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    Activities For Kids

  • Steps to a Bountiful Kids’ Garden
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    This how-to guide by the National Gardening Association covers all you need to know to launch a school or kids' gardening program, from rallying support and site development to making curriculum connections. A must-have resource!

  • Fairytale Garden Kids’ Kit
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    Introduce children to the joy and wonder of gardening with kits based on two familiar fairy tales: The Princess and the Pea, and Jack and the Beanstalk. The kits include organic pea or bean seeds kids can plant in the garden, as well as a garden stake, pencil, activity/recipe card and instructions, all packaged in a recycled steel case for easy gift-giving.

  • Scatter Bird Garden Kids’ Kit
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    Inspire children to plant their own wildflower garden for the birds! The kit includes 35 varieties of flowers and covers over 100 square feet. Perennial varieties are hardy in zones 3-9. Also includes a field guide, instructions to make a pine cone bird feeder, and space to draw birds.

  • Kid’s Wheelbarrow
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    Let small children join in a digging project, move a bit of mulch or tote a few plants. Child-sized wheelbarrow is made from rugged, powder-coated steel with a solid, no-flat tire. Sized for kids ages 4 to 7.

  • Kid’s VegTrug™ Potting Bench
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    This 2-in-1, child-sized potting bench has a flat work surface for seed starting, potting up plants and maintaining potted plants. Lift off the top and there's a storage compartment, perfect for holding their gardening supplies. There's even a polyethylene planting tray to keep the planting mix contained as they work. A lower shelf adds even more storage space.

  • Kid’s VegTrug™
    More Details Children love having their own gardens, and the Kid's VegTrug is the perfect way to get them growing and cultivating their own green thumbs. At 2' high, it puts crops at an easy working height for children. Plus, they'll have fewer pests and weeds when growing in an elevated bed like this one. Specially designed for vegetables, the VegTrug’s shape lets them plant larger plants in the back and smaller plants in the front. Includes ...
  • Math in the Garden
    More Details Use a mathematical lens on your next garden journey! Includes 36 standards-based activities Trial-tested nationwide by formal and informal educators and youth leaders This engaging curriculum uses a mathematical lens to take children on an education-filled journey in the garden. Its 36 standards-based activities hone math skills while promoting inquiry, language arts, and nutrition. Through funding from the National Science Foundation, Math in the Garden was developed to support mathematics ...
  • Botany on Your Plate
    More Details Engaging, hands-on activities make learning about plants fun and delicious Each lesson focuses on a different plant part Introduce young gardeners to nutritious eating with tasting activities! Students observe, dissect, journal, discuss, and taste their way through the world of plants in this investigative science curriculum. An engaging guide full of hands-on activities, each lesson begins with opportunities for students to taste different edible plant parts sparking curiosity, interesting ...
  • Books in Bloom
    More Details Features 17 children’s books to use on garden adventures! Perfect for formal and informal educational settings Reference icons clearly identifying appropriate grade levels Compact lesson ideas, hands-on activities, and full lesson plans Related titles for alternative reading levels Connections to Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards Books in Bloom invites children on a special literary adventure to learn about science while also exploring the garden. Written by ...
  • Garden Adventures
    More Details This instructional introductory guide for early childhood educators, by Kidsgardening.org, is centered on four key questions: What is a plant? Where do plants come from? How do we take care of plants? Why are plants important? It includes 16 hands-on activities, horticultural background information, interdisciplinary extension ideas, and a reproducible family newsletter. Whether you're a new or experienced gardener, Garden Adventures will help you use the garden as a teaching tool. Download ...
  • Bee & Pollinator Seed Balls
    More Details Invite pollinating bees to your yard by planting beneficial habitat that includes nectar- and pollen-rich flowers. Simply toss these seed balls on prepared soil to grow a variety of flowers bees love, including Mexican sunflowers, borage, cosmos, asters, coreopsis, marigolds, poppies and forget-me-nots. Each seed ball contains a packet's worth of seed, rolled with a proprietary mix of organics and clay to provide ideal growing conditions. Rain and watering dissolves the clay, allowing the ...
  • Monarch Butterfly Seed Balls
    More Details Support the declining monarch butterfly population by planting beneficial habitat that includes the milkweed plants their larvae need to survive. Simply toss these seed balls on prepared soil to grow clusters of several milkweed varieties. Each seed ball contains a packet's worth of seed, rolled with a proprietary mix of organics and clay to provide ideal growing conditions. Rain and watering dissolves the clay, allowing the seeds to sprout surrounded by a source of nutrients. ...
  • Window Nest Box
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    From gathering twigs, to laying eggs, and finally the chicks hatching, you can observe the whole nesting process right outside your window with this handcrafted nest box. It has suction cups that attach easily to any window, and a 1-1/2" opening that suits most song birds. Handmade in Maine by an environmentally ethical company that pays attention to details like proper ventilation and drainage.

