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    Bat House

  • Bat-Chelor Pad
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    Just when bats are finally being recognized as nature's most effective insect control, they are losing their natural habitat. In fact, the little brown bat is an endangered species. This attractive house is designed by folks who really understand these gentle, misunderstood mammals. It has features not found on plain "bat boxes:" thick pine walls for insulation, screen for easy climbing, and an "echolocation" slot that guides them home.

  • Heartwood Victorian Bat House
    More Details Bats eat their weight in bugs every night, so why not give them a cozy place to sleep to repay them for keeping the insect population down around your home? Horizontal siding on the front panel provides a strategic counterpoint to the steeply pitched hand-shingled roof. Divided living quarters and a landing pad at the base make this house as functional as it is beautiful. Made of rot- and insect-resistant cypress wood. Ready to mount ...
  • Wooden Insect Hotel with Stake
    More Details Install this wooden shelter right in the garden to welcome pollinating butterflies and solitary bees, as well as lacewings and ladybugs that help control insect pests. It provides a vital haven for egg-laying, nesting and weathering storms. Vertical slots invite butterflies to roost. Horizontal slots attract lacewings. Tubes provide places for solitary bees to nest and lay their eggs. And holes attract ladybugs. Includes wooden mounting pole (we recommend treating pole with Eco Wood ...
  • Heartwood Mademoiselle Butterfly House
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    Excellent for small spaces, this butterfly house will have much fluttering to come. Copper trim on the hand-shingled roof pops off for easy cleaning, and a screw on stake is included. Made of rot- and insect-resistant cypress wood. Proudly hand-crafted by Heartwood in the USA.

  • Heartwood Vintage Bat House
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    This vintage-style bat house has a weathered look made from solid wood that will last for generations. Ventilation is built right in — welcoming to any smart bat! Proudly hand-crafted by Heartwood in the USA.