table, a pedestal in the garden. The small three-footed steel stand is perfect for rock gardens, low border plantings and tabletop decor. Fill it with floating flowers and candles for catering and garden parties.

  • Crackle Glass Birdbath Bowl 14” with Over-The-Rail Bracket
    More Details This brilliant Crackle Glass Birdbath will add a pop of color and support your local wildlife, even if you don't have a garden. The hand-blown glass bowl is held safely in a metal cradle that has a threaded base. The cradle base then attaches to the Over Railing Bracket. Ideal for porches, balconies or deck rails, the steel bracket has C-type clamp that holds the bracket to the railing without need for drilling or permanent ...
  • Blossom Hummingbird Feeder
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    Sparkling in the sunlight like an aquamarine jewel, this hand-blown glass hummingbird feeder balances like a work of art on its gracefully curved hanger. The ruby red flower on top is a magnet for hungry hummers; hang the feeder near a window or by the porch so you can enjoy these lively garden visitors. Made from recycled glass, the feeder screws securely into the powder-coated metal hanger.

  • Droplet Hummingbird Feeders, Set of 3
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    Sparkling like ruby jewels, these handblown, recycled glass feeders are magnets for hummingbirds. Set of three; each is 3" in diameter and holds 1/2 cup of nectar. Three gifts in one for your favorite bird lovers! Includes three short metal S-hooks for hanging. Recycled glass.

  • Classic Ceramic Bird Bath
    More Details Your birds will love using this bird bath from The Sun Pottery Company! Both functional and beautiful, this classic design provides a welcoming area for your backyard birds to bathe and drink making it a wonderful addition to any garden. It has a glaze that adds an attractive sheen to the overall appearance and aids in keeping the water basin clean. Constructed of ceramic and fired in a gas kiln for durability and an even ...
  • Edwardian Bird Feeder
    More Details Reminiscent of an antique birdcage, this elegant feeder is filled with smart features that make it as practical as it is beautiful. The outer cage discourages most squirrels and larger birds, letting small songbirds dine in peace. The latching lid resists clever squirrels, yet opens with a turn for easy filling. Six feeding ports let multiple birds dine at once. The see-through polycarbonate hopper lets you know when it's time to refill and accommodates any ...
  • Butterfly Puddling Stone
    More Details Butterflies gather around mud puddles to get the minerals they need. This hand-painted ceramic Butterfly Puddling Stone is a beautiful way to create your own puddling station. Place it in a sunny location among your flowers where butterflies can sunbathe. Fill the well with sand, mix in a pinch of salt, and pour water over it until a puddle forms on the surface. As the water evaporates, it leaves behind valuable salts and minerals that ...
  • Ultimate Martin Bird House with Copper Roof
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    This Ultimate Martin Bird House is the perfect focal point for any yard. It is crafted from a weather-resistant. long-lasting AZEK cellular PVC vinyl, an advanced material that presents the look and feel of wood but with no decay and little maintenance. The beautiful blue verde finish on the copper roof is reminiscent of the historic look of aged copper

  • Achla Designs Burnt Copper Birdbath with Stake
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    A lovely garden accent adds depth, dimension, and a focal point to a perennial bed, water feature or other natural setting. The Burnt Copper Birdbath from Achla Designs is a beautiful garden decoration designed to benefit the wildlife in your yard. The simple bowl is made of stainless steel with a subtle texture of hammered concentric rings, plated in copper, with an antique finish. The threaded bowl attaches to a 36" steel garden stake.

  • Achla Designs Burnt Copper Birdbath with Tripod Stand
    More Details This Tripod Burnt Copper Birdbath is a simple hammered copper birdbath bowl with a small steel Tripod Stand. The shallow bowl has a round hammered or "peened" texture and an antique copper finish that will patina naturally. The threaded base on the underside of the bowl attaches to a small three-footed steel stand. This birdbath makes a beautiful garden accent piece placed on a deck, tabletop, or pedestal. This is a perfect choice for rock ...
  • Star Fly-Thru™ Bird Feeder
    More Details Make birds the stars of your favorite show with the Star Fly-Thru™ Bird Feeder from Good Directions! Three feeding locations set the stage, making seed easily accessible. Our see-through structure gives birders an optimal view, while birds come and go. Thoughtfully placed perches shield feathered friends from precipitation. Powerful plexiglass combines with a resilient copper finish to create a bold, yet beautiful piece that’s built to endure all elements. Simple by design, this feeder is ...
  • Achla Designs Antiqued Birdbath with Birds and Stake
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    This beautiful brass birdbath has a soft bowl with two cheerful songbirds perched on the wide undulating rim. Use the birdbath on its own or attach the included stake to elevate above ground level.