  • Organic GrowEase Seed Starting Success Kit
    More Details This complete seed starter kit includes two 24-cell GrowEase Seed Starters, 6 quarts of Organic Seed Starting Mix and 24 wooden seedling markers. Just add seeds! You’ll be amazed at how quickly seeds will grow in our convenient, self-watering GrowEase Seed Starters. We’ve solved the challenges of over- or under-watering with the no-fail self-watering feature. Simply fill the reservoir and plants get the water they need, when they need it. That’s worry-free watering! Forget flimsy, ...
  • Paper Pot Maker
    More Details The Paper Pot Maker is a simple, time-tested tool that transforms ordinary newspaper into a limitless supply of 1-3/4" diameter pots, perfect for seedstarting. Simply wrap a strip of newspaper around the solid oak press, fold it under, and twist into the base. Presto! It only takes a few seconds and you can get several pots from one newspaper page. Most of the time, you can plant pot and all right into the ground, with ...
  • Butterfly Garden Cookies Grow Kit
    More Details A modern take on mud pies – with a purpose! This kit contains everything you and your favorite youngsters need to make butterfly-friendly flowering "cookies" for the garden. Together, you'll mix up a "dough" of organic clay, organic potting mix and butterfly-attracting flower seeds. Roll out the dough on the included rolling with mat with the adorable child-sized rolling pin and use the cookie cutter to cut out the cookies. Then plant them in the ...
  • Winter Woodland Advent Calendar
    More Details With each passing holiday, family traditions grow ever dearer – traipsing through the woods to cut a tree, hanging the kids’ stockings on the mantle, and counting down the days to Christmas with this heirloom-worthy Advent Calendar. Its snowy scene and sweet woodland creatures will become a much-loved part of your annual celebration, as family members take turns opening a numbered drawer each day to reveal the tiny treats you’ve tucked inside. Beautifully decorated and ...
  • Intervale Mini Garden Tools, Set of 5
    More Details Standard-sized garden tools can be overly big and clumsy for fine, intricate work. These diminutive tools fit the bill and slide easily into tiny spaces. You're sure to find this set indispensable — use to start seed trays, gently separate and transplant delicate seedlings, break up compacted houseplant soil, or tend to tiny containers. Great for kids' projects and taking care of fairy gardens too! Part of our exclusive Intervale line of garden tools with ...
  • Heirloom Flower Press
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    Collecting and pressing flowers is a wonderful way to capture the memory of a special day or a garden visit. This sturdy and handsome wooden press will ready flowers and foliage for adorning your scrapbook, garden journal, notecards, and framed art, or for our Pressed Glass Flower Displays. A fun and rewarding family activity! Glass flower displays sold separately.

  • Pollinator Garden Bed
    More Details We have a thing for pollinators, so we designed this sweet garden for them to call their own. Actually, we came up with three gardens — each with a comprehensive plant list and planting diagram to take any guesswork out of it. We also included a bevy of tips to quickly make your garden a hive of activity, and keep these miraculous visitors healthy and safe all season long. Keeping soil, plants, and pollinators flourishing ...
  • Pollinator Push Gardens, Set of 3
    More Details Here's a fun way for the whole family to help save our precious pollinators. Simply push the stick, and out tumbles enough wildflower seed and nutrient-rich growing medium to plant a 1-square-foot garden! Each trio of Push Gardens contains specially curated blends of wildflower seeds – one for bees, another for butterflies, and a third for hummingbirds. The seed selection includes many perennial favorites, including wild bergamot, purple coneflower, lupine and more. Pollinator Push Gardens ...
  • Backyard Butterfly Pollinator Bed with 1” Boards
    More Details The finest pit stop for any butterfly fluttering through your area! Designed to make it simple to grow an encased milkweed oasis on one level, while cultivating a nectar garden that will help feed and attract passing butterflies below. The greenhouse roof can be used as a cold frame to help plants get started early in the season. Once your garden is grown, raise the roof and install the whimsically colorful sidewalls to create a ...
  • Illuminated Mini Beast Center
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    Now it’s easy to get an up-close look at the mysterious “mini beasts” that emerge after darkness falls on your landscape. Equipped with a solar cell, the Illuminated Mini Beast Center lights up at night to attract insects and moths seldom seen in daylight hours. A clear Perspex acrylic window gives you an unobstructed view inside, and there’s ample space for twigs and grasses to create a hospitable habitat for insect visitors.

