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    Air Plants

  • Bamboo Plant Stand with Hanging Bar
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    A natural choice for your prized plants, this sturdy bamboo plant stand complements any decor and offers multiple display options. The two shelves can each support up to 44 pounds of potted plants, while the bar is perfect for suspended planters, terrariums, or baskets. Use indoors or in a covered outdoor space. Folds flat for easy storage.

  • Floating Orb Terrarium Kit
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    Create a sweet hanging garden in any spot you please! Kit includes glass orb, hanging twine, soil, moss, and drainage stones. Just add plants!

  • Azure Ceramic Cachepot with Hurricane Shade
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    This shallow dish garden is topped with a distinctive glass hurricane shade that shows off blooms and foliage to their best advantage — yet, unlike a cloche, allows excess moisture to escape and fresh air to enter. It's a perfect environment for orchids, ferns and many other houseplants. The ceramic base features deep blue ombre finish with stylish unglazed base. No drainage hole; planting directly into this cachepot is not recommended.

  • Galvanized Chicken Wire Hanging Basket
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    Everything about this hanging basket sets it apart from its competition. Shallower than most, it puts a modern spin on a classic look. Galvanized chicken wire adds an unexpected but welcome touch and has a low profile too — so the focus is where it should be, on your flowers. Plant it up with a traditional arrangement of colorful annuals or create a distinctive succulent garden.

  • Bromeliad 6” Potted Plant
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    ​Guzmania bromeliads are native to South America, where they grow high up in the branches in tropical forests. The brilliantly colored flowers, or bracts, bring a touch of sculptural artistry to any room. Prefers indirect sunlight. Note: Flower may be orange, red, or pink depending upon grower availability.

  • Peace Lily 6
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    Arching foliage and white blooms make this houseplant a sweet addition to any room. Peace lilies (spathiphyllum) are known for their ability to help remove toxins from the air. They require minimal care — simply keep the soil evenly moist. The plant arrives ready to display in a pretty ceramic cachepot. Note: Keep away from children and pets.

  • Houseplant Garden
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    We planted this sweet dish garden with four pretty, easy-care houseplants: pink anthurium, peace lily, golden pothos, and pink-flowered kalanchoe. It's lovely as a centerpiece or as entryway decor. And it also makes a welcome gift! As the plants grow, they'll be ready for larger digs — bigger pots — and so four plants means it's really four gifts in one!

  • Succulent Garden
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    We chose a chic galvanized planter and filled it with a variety of succulents to create this charming dish garden. It's so easy to care for — just a very occasional light watering and bright, indirect light. A nice accent for a side table or tablescape, it also makes the perfect gift for both new and experienced houseplant growers.