  • Worm Farm Composter
    More Details Let worms do the work, transforming your food scraps into nutrient-rich fertilizer. It's a fun project that's good for the earth, too, by keeping food scraps out of the landfill. The stylish shape and choice of colors make the Worm Farm Composter at home in a kitchen, mudroom, hallway or pantry. Once the process gets underway you can add up to a half pound of scraps per day to the worm composter, about the average ...
  • Gardener’s Victory Self-Watering Planter Garden Kit
    More Details This kit is the best way to buy our best planter. Everything you need to successfully grow your own crop of compact, determinate tomatoes — shipped right to your door! Just choose your container color and add a plant. Though it's designed to produce exceptional tomatoes, this planter is also a stellar choice for other veggies — like cucumber, peppers, and eggplant. First, it's really big, so your plant will have plenty of room all ...
  • CowPots™ Seed Starting Kit
    More Details We've joined forces with our friends at CowPots™ to bring you an easy and earth-friendly seed starting system. Natural cow manure is composted, mixed with natural fibers, and pressed into these sterile, odor-free pots to give seeds a boost as they sprout and grow. The pre-filled pots are biodegradable, provide essential nutrients, and eliminate transplant shock. Just plant them into the ground when your seedlings are big enough, cover completely with soil, and they'll dissolve ...
  • My Gnome On The Roam
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    Let Anne Armstrong’s charming tale of Gustav the Gnome inspire your family’s own adventure story. Sturdy cardboard suitcase comes packed with book, adventure guide, blank journal, “twig” pen, and a paintable, nameable gnome to accompany you on your fantastic journey. Explore, create, and connect with your family while making memories together. Where will you and your gnome roam? Adventure awaits!

  • Galvanized Seed Saver Kit
    More Details Cut your annual seed costs, replicate a scrumptious heirloom crop, or share your gardening success with others by saving your own seeds. Whether it's just a couple of tomato varieties or a bevy of pollinator-friendly flowers, this spacious seed box will keep every kernel safe 'til planting time. Once you've dried and prepared your seeds for storage, tuck them into the handmade paper envelopes where they'll stay safe, dry, and protected until you're ready to ...
  • Garden Scoop and Tool Set
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    Designed for smaller hands and container gardens, the rounded edges of these tools are less likely to harm any earthworm that gets in the way. Perfect for worm composter care and indoor gardening too!

  • Wooden Insect Hotel with Stake
    More Details Install this wooden shelter right in the garden to welcome pollinating butterflies and solitary bees, as well as lacewings and ladybugs that help control insect pests. It provides a vital haven for egg-laying, nesting and weathering storms. Vertical slots invite butterflies to roost. Horizontal slots attract lacewings. Tubes provide places for solitary bees to nest and lay their eggs. And holes attract ladybugs. Includes wooden mounting pole (we recommend treating pole with Eco Wood ...
  • Organic Herb and Microgreens Grow Kit
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    This all-in-one kit includes everything you need to grow delicious basil and arugula microgreens right in your kitchen — a full-spectrum, height-adjustable grow light with self-watering base; four growing trays; four Pop-Out Pots; our premium organic seed-starting mix; and two packets of high quality seed. Setup couldn't be easier, just open up the box and get growing.

  • Monarch Migration Station and Butterfly Pollinator Garden 2-in-1
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    Designed to reflect the beauty of these pollinators, the Monarch Migration Station provides a 10 inch planting depth! It serves as a stunning focal point for courtyards, patios, or as a center-piece of your butterfly garden.